Before you start online dating, please read this blog post because you will have more interesting things to talk about when you chat with ladies online. 😉

  • I’ve stopped questioning myself.

Previously, I had a lot of experiences like these: After leaving my apartment, I was wondering, “Did I lock the door just now?” After reconciling bank accounts through my accounting software, I was asking myself, “Just now did I make a mistake?”

Actually, most things that I was worried about never happen in reality. The evidence is here: Because I worried about it, I avoided it! That’s why I stopped questioning myself and feel happier as a result.

The power of anticipation is so underrated. To stay upbeat, motivated and happy every single day, I must have something that I look forward to. Usually, it’s a reward that I can get when I hit my goal or a show/concert that I will attend soon.

I know that I can’t change my life overnight. However, I am able to change my life by degrees. In the past, I often woke up very late, so I wanted to wake up earlier. At that time, I woke up at 10am in the morning. Instead of waking up at 6am, I chose to wake up at 9am and then 8:30am. Over time, I can wake up at 7am these days.

  • I choose to think big.

I used to focus on small details all the time and it was exhausting. Then I realized that most successful people are big-picture individuals, e.g. Tim Ferriss, Kate Northrup, Gary Vaynerchuk and Michael Johnson. These people focus on the big picture rather than small details that do not even matter.

Visionary people fully understand that only the big picture actually matters, so they delegate small details to others. If they do not delegate a part of their details, they deal with one detail once only (it’s done) – as most details do not matter.

Because delegating every detail isn’t realistic, here is my approach: I handle one detail at a time nowadays.

What’s more, I have learned that if my vision doesn’t scare me slightly, it’s not big enough. Well, I’m the most practical and down-to-earth person that I know, so I’m not romantic at all in terms of setting goals in life and at work. What I’m trying to say is my long-term big vision should scare me a bit.

I have met many visionary entrepreneurs and people who run online businesses (their businesses are 100% location-independent). So, I’m also looking to run an internet business on the side. Actually, I have some freelance work online already. I thought this should be good enough, but now I’ve figured this out: I need to have a bigger goal – I should make my internet hustle a full-time gig in the long term.

Indeed, the current pandemic has made many people’s jobs unstable. As a matter of fact, a lot of people have lost their jobs due to COVID-19. I don’t know how long my boss will keep me there, so my side hustle has becoming increasingly important to me right now – it turns out that only my side hustle is the reliable work in this day and age. As a result, I probably have to prioritize my side hustle and make it official.

I remember a mentor told me something profound: Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it, you’ll land amongst the stars.

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  • Say goodbye to being shy; say hello to a charismatic me.

The 1992 presidential debate demonstrates this fact: Bill Clinton was the winner due to his charisma. That’s the power of charisma. That also inspired me to say goodbye to being shy and say hello to a more charismatic me.

This is how I got started: My favorite celebrity is Sarah Jessica Parker, so I imitated her fashion and the way she talks on TV. I carefully observed her body language and facial expression in every video. I copied her style.

Yes, how I carry myself is paramount, yet what I say is equally important. If a lady has a very sweet voice and beautiful body language, she is able to give others a good first impression. Nevertheless, if that’s all she has to offer, she isn’t charismatic at core level.

To build true charisma, I have to have substance while talking to others. Hence, I’m an avid reader and I read nearly 52 books each year. So, I always have something fun and interesting to talk about during conversations with other people.

“Of course, my extensive experiences have also made me a more interesting person.”