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Making engaging conversation will make online dating much easier for you

More and more people are using online dating to meet new people and find a potential match. But, not everyone finds it easy to start on the right foot. In fact, a lot of those who engage in internet dating struggle to keep conversations going. Here are few secrets you can use to start online conversations with Ukrainian women.

Start small

Your first message doesn’t have to be lengthy.  Send a short message or ask them how they are doing. This question will make them more likely to respond with how they’re doing. If you’re lucky, they will be easy to talk to and the conversation will flow. When you get a response, make sure to avoid dead end answers like “I’m okay” or “I’m good”.  Tell a little story or mention something that could be interesting. Try not to sound like you’re bragging.

Keep it light

Don’t take it too seriously. Loosen up and keep it light. There’s no reason to get heavy in your getting-to-know conversation. As much as possible, you want to reduce the tension and keep it cool. So be playful and a little flirtatious as you try to move things forward.

Refer to her profile

If you want to send a message to someone, go through her profile first. Before even drafting your first message. She will be happy you’ve taken the time to read her profile. It’ll make her feel that she has captured your interest. Moreover, the conversation is going to be easier when you know a little about the person you’re talking to. It’s easier to bring up topics that she will find interesting.

Ask about a common interest

Since you have already read her profile, find a common interest or ground. This is a proven conversation opener. You could use this as your first message. So instead of saying “Hi, how are you doing?”  try asking her to tell you about the last place she has visited; if she’s someone who has always loved traveling, that is.

Compliment her but don’t overdo it

One excellent way to break the ice is by giving someone a compliment. When you do this, make sure that the person is worthy of praise and that your compliment is sincere. It feels nice when you know that someone appreciates you. But, don’t overdo it. Also, avoid focusing your compliments on her appearance. Try something like “you take amazing photos of the beach!” or “you have an amazing taste for music. I love music, as well”.

Make her laugh

This may be a difficult thing to pull off. But it can work in your favor if you do it right. If you want to start a conversation with a Ukrainian lady, try starting it with a joke without a punch line. She will feel she has to reply with a question or something that will complete the sentence. Isn’t it a cool way to get a fun conversation started?

Mirror her personality

To increase your chances of getting a response, it’s also a good idea to mirror her personality. Studies suggest that people like people who are somewhat like them. Use the information you have found on her profile to determine the right approach to use. If you think she’s funny, inject a little sense of humor in your message. If she looks straightforward, use the same approach.

Be honest

Honesty works 100 percent of the time especially in online dating. In fact, research suggests using the words “sorry” and “awkward” may increase your chances of success. It makes someone feel you’re humble and honest enough to admit your admiration about someone. And you do it anyway even if it feels awkward.

Starting and keeping a conversation going in online dating can be a real challenge. But these tips should help you get started on the right foot. And if you want to meet Ukrainian women, feel free to visit Russian Dating.