Happiness leads to success. Here is how to be happy and successful so that you will be able to effortlessly attract high-quality Russian women:

  • 3 tools of the happy and the successful:

According to my observation, happy and successful people generally use the following three powerful tools.

  • A daily journal

Many successful businessmen use journals. For example, John runs a 7-figure business. Every morning he writes in his journal for 30 minutes before he starts to work. “If I don’t journal first thing in the morning, I tend to overthink things throughout the day,” says John, “Writing things down in my journal helps me get more clarity.”

  • Online programs

Every successful man that I know highly values education. In this day and age, online learning is mainstream, so successful businessmen keep learning and growing by joining online programs about business, sales & marketing, communication skills, etc.

  • A time management system

Many people save their money carefully, but when it comes to their time, they spend it like billionaires!

Actually, successful women value their time tremendously. That’s why each of them uses a time management system, e.g. a digital calendar and a traditional diary. Which system do you use?

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  • The power of saying no:

Have you seen the very inspiring movie Yes Man? Well, that’s a great movie if you are looking to expand the possibilities in life and explore new things regularly. But after a while, you will have to say no.

Say yes when you need to experience more; say no when you become more discerning.

There is nothing wrong with saying yes when you should experience more. For example, when you start a business, you are supposed to say yes to almost every potential opportunity.

However, as you get more and more opportunities, you have to be more discerning. You will need to decide which opportunities are right for you and which opportunities are distractions. And say no to every distraction!

Saying no shows your standards, according to an intelligent Russian woman.

If you can’t say no, usually it means you don’t know what you want or you don’t have high standards.

A woman with high standards says no when something doesn’t satisfy her expectations.

Saying no makes you more assertive.

Due to social conditioning, modern people are more likely to say yes when we are supposed to say no, according to a psychologist in the UK. Indeed, we were taught to be polite when we were young.

As I see it, that’s exactly why we should say no – we must become more assertive because… ironically, if you are not an alpha woman, the only person who will look after you is yourself!

  • How to stop overthinking and get stuff done:

Overthinking and overmanaging life are the main reasons why so many women are stressed out nowadays. Let’s think less and achieve more!

Focus on your senses rather than your thoughts. This is really important for your international relationship.

When you feel overwhelmed, you should focus on your senses (not your thoughts) because not every thought deserves your time and energy. A lot of your thoughts are noises instead of useful information.

So, what can you see, smell, hear and feel right now? Focus on these!

Create a to-do list.

Your to-do list can include 2 parts: Part I – “My to-do list”; Part II – “The Universe’s to-do list”. In other words, you just do what’s in your control and delegate what’s outside your control to the Universe!

Deal with one detail at a time.

“If you are overwhelmed because of too many details, you would be well-advised to handle one detail at a time. This approach will reduce the amount of stress that you feel immediately.”