When I was about to write this article last night, I saw a piece of news on BBC: A journalist posed as a student who was learning pickup from dating coaches at Street Attraction. The journalist used a hidden camera to get some short videos and painted a terrible picture about these dating coaches on purpose. Then BBC asked YouTube to shut down Street Attraction’s YouTube channel which teaches men how to meet women in the street (their YouTube videos never had any explicit content). Now Street Attraction has gone out of business. That has changed the way I look at offline dating forever.

  • Online dating in 2019 is probably the only way to meet women.

As to the above-mentioned news on BBC, what happened was the journalist argues that dating coaches at Street Attraction told students to approach women who are under 18 years of age. But what actually happened was the dating coach and founder of Street Attraction Eddie Hitchens said to him, “Approach her and find out her age so that you won’t make a mistake.” Obviously, the journalist changed the story. No wonder there are many negative comments under BBC’s video on YouTube. BBC even had to delete that video in order to get rid of those negative comments about BBC’s “documentary”. The next day, after BBC uploaded the same video again, more negative comments appeared under BBC’s video – people are complaining about how unfair it is for BBC to do something manipulative like that.

Therefore, it seems that the Establishment wants to control the dating scene. We already know that men from English-speaking countries aren’t sexually aggressive at all. In fact, most men from English-speaking countries don’t know how to attract women. Now the Establishment wants to further separate men from women, and I wonder why.

Further examination reveals that when feminism was introduced to English-speaking countries, the Establishment encouraged women to go to work so that the wages on the labor market can become significantly lower – there are many more workers out there because women have jobs now.

Then the next step the Establishment is taking is to stop people from having strong families so that the local population won’t grow fast, and then the Establishment has a reason to get more and more immigrants to move to English-speaking countries and further lower the wages in countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States.

That’s exactly why the Establishment needs to separate men from women by promoting the non-existent “rape culture”, feminism, homosexuality and globalism in English-speaking countries. Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying these things are definitely problematic. I mean these things are overdone in modern-day society.

Some men who approached women in shopping malls were arrested by the police in Canada earlier this year. In actuality, they were just trying to meet women in real life and build genuine connections with women, but apparently, that has become illegal somehow.

Small wonder online dating in 2019 is possibly the only way to meet and attract women if you are a guy from an English-speaking country.

  • Offline dating is not safe anymore unless you go to nightclubs or meet women in your social circle.

Like I said earlier, trying to meet women in the street or shopping malls has become inappropriate right now (you don’t want to be arrested), so offline dating is quite limited nowadays – you can only meet women in nightclubs or in your existing social circle.

The problem is when you meet women in nightclubs, chances are these women aren’t looking for relationships. It’s very, very, very, very difficult to meet an elegant woman who is wife material in a nightclub. Therefore, men who are looking for serious relationships don’t want to go to nightclubs.

As for meeting women in your existing social circle, the challenge is you only know so many women in your life. Maybe you can meet 1-5 eligible women in this way per year, but this number is too limited – it’s hard to choose a high-quality woman if you don’t even meet a large number of women in the first place. Remember: in order to find quality, quantity totally matters.

So, the conclusion is meeting women in real life is not even practical if you are looking for a good wife and living in an English-speaking country. As a result, you probably have to try online dating in 2019.

  • Use online dating as your main method, and offline dating should be an add-on.

As I see it, since online dating in 2019 is the primary way to meet women if you are a guy from an English-speaking country, you have to know how to do it in the right ways.

First and foremost, you’d better invest in professional photos and a dating coach’s advice for your dating profile. This will minimize the stress when it comes to waiting for women to respond to your messages because a high-quality dating profile is your best advertisement on an online dating website.

In the second place, you should join more than one online dating site so that you can maximize your chance of meeting a high-value woman for a meaningful, serious and long-term relationship. Quantity leads to quality in the dating department. If you choose one out of one option, I can almost guarantee that it’s not a good choice. But if you have 50 options in front of you, it should be easier for you to find a woman who meets your standards.

Next, don’t worry about rejections on online dating sites because that’s very normal. You should see it as statistics instead of taking it personally. As a matter of fact, if you do things in the right way, you should be rejected because that means you’ve tried your best. In contrast, if women don’t reject you at all, that means you can do better than that (don’t reach for the low-hanging fruit only).

When it comes to offline dating, it should be an add-on if you are a man from an English-speaking country where the mainstream media influence the dating scene dramatically. I have discovered that the biggest dating advice company Real Social Dynamics has deleted all of their dating advice YouTube videos which teach men how to approach women in real life. Also, British dating coach Richard la Ruina points out that it’s almost impossible to run a dating advice business in English-speaking countries nowadays because the mainstream media and the Establishment want to control the dating scene completely – if a male dating coach is teaching men how to meet women in real life, he is considered evil in contemporary society. Sad but true.

Hence, in terms of your add-on (offline dating), you can only leverage your existing social circle: Have a Happy Hour every Thursday night and ask your friends to bring their friends. When you meet their friends, you can ask those people to bring their friends as well next time. That’s how you become a social hub and meet many people, including single women looking for love.

I don’t recommend nightclubs because I don’t believe in casual relationships that start in a nightclub.

“Online dating has become the only way for a western man to meet women.”