Ifyou meet Megan Fox right now, how would you feel? Nervous? A bit anxious because she is too beautiful for you? Well, that’s exactly what Eastern European women should feel when they meet you! It’s time to turn the tables now.

  • On the first date, thisEastern European ladyhasn’t proved herself yet.

If you feel nervous on the first date with anEastern European lady, that means you are worried whether she likes you or not.

Now I want you to change your mindset. Instead of asking, “Does she like me?”, I’d like you to ask yourself, “Do I like her? Does she meet my standards? What else does she have to offer apart from her beauty?”

More importantly, I encourage you to ask yourself, “What am I over-valuing about her right now? What am I under-valuing about myself today?”

Don’t put a Eastern European womanon a pedestal because she hasn’t earned it yet. She shouldn’t feel entitled to your love and affection. She must earn your respect and admiration.

Yes, it’s normal to feel a bit nervous when you are on the first date with a woman that you find very beautiful. However, if you are so nervous that you literally become speechless, it’s time to work on your mindset.

  • Never forget your standards.

Next time when you feel nervous while dating a woman, remind yourself how high your standards are for a marriage or a long-term relationship. If you considering dating an Eastern European woman, you are probably thinking of having a serious relationship rather than a short-term fling because Eastern European ladies are wife materials in general.

In other words, you are looking for a meaningful relationship, so your standards must be high enough.

The good news is when you have high standards, you feel more confident and more certain immediately, for you know you have the integrity to stick to your principles in your love life.

Think about all the traits and qualities that your ideal wife must have. She must be caring, nurturing, upbeat, optimistic, smart, kind, polite, adventurous, elegant and respectful. This woman hasn’t even proved herself to you yet. Now on the first date, you can only see that she is attractive because she looks great. But she hasn’t displayed her personality yet.

Your standards should always remind you that you are very choosy when it comes to dating and relationships. The right woman has to meet your standards in the first place.

Hence, on the first date, it’s about finding out whether this Eastern European ladyhas those qualities and traits that you are looking for or not.

As a matter of fact, a large number of women probably can’t meet your standards, so it’s your responsibility to find the right woman.

Her attractiveness tells you almost nothing apart from the initial attraction. She still has a long way to go before she approaches being the ideal candidate for you. Thus, interacting with her on the first date is just one way to find out how many other items on your list she may have. This isn’t about being fussy; it’s about putting her looks in its right place. Yes, her beauty is important, but her beauty won’t last forever. It is her personality that keeps you interested in her in the long term.

In fact, it is her personality that keeps this relationship healthy in the future.

  • The reality check:

What if this woman is boring, cold and abusive? Would you still want to date her and keep her in your life?

In psychology, there is a concept called Halo Effect. That means when you meet a beautiful woman, you tend to associate her with kindness, intelligence and generosity. That is to say, when one aspect looks great, you would assume that other aspects about her are also great.

Some men even use Halo Effect to their advantage. They call it Forest Effect, meaning when they rock up as a confident and attractive guy, women would associate their high-value image with success, wealth and competence. It’s just like setting a tree on fire, and then this tree sets the entire forest on fire.

But in reality, if you think about it, you know we have no basis for assuming someone has all the good qualities simply because they look good. Logically, we understand that. But emotionally, it’s hard to control our nervousness.

So, I’m going to remind you: This woman is just a date at this stage, nothing more. Hence, next time you feel intimidated by a very attractive Eastern European woman, say this to yourself, “She still has a lot to prove before she meets my standards.”

I have an interesting discovery: In a bar, most men would approach 7s and 8s; they wouldn’t approach 9s and 10s. Consequently, the most beautiful woman in the bar actually doesn’t get any realmale attention – every guy is thinking, “Oh. She is too attractive for me. Everyone wants her.” But in actuality, nobody has the courage to approach her because everyone is thinking the same thing.

There is another interesting discovery: You may assume that celebrities receive tons of emails every day, right? But in fact, most celebrities don’t receive a lot of emails every day because everyone is thinking, “That famous person must receive too many emails on a daily basis, so I shouldn’t email them.”

That’s why Julien Blanc got Robert Greene on his YouTube channel because most people wouldn’t even contact Robert Greene in the first place. Julien Blanc also receives 1-2 emails per day only, in spite of his international fame! Unbelievable news, isn’t it?

Frankly, I personally contacted Gary Vaynerchuk last year. You know what, he personally responded to my email. That means even though Gary Vaynerchuk probably receives more emails than Robert Greene and Julien Blanc combined, he doesn’t have one thousand emails in his Inbox right now, in spite of having millions of followers on social media.

Now you can see my point: The most attractiveEastern European womanprobably doesn’t really have a lot of options in her love life because most men feel intimidated by her good looks. Does that surprise you or inspire you?

Apparently, she probably has less experiences with men, so you don’t have lots of competitors out there! Congratulations.

When you are on the first date with a woman from Eastern Europe, you are only assessing whether you like her or not (you are simply curious at this stage). It doesn’t mean you already want her. You are giving her an opportunity to impress you. You are giving her a chance to prove her character can match her appearance.

With this mindset, you’ve become a chooser rather than a choosee.

Stop focusing on the fact that you desperately need something from the Eastern European lady, and then you won’t look nervous, awkward and insecure.

Begin to focus on you are already desired as you are already attractive, intelligent, confident and successful, and then you will look charming and relaxed.

“If the lady from Eastern Europe is switched-on, she will choose you.”