When it comes to international dating, there are some myths that have become quite popular on the Internet nowadays. So, let’s explore these together and find out the truths.

Myth 1: I’m a nice guy, but Eastern European women are only attracted to “bad boys”.

This is absolutely wrong. As a matter of fact, western women are much more likely to be attracted to “bad boys”. According to my observation, Eastern European ladies generally prefer nice guys who deserve the best.

The truth: Every lady from Eastern Europe wants a strong man. Women want men who know what they want and aren’t afraid to be a little demanding with them.

Myth 2: It’s all about looks.

Your looks can be very important. But you would be glad to know that women are less visual than men. In other words, your looks could be less important than you think.

The truth: What really matters is your perceived attractiveness. That is to say, how attractive you are is a combination of your looks, the way you carry yourself, your conversation skills, your confidence, your vibe, and so forth.

Myth 3: I can change her.

No, you can’t. You can only influence her to some degree, but you can’t change her.

Just think about how many times you decided to change your own habits & now you know how difficult it is to change yourself, let alone to change someone else!

The truth: Remember that the only way to go about changing your Eastern European girlfriend is to change yourself, and that’s where your focus should be. When you change your behavior, she has to change her behavior because relationships are dynamics.

Myth 4: Eastern European women enjoy dating a lot before getting married.

No, that’s not true. Western culture encourages women to date a lot before getting married, whereas Eastern European culture believes in traditionalism. Therefore, if you are looking for a traditional wife, you should probably consider marrying an Eastern European bride.

The truth: The right international dating sites have the right Eastern European mail-order brides.

Myth 5: If I keep sending her signals, she will eventually notice me.

Not true. As a man, you have to do more than holding a few milliseconds of eye contact to get her attention. You are supposed to do more because you are a guy.

The truth: Men should be more proactive and chase women. Don’t worry about rejections. If you are doing it right, you should be rejected because when nobody rejects you, that means you are only reaching for the low-hanging fruit & haven’t realized your potential yet. When someone rejects you, at least you know you’ve tried your best, so you can sleep at night. What should keep you awake at night is knowing you didn’t try your best.

Myth 6: If she doesn’t give me a clear signal, she is not interested.

This is not true. Many Eastern European women are shy and introverted, so they need more encouragement from men.

The truth: Assume every woman likes you and is interested in you. When you have this assumption, you look more charismatic and confident immediately. You need this mindset shift if you are looking to boost your perceived attractiveness instantly.

Myth 7: Playing hard to get will win the lady.

This is totally wrong. This strategy doesn’t work in the long term because you have built the whole attraction around the chase instead of building it around yourself as a person.

The truth: Women from Eastern Europe don’t like playing games with men, so you would be well-advised to be authentic and honest with them at all times.

Myth 8: If I make a move on a woman, it is going to be seen as needy or desperate.

No. As a matter of fact, ladies from Eastern Europe prefer men who are proactive and know what they want. Not being needy is being strong enough to take control.

The truth: Pretending not to be needy is the neediest behavior of all.

Myth 9: Age is a problem.

Women don’t care about you being young; they want men to be youthful.

The truth: The majority of Eastern European brides don’t mind marrying older men – they just prefer reliable, honest and trustworthy men.

Myth 10: Foreign brides only want to marry wealthy men.

How many foreign brides have you met so far? 100? Probably not that many. Frankly, wealthy men look more attractive no matter where they are. In fact, most foreign brides are looking for stable marriages rather than a luxury lifestyle.

The truth: The majority of Eastern European mail-order brides are genuine ladies looking for real gentlemen in western countries. You just need to know where to meet these genuine ladies.

Bonus tips:

  1. You have to become proactive because only you can manage your own love life. All of our life is made up of habits. How often do you log in on an international dating website each week to do something for your love life?
  2. You must have defined and specific rituals such as sending at least one message to a lady on an international dating site each day – rituals should have the right frequency and intensity. Rituals are what actually get us to achieve our goals. Ordinary things done consistently produce extraordinary results. Examples of rituals: A) Read a book about human dynamics, communication, dating and relationships every month. B) Use a new technique that you’ve learned from books every day.
  3. Ask yourself these questions before finding your ideal Eastern European bride: A) Where do you currently go to meet women? B) What type of women are you looking for? – Identify their characteristics and values. C) What does your ideal candidate do with her spare time?
  4. Making an effort VS making an intelligent effort: Joining a random dating site is making an effort; joining a trusted international dating website where you know you will meet the type of ladies you want is making an intelligent effort.
  5. If you are an introvert and you would like to practice your social muscles, you can try new things, learn new skills and socialize in new places each weekend. This is very important because it gets you out of your comfort zones, expands your social circle and helps you practice your conversation skills, thereby making you a more exciting and attractive guy.
  6. When you practice your social skills in different settings, make sure you maintain eye contact with people you are talking to. Pay attention to your facial expression and your body language (you can practice this in front of a mirror at home before going out).
  7. When you talk to a stranger in a social context, you can say, “Excuse me, what muffin would you recommend in this coffee shop?” or “Are you a professor?” or “Are you Italian?” These can break the ice easily.

“When you go to a social occasion, you can use observation to break the ice – just say ‘the music is so good’.”