I thought I ought to be 100% perfect so as to be in a relationship with someone – that was my primary thought when I was in my 20s. As a consequence, I tried to be picture-perfect on the 1st date so I was able to look effortlessly successful: a degree from a well-known university, a decent job, a valuable social circle, etc. I was just hiding all my insecurities and vulnerabilities at that time because I was terrified of how I really felt inside. Fortunately, now I’m much more mature, so I know attraction has nothing to do with perfection. In truth, attraction is actually about how I handle my insecurities as well as vulnerabilities. If you are in a long-term & serious relationship with a Slavic lady, can you remain attractive in the long run?

  • The importance of having a shared vision:

Not every successful romantic relationship needs to have some tremendous ambition. You just need to let your Slavic lady know you’re going somewhere very exciting that will make your relationship even better. A guy is effortlessly attractive when he sees his future with his lady as bright, fun, joyful and filled with new & exciting horizons. Your Slavic girlfriend will definitely want to be in your journey because the ride always looks amazing and the destination gives both of you joy. 😊

  • Are you able to handle your imperfections properly?

Truthfully, an attractive man doesn’t dwell on his past or the negativity in life. He simply accepts the negative aspects in life and then make them into a joke instead of a horrific burden. Please learn to laugh at your imperfections. 😉

Every man / woman has a past. Every man / woman has certain truths about themselves that totally hurt. Nonetheless, when you own it, it will never define you or your life. It certainly cannot define your future. Period.

Remember: You have strengths, too. When you are proud of your strengths and you want to keep improving yourself, your Slavic girlfriend is definitely, absolutely going to be more attracted to you!

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  • Leverage your positivity.

No, you don’t really have to be the life of the party or the savviest person in every social setting. However, you should bring joy and happiness to every room you walk into. When you are a giver rather than a taker, you are very, very attractive. Please pay others compliments and give without expectations!

What’s more, you’ll be more attractive if you are a multi-dimensional guy. No one can be one thing all the time. A guy who mixes very attractive qualities is high-value. When you are masculine & caring, intelligent & flirtatious, your unique pairings will be your signature communication style. Hence, you will be your Slavic lady’s ideal guy. Why not develop different sides of your character? We live in a society which is filled with boring and dull stereotypes, so it’s important to have uncommon combination in your personality.

Try not to obsess over 1 aspect of your character because you are not supposed to have 1 source of validation, okay?

In addition, you do not need to be everything. You should keep the element of excitement and surprise in your romantic relationship.

Don’t forget that communication is paramount in any relationship. When you know what you want and can communicate what you want to your lady, you are a strong man. Know what you actually deserve and make sure that she is aware of that!

Additionally, please be sure to have some boundaries in your relationship because she shouldn’t cross your boundaries! She must respect you at all times.

“A truly confident man knows his value proposition in a romantic relationship. What he brings to the table has value. Please remember: When you know your true worth, your lady will know that as well.”