This is a Sample Blog Post #1

We have just received an update from Kelly who visited Sveta back in June and posted regular updates to our blog section. Many men followed Kelly’s progress intently and commented through the blog with encouragement and support. Kelly and Sveta were gracious enough to also provide a video interview on his trip that we placed on the homepage and reference section for men to view. This has also provided positive support to other men who are looking for that special lady.

Kelly’s update follows:

Hi Kieth kak dela? horosho? See i am starting to learn some russian. I thought you and the guys might like an update on how Sveta and I are going. As you know I returned to Australia on the 1st of July. It was the worst time of my life. I am not a small man ( you can see me in the video) but i fought back tears all the way to Australia. If i could have stayed in Ukraine I would of. I did not want to come home at all.
When I got home the first place i went to was McDonalds for a coffee. Yes they have McDonalds in Zaporozhye but we never ended up there. It took about 8 weeks for Sveta to get her paperwork sorted out. I thought that all i had to do was to give her papers to the immigration department and that was that. How wrong I was. With the economic situation and the war Ukraine is now listed as an Ultra High Risk country and that means more paperwork for people wishing to visit Australia. It became clear that I would not have the time to do the paperwork for the visa myself so i engaged the services of a migration lawyer. We now have letters from my friends and Svetas friends, birth certificates, passports, copies of chats from the website, your letter keith and a letter from Karina from Jasmin Models. The list of paperwork is endless. It has never been too much trouble for you, the site admin or Karina to help in any way they can with the paperwork. All for nothing as well. Not one cent has ever been asked for.
I was hoping to go to thailand in September but the pressures of being self employed ruled that one out. So we are going to Bangkok for two weeks in January next year ( also next month). I would have liked to have gone over the christmas/new year break but Sveta has a birthday on the 29th and she want to have that one with her family and friends in Ukraine. They also have Christmas day on the 7th of January so Sveta, Renat and Galina ( Sveta’s mum) are leaving for thailand on the 8th. We hope that if the visa is granted on time and the medical can be done on time as well, she can come to australia from Thailand, if not she will go home and wait for the visa to be granted.
When i first got home from the trip I would talk with Sveta every day and ask her about the visa, and i would always get, do not push, give me time. These days when we talk everyday all i get now is, where is my visa, where are the medical forms? I think the hardest thing for us is the language barrier. I try to learn russian each week and sveta is learning english. She was with a tutor but the tutor found a foreign husband so sveta is back to learning english on line and she uses a little bit each day in our viber chats.