Whether it’s your 1st or 50th anniversary, this is a paramount date which arises once per year only, so you should totally make the most of each anniversary! Be sure to do activities that both of you enjoy.

  • Do something that you haven’t done yet.

If you have never been to a gallery or a museum nearby, you should do it on this special day with your lady. Spend some time enjoying and exploring the cultural heritage this place has to offer. Pretend you are tourists and then combine this tour with a romantic candle light dinner at night. 😉

If you feel super inspired after visiting the gallery, maybe you can take an art class with your Eastern European lady. This anniversary is going to be different because you will learn a new skill. When you are creative and artistic, you celebrate the anniversary differently. Perhaps you will cultivate a new hobby as a result.

Those who like wine may go to a wine region or have a private cellar door tour and then stay at a boutique hotel nearby. You can even finish the day with a meal as well as paired wines!

Fancy a romantic night under the stars? Have a date night at the drive-in theater! I’m sure there is a seasonal outdoor cinema somewhere near your place.

Well, if it’s too cold, you may choose Netflix and chill! This is relaxing for people who travel or work a lot. It’s a quiet night when you watch the latest movie with some take-out from a restaurant nearby.

Another idea is to have a spa day for 2. Let the massage therapists look after you. You will be pampered with massages, facials and treatments for hours. Perhaps you can stay in a resort nearby and enjoy 24 hours of total bliss.

Eastern European women

  • Do something creative.

A fun game for the anniversary day is to pretend there is no electricity. No lights, no phones, no TV. Simply candles, a bottle of wine and good conversations. This digital detox will make the date night enjoyable.

Another idea is to try a new cuisine. This will help you get out of your comfort zone and taste something you usually wouldn’t eat. You may even uncover the next favorite restaurant!

What about a karaoke night? Dress up and go to the local karaoke bar. You will probably impress the audience by singing the most romantic duet!

How about going to a dance class together? You may learn salsa or tango. Just be active and maybe you will find your new interest there.

Here is my favorite: Write a love letter to your partner. Personally, I would write a romantic poem for my partner. If you are not a good writer, don’t worry. There are many ways to do it:

  1. You can hire a ghost-writer on websites such as Fiverr.com, UpWork.com and PeoplePerHour.com;
  1. You can look at the lyrics of a romantic love song and paraphrase what you’ve read;
  1. You can read a poetry book and imitate the style directly.

Of course, you need to be a reasonably good writer in order to give a romantic poem to your Eastern European lady. Otherwise, she will probably know you didn’t write the poem by yourself if she knows you really well. 😉

“If you decide to write a romantic poem for your Eastern European woman, you may use a pen to write the poem. This looks much more romantic than typing a message on a computer.”