Sample Portfolio Post #6

As Thanksgiving approaches, we wanted to take a moment to say that we’re so thankful for the brave survivors, friends and family members who reach out to us every day. Their strength and courage is inspiring, and we are honored to provide information, resources and support when people need it most.

We are thankful for the amazing advocates who answer phones, chats and texts 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. They do an awesome job, and we are grateful for their dedication!

We are thankful for our friends in the movement to end domestic violence and dating abuse, and for their tireless efforts to protect and support victims and survivors.

We are thankful for our partners and sponsors who recognize that dating abuse and building healthy relationships are important issues to young people. Their support allows us to keep doing this work day in and day out.

We’re thankful for everyone who visits our website to learn more about dating abuse and how to stop it, and for those who share information and speak out to raise awareness among their networks.

We’re so thankful to be able to do this work.