If you aren’t very experienced in the dating scene, maybe you find it hard to tell whether a Russian lady is emotionally invested or not. So, now I’m going to show you how to find it out.

  • The most common signs:

Does she make an effort? If a Russian woman makes an effort in this interaction with you, that means she likes you a lot. You need to look out for the things she does well.

Is she generous? This doesn’t mean she sends you gifts, but this does mean she gives you a lot of time and attention. She has gone out of her way to help you in some way.

Is she affectionate? A warm and affectionate lady is always better than an ice queen. Trust me.

Does she seem like she is interested in wanting to know you better? If she actually cares about you, she will want to know more about you.

Is she in too much of a hurry to start a long-term relationship with you? If a Russian lady is genuine, she will want to get to know you first before starting a serious relationship with you. If she pushes for a long-term relationship too soon, you can just tell her, “It’s too soon for me. I always want to know a lady better before starting a long-term relationship because I’m serious. I need to know that we are the right person for each other in the first place.” Honesty is the best policy. Now note her reaction. What you are looking for is the mature Russian woman who is willing to spend more time knowing you before starting a long-term relationship with you.

You don’t have to be harsh; you can say it in a friendly way. She will appreciate your honesty and authenticity. This shows you respect yourself and don’t need to please her all the time.

Remember: You dictate the pace! You have to take your time while looking for a life partner because this is the most important decision in your life. With this in mind, you will have a safe online dating experience.

  • How to become a romantic, attractive and confident guy that Russian ladies like:

First and most importantly, you shouldn’t agree with women at all times. Sometimes you should disagree with them so that you will increase your perceived challenge. For instance, you may break the rapport and disqualify a woman by saying, “Let’s go to see this movie next week. Do you prefer ice cream or popcorn? If you prefer ice cream, you can’t come.” Of course, you should say this in a playful tone so that she knows you are joking. That means you can’t be too serious – never take yourself too seriously when you are interacting with people. Remember to enjoy yourself.

Second, when people notice the difference that you present, keep doing it. This will increase your perceived value.

If you are looking for a meaningful relationship, don’t give her the benefits of a serious relationship before she becomes your girlfriend officially. She has to earn your respect and attention.

Next, you must start taking charge. Don’t become a relationship coach. If a Russian lady talks about other men, tell her to move on to a more interesting subject. Don’t be afraid to disagree with her. A high-value man is willing to break rapport and is comfortable disagreeing with a woman on matters of opinion.

Clearly, agreement isn’t attraction. Disagreeing shows you are not out to simply please her and shows you are confident in your own opinion.

Furthermore, don’t come running every time she calls. If you are too busy for her sometimes, she is going to miss you more. Sometimes teasing makes the dynamics more fun: you give a little and leave her wanting more.

Moreover, you should show some boundaries. If the lady from Russia overdoes something or makes a mistake, you need to call her out. As a matter of fact, ladies from Russian trust you more if you are honest with them all the time. Also, if you have done something wrong, they will call you out as well, so you don’t need to play mind games with women anymore if you choose international dating. Note that playing mind games is something that western men and western women tend to do.

In addition, you will look more romantic if you disqualify her as a potential partner in a fun way – I know this sounds counterintuitive, but please let me explain. Tell her it could never work between the two of you, or say you could never date because she is so demanding – say this in a cheeky way with a smile on your face so that she knows you are joking. This will make the interaction more interesting and more romantic as a result.

Further, you can tell her that you can’t resist women who wear those shoes, or that the perfume she is wearing drives you crazy. Or you can say that women in leather jackets are attractive – of course, use this technique at the beginning of a relationship (perhaps before you start an official relationship with your Russian girlfriend).

  • Bonus ideas:

  • A woman should get as much of your life as she earns (not more than that). In this way, she respects you more and are more attracted because she sees you as the high-value man.
  • You want an amazing love life, so you shouldn’t play it safe – you want to take a risk because you want amazing results. Obviously, you still need to have a safe online dating experience and that’s why you are reading this blog right now.
  • If you have decided to create a beautiful love life for yourself, then you must develop a new lifestyle for this goal. Genuine results come from a sustained commitment to action, i.e. following something again ad again. Ordinary things done consistently create extraordinary results.

How to be in control of ourselves and our emotions: Decide the identity that we want to have and beyond that, nothing else matters. If you have decided that your identity is a man who is strong, confident and resilient, be this man now! Never play the victim role, please. Have a strong frame which is not affected by other people or things. Write this down: “I want to be … every day in my life” (e.g. “I want to be strong, confident and resilient every day in my life”) Ask yourself, “What am I?” and “Who am I?” Then you will have an identity statement. By the way, this is my friend Joe’s identity statement: “I am a loving, loyal and relaxed guy who believes in the best in people.”

“Dating is the best way to help yourself grow along the way – you will learn more about your Russian lady and yourself throughout this process. That’s why dating is the best personal development in your life.”