It is said that international dating might involve different communication styles, but as long as you learn to manage the differences, the Attraction can have a capital A! 😊


  • Budgeting advice for couples: different communication styles


In reality, most people avoid talking about money. Actually, when they talk about this taboo topic, it really brings out the worst in some people­. Besides, this becomes more complicated when individuals communicate in different manners.

Style 1: Passive Communication

People in this category tend to hide their thoughts and feelings & behave in a passive way. Without clarifying how they truly feel, they oftentimes become upset, depressed or resentful. In terms of personal finances, they may even get someone else to make important decisions on behalf of them. This only makes them feel less empowered and more hopeless.

Style 2: Aggressive Communication

Individuals in this category usually assert themselves in a powerful way (and sometimes too powerful). Someone like that often dominates conversations – occasionally, it’s a way to mitigate their uncertainty, insecurity and inner fear. In a relationship, if two people both prefer this communication style, it’s almost impossible for them to manage their finances effectively.

Style 3: Passive-Aggressive Communication

This category is tricky because you can’t even find out what this person is thinking about. Over time, a couple whose communication style is passive-aggressive will deplete the trust. People who are involved in financial infidelity and revenge spending probably belong to this category.

Style 4: Assertive Communication

As the healthiest communication style, this is the best way to approach finances in a relationship. Indeed, when two people share their opinions honestly and respectfully, they support each other in the right ways and maintain their relationship well. Both individuals are good listeners and have a good understanding of each other’s thoughts and feelings.

Clarity makes financial management easy, so you would be well-advised to find out which communication style you have and which style your partner has. This will certainly transform your love life and your financial blueprint.


  • The Most Common Mistakes That People Make in international dating and Relationships:


Love is hard.

People make mistakes in their relationships all the time. I’ve summarized the most common mistakes that individuals make in love below.

Common Mistake #1: Failing to build a shared vision.

It’s easy to have chemistry. It’s also relatively easy to create the emotional connection in a romantic relationship. But in order to make a relationship last, the third ingredient is paramount – a shared vision.

A shared vision refers to the blueprint that you and your partner have for the future that you will build together, e.g., both of you want to get married and have children; both of you want to live in this city in the long term; both of you have similar/compatible values.

Common Mistake #2: Ignoring red flags.

No one is perfect, so when someone shows you a red flag, it’s your job to call them out immediately. However, a lot of people choose to ignore red flags because they fear the fact that their partners might leave them. That’s how a red flag leads to the worst behavior in the end.

Common Mistake #3: The relationship is the only source of joy and happiness.

If you derive all your confidence from your romantic relationship, you are in danger, because when your relationship doesn’t work out, you will lose all your confidence.


“The best way to build core confidence is to find sources of joy and happiness outside of your romantic relationship – you should enjoy your hobbies, improve your career, spend quality time with your friends and family & learn new skills. These will actually make you a more attractive person that your partner will absolutely adore.”