These days elite singles are in a dating climate that is very different from what people used to experience one decade ago. Now we are going to discuss the reality of elite singles as well as what’s actually happening in the current dating climate.

  • Elite singles’ reality:

Two authors, Tom Stanley and William D. Danko, spent 20 years interviewing thousands of millionaires and talking to them about their lifestyle habits.  They found that the traditional image of a millionaire is not correct.  Traditionally we think that millionaires drive a Rolls-Royce automobile, live in a multi-million-dollar mansion, own a Rolex watch, and wear tailor made suits. In reality, the typical millionaire is more likely to drive a second-hand General Motors car, live in a house with an average property value of $320,000, wear a watch costing less than $100, and buy their suits on sale for between $200-$300.

The most common characteristic of a millionaire is that they live within their means. They are impressive savers, not spenders. The typical millionaire is careful and saves or invests much of their income. On average, the typical millionaire saves and invests 20 percent of their income.  On the other hand, the average American saves less than five percent.

Most millionaires have made their own fortunes in one generation—they did not win the lottery, win money on a TV game show, do well on the stock market. Many are self-employed in small businesses working in ’boring’ jobs like pest control, paving work, or welding. Most millionaires work 45 to 55 hours per week. Most get married once and do not divorce. Most typical millionaires do not score well in high school. Most millionaires become rich by themselves; they receive no inheritance and little financial help from relatives.

The typical millionaire does spend money on services that can help them plan their finances better like, accountants, and lawyers who specialize in property and wealth. They invest in education. They achieved their results over time through discipline, hard work, and by focusing on their goals. The typical millionaire lives in a neighborhood where 75 percent of the residents are non-millionaires. They generally do not stand out.

  • How the new elite meet their partners:

Interestingly, apart from online dating, many elite singles meet their partners at work. This is especially true when it comes to dating the new elite who have very interesting jobs.

Tourism Australia, which is an organization that promotes tourism in Australia, has launched a competition called the ‘Best Jobs in the World’.  This competition gives applicants a chance to win one of 6 amazing jobs all around Australia.

These jobs are ‘Chief Funster’ in New South Wales, ‘Outback Adventurer’ in the Northern Territory, Park Ranger in Queensland, Wildlife Caretaker in South Australia, Lifestyle Photographer in Melbourne, and ‘Taste Master’ in Western Australia.  What is a ‘Funster’?  Nobody is really sure, but it seems to mean somebody who creates fun.  Presumably this job will involve creating parties and public events.  It is also not quite clear what an ‘outback adventurer’ would do.  Applicants need to send a 30 second video explaining why they should get the job to Tourism Australia’s Facebook page.

Once Tourism Australia has short-listed 150 candidates, their videos will be seen on Facebook.  These candidates will be made to do more tests and they will have background checks.  18 finalists will be chosen for a final interview, and then in June, Tourism Australia will select six winners based on their performance in the final interview.

What is included for the winners?  Each of the six winning applicants will receive a six-month contract for their job in Australia, and a salary package of A$100,000 including all accommodation, food and expenses.  The jobs will start between August this year and June next year.  So, if you think that creating fun, adventuring in the outback, taking photos of celebrities, or looking after parks or Australian wild animals sounds like fun, go to Tourism Australia’s Facebook page and upload a video explaining why you should get the job.

  • The practical elite singles’ dating climate:

A practical man is attracted to a down-to-earth woman, e.g. a Russian woman or a Ukrainian woman who isn’t worried about whether she is feminist enough or not. Truthfully, many businesses in western countries play the feminism card by saying, “There is a place in hell for women who don’t support other women”, meaning if you don’t buy something from a business founded by women, it means you don’t support feminism.

This practical guy is self-made and drives a Ford Bronco. His favorite book is The Millionaire Next Door.

This guy is not a fan of fashion. Though he is a successful guy, he keeps shopping frugally and would not pay more than $400 for an outfit. Yet he treats his Eastern European girlfriend very well – they have clear expectations, boundaries and standards. Therefore, their relationship is very satisfying and sustainable.

Most individuals who have met this man would not guess he is so successful, for his way of life and manners are simple and modest. This trait is admirable.

This elite couple rarely explain themselves. In their opinion, whatever they choose to do is none of your business. Hence, their relationship is very healthy.

This couple is frugal but not stingy. This quality is oftentimes expressed by not trying to impress anyone as they are secure in who they are. They do not feel a need to impress others, nor are they impressed by anyone. This attitude is to be admired.

This romantic guy is an elegant man who moves in power circles of business. He lives, works and travels in beautiful surroundings that are definitely very classy. Nevertheless, he doesn’t like Bohemian settings.

Just like he would not attend a business meeting without doing enough homework, he goes to the first date with the same preparation – he evaluates this lady’s personality, assesses her value system and communicates effectively to ensure clarity. He understands the importance of dating safety.

His Eastern European lady is an elegant lady who looks similar to Andrey Hepburn to some extent rather than a glamorous lady who looks similar to Marilyn Monroe. This elegant woman is a confident lady who feels great about the way she looks; thus, she is a wonderful girlfriend. This elite couple’s favorite movie is Sabrina.

A typical date begins with an artistic event such as an auction or an art show which allows them to mill through the gallery and exchange opinions on the art while being served snacks and champagne by waitresses and waiters.

Then they go to a beautiful restaurant for dinner. A view of gorgeous city lights outside of the window is really amazing.

This guy gives his Eastern European girlfriend radical attention as he is fully present. He focuses on her & her alone.

In terms of the dessert, he gives her a box of dark chocolate that helps her to be emotionally and psychologically steeped in the flavors of dating and love.

“The modern dating climate is best characterized by diversity – all kinds of possibilities are present.”