The pandemic has changed the way people interact with each other. Here are the best safe date night ideas during the pandemic – enjoy! 😉

  • How to have a safe date night at home:

      1) Zoom dinner date

If you and your partner are not living together because of self-isolation, this is the perfect date night idea. Simply use Zoom and start an online meeting – now you can have a dinner date on Zoom! 😊

      2) Netflix party

Because of the pandemic, Netflix has introduced a new feature which allows 2 people to watch the same movie online at the same time while sending each other messages on the Internet. This is seriously perfect if one of you is in self-isolation.

      3) A book club for two people

If both of you are avid readers, the pandemic gives you lots of time to read good books. So, you can start a book club and talk about the book you’ve read on the date night.

      4) Give or receive a massage.

The spa is closed because of COVID-19, but don’t worry – you can still enjoy the spa experience at home. Simply give or receive a massage on the date night – this will surely make you love each other even more.

      5) Slow dance in the living room.

This is the most romantic date night. You and your partner slow dance at home during a slow song such as Darren Hayes’s Insatiable or Savage Garden’s Truly, Madly, Deeply. I’m sure the emotional connection will be stronger after this very romantic date night!

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  • The myth of “till death do us part”

Not every relationship is supposed to last forever. Realistically, most relationships in modern western society don’t last for a lifetime. (During the pandemic, the divorce rate is much higher.) Hence, “till death do us part” has become a myth at each wedding.

      1) The importance of surrendering to destiny:

In life, there are many things that are outside of your control. For example, you can’t control who you’ll meet; you can’t control who will start a relationship with you; you also can’t control when your relationship will end. Well, you can merely try to manage situations, but you can’t control everything.

So, you should do what you can do and make peace with the rest.

      2) Closure or Completion?

When a romantic relationship ends, you don’t really need closure, as in truth, that’s called completion.

Truthfully, if a romantic relationship ends, it doesn’t necessarily mean this relationship has failed. It only means this romantic relationship is probably meant to end at this point in your life, which is fine – you just need to accept this simple fact.

Actually, surrendering to destiny is possibly the most powerful thing you could do in life, for though everyone is supposed to take action and be proactive, life is surely 100 times easier when you believe in fatalism as well, particularly in terms of your love life.

Therefore, you have to stop resisting your destiny’s plan and start surrendering to your destiny & accepting what’s happened already.

Indeed, if you think of it carefully, you’ll realize that even though that relationship has already ended, that romantic relationship is definitely very meaningful and valuable; your ex absolutely, positively added good value to your life during that romantic relationship.

“Why not focus on the beautiful, positive aspect of your journey and have safe dates?”