Many men are introverted and are looking for dating advice for them specifically, so this article is for those who are a bit shy and need some encouragement in the dating department.

  • Signs of her liking you:

If she makes time to be with you, she likes you. If she is smiling and over-animated, that means she is energetic and is probably attracted to you. If you leave the conversation for a while and come back & she reinitiates the conversation or gets close to you again, that means she likes you. If she looks for excuses to speak to you, that means she likes you. If she compliments you behind your back, that means she definitely likes you. If she offers information to impress you, that means she absolutely likes you.

When you notice any of the above-mentioned signals (or better still, a combination of many signals), congratulations – this Eastern European lady probably likes you a lot.

  • You need phone time and face time, so don’t text too much.

Many shy guys prefer emails and text messages because they are introverted, which is totally understandable. But hiding behind a screen won’t help you grow – that’s my honest opinion. Therefore, you would be well-advised to require more phone time and face time with your Eastern European lady.

If you are nervous, remember this: she hasn’t won you yet, so don’t be nervous. Don’t overvalue her and undervalue yourself. It’s a matter of style VS substance.

The ideal lady needs to have the qualities you want and she needs to love you.

You need to better yourself because your ideal lady may not like the current you. Keep improving and growing all the time, please.

  • If one person has ever found you attractive, many others would have got the same conclusion.

Women that you are not attracted to have just as good taste as women you are attracted to. The fact that one woman has ever liked you means many other women have also liked you – they just didn’t tell you.

You are already a high-value guy.

List all of the qualities that you absolutely need in a woman, e.g. she treats you as her top priority; she must be well-educated, sophisticated and wise; she has to be kind, generous and humorous.

When you have this list in mind, you will realize that you are not wanting to speak to a lady to see if she likes you; you are going over there to see if you like her. That’s how you turn the tables instantly.

Remember: Eastern European women want to impress men they are attracted to. It’s in their DNA. That’s great news, isn’t it?

So, you should allow them to impress you. That’s the key. That’s why they are always dressed up whenever they go out.

Therefore, when you are in a situation where you are with an Eastern European lady you like & you feel nervous, I want you to ask yourself this question, “What am I overvaluing right now?” And secondly, “What am I undervaluing in myself?”

For example, the qualities Alexander usually overvalues in people include:

  • They are popular.
  • They are confident.
  • They are powerful.
  • They are affluent.
  • They have had a lot of VIP friends.
  • Their ex-partners are better than me.

The qualities Alexander usually undervalues in himself are:

  • His looks;
  • His intelligence;
  • His personality;
  • His capabilities.
  • How to improve your social skills and become more confident in general:

There are two ways to make your social circle work for you: expansion and management. Three reasons why building your social circle is important: 1) people come pre-qualified; 2) you come pre-qualified; 3) you have mutual connections.

How to build your social circle: 1) Say YES to more things – if you need some extra motivation, you can watch a movie called Yes Man. 2) Open up new social networks by joining groups on! 3) Treat everyone the same – charm everyone. These will improve your social skills and help you practice your conversation skills quickly. As a result, when you meet a lady from Eastern Europe that you are attracted to, you won’t feel too nervous. Remember: competence leads to confidence.

Whenever you meet someone that you want to connect with in a social context, it’s okay to exchange contact details then and there – here is how to do it: The trick with exchanging details is to never make it a big deal. It should seem like an effortless transition, an afterthought to conversation in which you simply say, “Cool, let me get your phone number and we’ll go to the gallery together.”

Let’s say you meet someone at a networking event where people want to do business together. You can ask this person to send you something, “Oh, can you send me the link to that website?” – Now you’ll know each other’s phone numbers or email addresses. Alternatively, you can discuss something you’d both like to do, e.g. if this individual really wants to attend an event organized by the local media club and you happen to be a member of the local media club, you can say, “All right. We’ll go.” Now you have a new friendly immediately.

If you practice your social skills consistently, you will feel more relaxed and more confident while talking to an Eastern European lady on an international dating website.

Also, please get good at follow-up: just bring your new friend along to something you are already going to with your current friends! It’s just that simple. This habit alone will improve your communication skills fast.

  • When you are talking to an Eastern European mail-order bride online….

Don’t forget that desperate and needy is in your tone, not whether you text her or not. Sending more text messages doesn’t necessarily mean you are needy or desperate.

A good example: “You won’t believe what just happened to me on the way home!”

We shouldn’t be putting our focus externally; we should be focusing on what we can change.

Don’t assume; get certain. Remember: certainty is attractive.

If you call an Eastern European woman, try calling her when you only have five minutes to spare, e.g. when you are on your way to somewhere. This will make you look high-value and phone conversations are not supposed to be too long anyway, especially at the beginning of a relationship.

Having said that, I don’t like setting rules; I think they are stifling, and often miss the point. It’s better to go for principles.

Whatever a woman gets, she has to feel like she has earned it in some way; otherwise, she loses respect for the guy. As I see it, you have to reach the emotional hook point before starting an official relationship with a woman. She wants to feel like she applied some kind of unique formula in order to impress you.

“Learning more communication skills will prepare you for a safer online dating experience.”