First time to sign up for online dating or not, it’s important to learn a thing about effective communication. Starting conversations the right way can help increase your chances of finding a potential match. Read on and learn some helpful tips for starting online dating conversations.

Personalize your message

The first message you send someone on an online dating site or app is critical. Be sure to get away from the typical “hey, what’s up” or even a simple “hi!”. It is always best to send personalized messages. It will make the other person feel like they’re special. So, if you are sending a message to a Ukrainian woman, take time to reference her profile. Read the description and take note of some of the things you can mention in your message. If you see that you have a shared interest in movies or music, you can use that to strike a conversation.

Keep things upbeat and positive

You want online conversations with Ukrainian women to be upbeat and enjoyable. Try to avoid tension or making things awkward by making it sound like a job interview. Loosen up and relax as you keep the conversation flowing. It is okay to ask questions but don’t forget to share some interesting and funny stories as well. At the end of the day, your goal is to make the other person smile.

Move the conversation towards a date

While enjoying the online conversation is good, don’t forget that your ultimate goal is to get a date with her. Translate your chemistry into meeting each other in real life. Make sure your conversations are helping you move forward to the goal. For example, you can suggest date ideas by asking questions like “What do you usually do in your free time?” or “What plans do you have for the weekend?” These questions are very simple but they can help transition the conversation to a date.

To make sure someone writes you back, you might want to try these online dating conversation starters.