Four habits for happiness: 1) dream big; 2) judge less; 3) put your needs first; 4) think positively. Happiness is actually quite easy because you can choose a thought that makes you happy or a thought that makes you stressed out. You are able to make the choice each day.

  • How to keep a romantic relationship alive

Why are romantic relationships so difficult? Well, this could literally be a myth until the 5 love languages are clearly identified.

# Love Language 1: words of affirmation, e.g. ‘I love you’ and compliments. Many people in this category are considered “extroverts”.

# Love Language 2: acts of service, e.g., supporting their partners’ career or business & doing household chores. A lot of “introverts” are in this category as they usually do more and say less.

# Love Language 3: quality time, e.g., doing something together and spending time with each other. Truthfully, your time is your most valuable asset in life, for you can always get your money back; nonetheless, you can never get your time back!

# Love Language 4: physical touch, e.g., kissing and hugging each other. Of course, high-quality intimacy in the bedroom is a big part of physical touch as well.

# Love Language 5: receiving gifts, e.g., on a special occasion, giving someone a gift to show genuine love.

Now if you can identify your Ukraine lady’s love language, please ‘speak’ their love language regularly so that your romantic relationship will become sparkier! Note that Law of Reciprocity is real: in love and in life, you can only get what you give.

If you can’t identify your Ukraine woman’s love language, please ask them to read this post and tell you what their love language is! Clarity is paramount!

  • Thoughts become things, so what you read, listen to and believe eventually becomes your reality.

Be careful what you fantasize about because your fantasies sometimes become realities. Trust the universe. What is yours will always find you eventually. It’s only a matter of when and how. Life is a journey rather than a destination. Make sure the journey is interesting and learn to love the journey.

Forcing things drains your life force. You need to allow good things to unfold in front of you. It’s time to stop telling yourself old stories that no longer serve you. Start telling the story of your life as you want it to be from now on.

If you don’t have a religion, you may consider making personal development your religion. Be a student of life.

Lack of boundaries is a form of self-sabotage and avoidance – not having boundaries allows you to think about something other than what you actually need.

Make peace with who you are, and then you will be content with what you have. That’s where true gratitude begins.

Gratitude is the antidote to fear. Therefore, if you are looking to minimize fear in your life, the best way to go about this is to develop greater gratitude.

The first way to develop greater gratitude is to start a gratitude journal. Every night before going to bed, write down three things that you are grateful for throughout the day. These three things can include your family’s support or the delicious dinner. Things in your gratitude journal can be big or small. Keep doing this for 21 days and you will notice greater gratitude in your heart.

The second way to develop greater gratitude is to cultivate appreciation. There is a difference between gratitude and appreciation. Gratitude means you feel good after something good has happened for you or someone has done something nice for you, whereas appreciation means you feel good when you proactively find something positive to appreciate, even if nobody has helped you.

That’s why appreciation is much more powerful than gratitude. Appreciation requires less activation energy because you can look for something beautiful instead of waiting for something beautiful to happen in your life. When you appreciate people and things around you on a daily basis, you will develop greater gratitude effortlessly.

“Don’t dwell on your past. Your future is not in your past. Your past doesn’t exist. It only exists in your head. When you are able to say no to your hold habits and behavior that made life hard, it’s a real sign of progress in your personal growth journey.”