Getting a woman to notice you can be pretty simple, yet a lot of men fail miserably. This is not a complicated formula, however, there is a formula. Unfortunately for a lot of men, pick-up lines are not part of the equation. Truth is, pick-up lines are the fastest route to failure. 

There are many ways to get a woman to notice you. Of course, you will easily get a woman’s attention if you are obnoxious, a jerk, or arrogant. The impression you leave will most likely be for all the wrong reasons and ruin any chance you might have had. Women look for confidence and strength in a man. You have to stand-out from all the other guys in the crowd and let her know that there is something different about you.  Catch her attention in the right way and make her swoon over your every move.

Here are some tips on how to send the right signals that women will notice:

Look approachable

This sounds simple enough but beyond looking strong and confident, you should also possess an aura that you are approachable and friendly. Staying alert and engaged in your surroundings is one of the easiest ways to come across as confident, personable and fun. Focus on her. A man who is constantly checking his phone or always looking down at his shoes can send the signal that he is not interested or worse he is not confident. This type of guy will usually leave the room unnoticed. Make eye contact and try to engage in small talk with people in the room. An engaging and approachable guy is more likely to get noticed by a woman compared to the guy hiding in the corner.

Be confident and don’t try so hard to get a woman to notice you

While this could be a bit counterintuitive, this is actually one of the most effective ways to get a woman to notice to you. Don’t put to much pressure on yourself in an effort for her to notice you. Rather, focus on yourself. Work on your confidence and improve yourself. Let them notice you naturally. Approach a woman with the best version of you – take the time to develop something interesting about yourself. It’s not that “one thing” you do but “everything” you do that makes you stand out and her to take notice.

Make her feel good about who she is

Even without talking to her, you can still make a woman notice you. A simple smile will affect how she feels about herself and in turn how she feels about you. This simple act will make her feel attractive, knowing that you are taking notice of her. Simple gestures are signals that the focus is on her and you are interested in her.

Start a good conversation

Confident and strong women are impressed by a man who knows how to flirt his way through starting and carrying on a good conversation. Men should always be prepared before approaching a woman. This does not mean keeping a few pick-up lines up your sleeve. Educate yourself and have a few hot topics handy. Be knowledgeable about those topics. Having the ability to speak intelligently about certain current events (without getting too emotional on your opinions) can be a great way for a woman to notice you. Add some humor in the conversation. You will be surprised how easily women will be drawn to you.

Take control

A known fact: confident, intelligent and attractive women can intimidate or take control of an unsuspecting male upon approach. If successful, you may find yourself scratching your head, while she is walking away. Let her know that you are in control by being confident, articulate and using the appropriate body language. It might not work for everyone, but it will definitely make her feel that you stand out from the other 99% of men in the room. You will gain her attention and have her wanting more. In simple words, she will be completely attracted to you and that’s all that matters.

The bottom line is a woman notices a guy who stands out. Make them notice you by being the best you – focus on building your strengths and abilities. There are no scripts for that. 

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