Mr Gordon,

I have the privilege to nominate the staff of the Ukraine Brides Agency Mykolaev office in general and and commend a lady I hold in high regard. Her integrity is stellar and above reproach. Miss YuliaK handled my case and I can State with certainty that my Search for a wife is complete.

Last year, my scheduled time in Mykolaev was 10 days. By day 3, I had 3 dates with 2 Ladies. With zero response from the other 2, I called the Agency and requested 4 more ladies to see. The Reikartz is a nice hotel but I came to get a bride.

I received 2 more ladies and actually had 2 more dates.

My “hobby” is Search and Rescue, and I run an Emergency Radio Station in Texas. City girls do not find this appealing.

Miss Elena did! She helps her parents farm in weekends and loves my plans at Camp. She has children and we interact quite well, if I do say so myself.

I have found a woman who can handle challenges and be more than just a housewife, but a true partner, as it should be.

We are processing the Visa application now.

Miss YuliiaK found for me the exact type of woman I need in Texas. There is no longer the need to play the song “Matchmaker” from the film “Fiddler on the Roof”, also a film about Europeans.

Please convey to your staff, the crew in Ukraine Brides Agency Mykolaev, and especially to Miss YuliiaK, my special Match Maker of 2017.


Don from Texas