Basically, there are two ways to meet foreign women: You can meet them online or offline.

  • How to find a foreign lady offline:

If you live in a western country, you can go to university campuses where there are many young foreign ladies who are international students. For example, when you go to the bookstore of a university campus, you can ask a foreign lady to recommend a book to you. In order to thank her for her advice, you will take her to the coffeehouse nearby for an instant date. 😉

  • How to find a foreign lady online:

Foreign women who have joined international dating sites are qualified candidates because they are single ladies looking for men just like you. Therefore, you would be well-advised to join a dating site such as where you are able to meet high-quality Ukrainian women looking for love. If I can use a business analogy, joining a dating site is just like making passive income: When you become a member, automatically sends qualified candidates to you. In contrast, meeting foreign ladies in real life is like making earned income – you have to do it by yourself! Hence, is the best dating website where you can meet high-value Ukrainian ladies effortlessly.

  • When you are calm and relaxed, you allow the universe to help, surprise and delight you.

If you want to change your life, please start from changing your beliefs. Empowering beliefs create positive thoughts, which create unstoppable actions, which create phenomenal results. The best way to eliminate anxiety is to stop ruminating. This is a decision that you can make right now and it will change your life forever. This is how close you are to living a brand-new fantasy. Three ways to get rid of anxiety: 1) Find a healthy distraction; 2) do some exercise every day; 3) try meditation.

You create your own reality with your thoughts. If you want to change your reality, it’s time to change your mind. Please be happy before whatever you want comes, and then whatever you want will come. Living in uncertainty makes many people complain. But you can choose to tell the story of how well things are going for you. You don’t necessarily have to see it to believe it. Simply believe it and then you will begin seeing it. Three ways to date authentically: 1) Communicate your needs honestly; 2) Worry less about whether they like you, and more about whether you even like them; 3) Notice patterns and believe them. Three reasons to love yourself right now: 1) all the old stories and habits that you left behind; 2) even during difficult times, you kept going; 3) your ability to learn, change and transform.

  • How to become more charismatic

If you watch the presidential debate in 1992 on YouTube, you will notice that Bill Clinton became the winner because of his charisma. Yes, that’s how powerful charisma is. How can you become more charismatic?

  • Imitate a celebrity that you admire.

Many celebrities have had some kind of training about charisma. They’ve already invested in this area, so you should totally use what they’ve learned to your advantage! Which celebrity do you like? Watch their videos on YouTube and look at how they answer questions during interviews. Observe their body language, facial expression and intonation when they are talking. Directly copy their style and fashion. 😉

  • It’s not just about how you talk; it’s also about what you say.

How you talk is important, but what you say is also important, if not more important. In order to have long-term charisma, you must have real substance when you are talking. Therefore, a key approach is to be an avid reader so that you will always have something interesting to talk about.

  • Have a good sense of humor.

Humor makes you charismatic instantly. Just be playful and spontaneous!

“Three signs that you are transforming your life: 1) You live in alignment with your value system; 2) you say ‘no’ without feeling guilty; 3) you trust your intuition more than everyone else’s opinions.”