When your girlfriend knows that you have high standards for her beyond her looks, you become a remarkable man because most men only focus on women’s looks. What traits does your ideal girlfriend from Eastern Europe should have?

  • Is your girlfriend willing to invest?

Being happy to invest in the relationship is so key. A good woman would definitely give her time and energy into building the beautiful relationship with you. When her effort is literally minimal or non-existent, you don’t have a real relationship.

In my view, a great relationship is surely not about meeting a woman and proving yourself to her because a healthy relationship is not supposed to be a one-way street. You must have a sustainable relationship with a woman who also wants the same things in love. 💌

  • Does she need the right amount of connection?

Ideally, you and your Eastern European girlfriend should have a similar level of connection in this romantic relationship. When two people are mismatched completely in terms of emotional connection, the relationship will not last.

I know some individuals prefer more independence as they always need some space, while others want closeness and can be with their partners all the time.

You’d better find a woman who needs the same amount of connection as you, and then you will have a thriving relationship. 😊

  • Communication shouldn’t be difficult in a healthy relationship.

A sustainable relationship is never full of misunderstandings in the first place. Different people certainly communicate differently. Please note that communication should feel easy in a great relationship. There needs to be a natural match in how easy it is to communicate and how much / often you communicate with each other.  When there are too many misunderstandings, it’s a hard relationship.

  • Boundaries must be respected.

Here is an example – You let her know that you will go overseas with your coworkers for a business trip for 4 days. Nevertheless, you’ve received 46 text messages from her at the airport; it means she does not really respect your boundaries and probably do not trust you. If your girlfriend’s communication style is 4 messages per day and your communication style is 1 message per day, you can still figure out a happy medium.

In a long-term relationship, you need to establish your boundaries and make your boundaries crystal clear. 😉

  • The right woman trusts you 100%.

When a woman reads all your text messages on your mobile phone, asks one hundred questions about your previous relationship and second-guesses you all the time, it’s a wrong relationship with the wrong person, because the right person would definitely trust you totally as from her point of view you are a reliable man. ❤️

  • Respect is the foundation of everything in a relationship.

Anger, aggression and name-calling should be avoided in a real relationship. You are entitled to be supported and nourished in love. Note that when you are with the right person, you can focus on your business or career, for you are secure about where you’re with your lady. ✔️

“Find out what this person didn’t have in her childhood and you’ll understand her much better. For instance, I have a female friend who didn’t have nice clothes to wear when she was a child and never had a real romantic relationship in her life, so currently, her day job is to sell high-end clothes in a premium department store and her side hustle is to ghost-write romantic novels. I know this sounds a bit unbelievable, but it’s a true story.”