When you go to Ukraine, you might meet a large number of Ukrainian ladies. But do you know how to ask a Ukrainian woman out for a date without being awkward?

  • How to plant the seed for the first date:

Let’s say you are in Ukraine and you’ve approached a Ukrainian lady in a coffee shop. You’ve traded eye contact and smiles. You’ve got the courage to start a conversation with her. And now you can feel the chemistry. Then you are wondering how you can ask her out for a date.

In order to help you understand how this can be done in detail, I’d like to show you a letter that I wrote to a British man who asked me how to have more dates in Ukraine:

Dear John,

There are many wonderful places where you can meet suitable candidates in Ukraine.

You have mentioned that you are very busy with work (you have an online business), so I guess you are probably not interested in casual flings with random women. Therefore, if you are looking for a Ukrainian girlfriend, you may want to go to a university campus because that place should have a large number of young women who are already looking for love. You can go to the bookstore of a university campus and ask a lady in the bookstore to recommend a book to you. Then you keep the conversation going and ask for her phone number. Or have an instant date with her by taking her to a coffeehouse nearby.

In the initial stage of a conversation with aUkrainian woman, you should avoid silence, and that’s when you build the rapport (you mentioned you can do this; in fact, most men can do this). Once the rapport is built, she needs to invest in the conversation by asking you questions. Let her talk a bit more than you do.

Now what you need to do is to break the rapport, thereby creating chemistry and making the Ukrainian ladyattracted to you. For example, you can casually mention the name of a new movie earlier in the conversation – that’s how you plant the seed of going out for a date with her because you want to go to the movies with her. Then after a while, you say, “We should go to the movies to see XYZ on Friday night. Popcorn or ice cream? If you choose ice cream, you can’t come.” Say this in a playful tone so that she knows you are joking. This is a good way to break the rapport and create attraction.

Alternatively, you can walk around a university campus and see if there are any posters about social events. Buy a ticket online and go to an event for university students. Once you are there, don’t worry about how to explain yourself. You can just say you bought the ticket online because you saw it on the Internet. When you are there, make sure you dress well – you should be the sophisticated, mature guy who have higher value than those Ukrainian women’s20-year-old male classmates who have very little to offer. You approach Ukrainian ladieswho have made eye contact with you there.

There are two ways to improve your conversation skills quickly: 1) read a book per month so that you will always have lots of interesting things to talk about; 2) watch comedy shows so that you can learn how to be funny in a relaxed way. Having said that, you don’t need to become a comedian; you just need to add humor to your conversations.

After you’ve got a woman’s phone number, when you go out you can send this text message to her, “I’m in ABC bar and the music here is seriously perfect. I think you should come!” You don’t even need to ask a question. Using a statement is much more powerful and effective. Ladies from Ukrainerespond to certain and confident men!


Hopefully this helps!


Yours faithfully,

Dating Advisor from SaferDating.com

  • How to make the first date great:

A lot of people make this mistake: when they are having a conversation with someone, they only focus on themselves instead of how they are making the other person feel.

That is terrible salesmanship.

Remember: Dating is the only situation in which both parties are selling and buying at the same time.

If you understand sales and marketing to some extent, you probably know that marketing is all about understanding how you make the other person feel. Note that buying something is actually an emotional decision rather than a logical decision nine times out of ten.

Therefore, if you want to make the first date great, you have to figure out how you make the lady from Ukrainefeel great.

The fastest way to make the Ukrainian woman feel wonderful is to build emotional connection with her quickly. Instead of asking questions about some facts such as “Where is your hometown?”, you’d better ask questions that can reveal her values.

Here are some examples:

  1. Would you rather make $500,000 a year doing a job you dislike, or $50,000 a year doing a job you enjoy?” (Her answer will tell you her values about career, money and happiness.)
  2. If you are a trust fund baby with $100 million dollars in the bank, would you still do your current job?” (Her answer will tell you her real interests and hobbies in life.)
  3. Why?” (No matter what her answer is, just ask why. This will allow her to discuss her true values on a deeper level.)

Notice that all of these questions will generate positive answers because it’s about giving her complete freedom in hypothetical situations. Let her imagination run wild.

  • How to manage the focus of the date:

Moving the conversation from a logical place to an emotional place generates emotional connection instantly. Now this Ukrainian womanhas experienced positive emotions with you, so she will associate talking to you with positive feelings. That is exactly what you want.

Emotional connection happens when she starts to see you as the guy who brings out different parts of her. She feels as if only you can understand her because nobody in her family or her social circle has asked her those questions previously.

Another example: “A friend asked me an unusual question yesterday…If you can drop everything and get on a plane now, where would you go? What would you say?”

In this case, you don’t even need to bring a friend with you in order to meet Ukrainian women. That’s nice, easy and handy, isn’t it?

Remember: The focus of the date is about managing her feelings; it’s not about focusing on yourself. Once you’ve understood this key idea, you will be able to meet, attract, date and keep a high-value, elegant, radiant and confident Ukrainian girlfriend in record time. You are welcome. 😊

“Does this Ukrainian bride share your values?”