Signing up for an online dating website entails putting your best self forward. This increases your chances of finding a potential match. Your description and photos must be attractive enough to get your dating profile noticed. If you have no clue how to make your profile stand out from the crowd, here are some tips you might find helpful.

Choose the best photo

Most people are visual. They make decisions based on what they see. So, it’s important to use a photo that is eye-catching enough to make them spend more time on your profile. When choosing a photo, it’s important to pick an appropriate one. Appropriate means attractive and interesting, yet formal and decent. Also, your photos must show a clear picture of your face with all your facial features visible. Choose something that looks friendly and approachable. As much as possible, the picture should be of you alone instead of being with someone or a group.

Write an attractive description

Your dating profile is your chance to speak to others for the first time. So write it how you would in a normal conversation. While dating profiles are meant to share a person’s personal information, there’s no need to tell every detail.  Some of the things you can share include your interests, passion and hobbies. It also helps to be more specific. Also try to avoid the typical statements such as “I love watching movies” or “I love music”. Instead, you can share the specific genres of movies or music you’re into. Also mention if you there’s a particular musical instrument you can play. This will make your profile more interesting.

Regularly update your dating profile

Once you’re done creating your profile, don’t let it sit there. It would help to do some regular updates. Change your profile photo every now and then. Add updates to what you have been up to recently. Especially when you have done something fun that’s worth sharing. Doing so will give people a more accurate idea of how you spend your time and what your life is like in general.

Whether you are new to online dating or not, it’s important to devote time to creating a good profile. This will significantly help increase the chances of you getting noticed. And finding a perfect match.