Because of COVID-19, the dating scene has changed fundamentally. Recently, a key trend has arisen in the dating department.

  • Casual dating is basically non-existent now.


Most casual dating sites are suffering because the majority of daters are unwilling to have casual flings these days due to COVID-19. Those dating platforms include websites and apps which introduce casual daters to each other and bring swingers together. Dr Christiane Northrup (board-certified OB/GYN physician and New York Times best-selling author) claims that having an open relationship or hooking up with strangers is just like baking a cake with the oven door open, so it doesn’t work. Therefore, more and more people have realized that having meaningful, serious and long-term relationships is definitely a more satisfying approach. That is the very definition of successful dating right now.


  • The importance of having a structured life:


Research conducted by The Center for Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy in New York shows that a person without a real relationship is just like a person who suffers from mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. That’s because an individual without a real relationship doesn’t have a structured lifestyle. (Similarly, experts from this mental health research organization in New York also argue that unemployment is the same as a mental health problem, too.) Clearly, having a satisfying marriage filled with true love means having a truly structured life – that is very important to an individual’s health and wellbeing in the long term.


  • Dating Red Flags


Many people ignore red flags simply because the Chemistry has a capital C. Don Draper famously said, “People will show you who they are, but we ignore it because we want them to be who we want them to be.” Well, it’s time to listen to Don’s advice and be aware of the following dating red flags!


Red Flag 1: This person wants to borrow money from you.

You are dating someone attractive. Because that person knows you are in love, they ask if you can lend them some money. This is the biggest red flag because chances are you are dating a scammer. Or at least it may suggest that this person will not look after you in the future.


Red Flag 2: This person has a lot of negative comments on their ex.

If someone hates their ex, it’s actually a red flag. A mature person wouldn’t hate their ex because ‘hate’ is a very strong word (e.g., “I hate Nazis, but I don’t hate my ex even though she bothers me, because I’m an adult,” says Henry Francis from Mad Men). Therefore, if someone has many negative comments on their ex, it means this is not a mature person. What a huge red flag!


Red Flag 3: This person is not investing in you.

Remember this principle: invest and test. That means if you like someone, you can invest a bit in them and observe their response. If that person begins to invest in you as well, it’s a good sign. Otherwise, it’s a red flag.


Red Flag 4: This person treats the waiter/waitress badly.

When you are sitting in a restaurant with this person, notice how they treat the waiter/waitress. If they don’t really respect the waiter/waitress, it’s a red flag because it means they only “respect” people that they find useful to them.


“Have you seen any of the above-mentioned red flags before? Make sure you date safely!”