Research shows that international marriages have a much lower divorce rate. In contrast, domestic marriages in the United States have a high divorce rate (about 50%). The research findings are very interesting.

  • Eastern European women have a traditional value system.

In western countries, most women are influenced by feminism these days. Therefore, the majority of western women value their own freedom more than their families. That’s why whenever there is an issue in a marriage, a western woman tends to think about getting a divorce very quickly. ☹

By contrast, Eastern European ladies are very different as they have traditional values. They still highly value family, virtue, motherhood and innocence. These are very important values that good women should have, in my opinion. 😊

As a result, men who are married to Eastern European women are generally very happily married. They are satisfied with their wives’ attitude, values and respect for men. So, they can stay married in the long term. 😉

  • We attract more bees with honey than vinegar.

In general, Slavic women are very sweet. They are sincere, kind and polite. These are paramount qualities that a high-value woman should have. When a woman is so sweet, she becomes irresistible because frankly, sweet women are relatively rare in western countries where most women are looking to compete with men in the society and at home.

Now let’s compare the following two examples.

A woman says to her husband, “Don’t buy more books. We have to save money for our house.”

A woman says to her husband, “Honey, I’d appreciate it if you could borrow books from the library instead of buying books on Amazon because we are saving money for our house. Is that okay?”

Usually, a Slavic woman would prefer the second way to talk to her husband, so communication is a bit easier in an international marriage.

According to a marriage counsellor in New Zealand, when a couple think that they have a problem regarding intimacy, oftentimes they actually have a communication problem. Also, when a couple think they have a communication problem, they actually have a relationship problem.

Well, what does that mean? Let me explain.

When a person’s intimate needs are not met correctly in a marriage, they tend to complain about that particular problem. But in truth, the real problem is they don’t know how to communicate with each other effectively in their marriage. If communication skills are good, this couple wouldn’t have that intimate problem in the first place. However, most couples don’t know the root cause of their symptoms, so they are looking for the wrong solution to their issues.

In addition, if you’ve tried your best to communicate with your spouse but your spouse does not want to cooperate with you in order to make some progress, that’s not a communication problem anymore. As a matter of fact, that is probably a relationship problem. That means there is a fundamental issue in the relationship which makes your spouse unwilling to communicate with you. Hopefully this makes sense.

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  • What is a relationship problem?

Sadly, when there is a relationship problem, it’s probably not something minor. Here are some examples of real relationship problems:

1.You’ve chosen the wrong person in the first place.

If you marry the wrong person, there will be a big relationship problem sooner or later. The wrong person can be an energy vampire.

2. The marriage is not based on genuine love.

If you marry someone for the wrong reasons (e.g. convenience), there is always a price to pay later on (e.g. a divorce).

3. Two people have incompatible values.

If you value education but she values entertainment, you probably won’t have anything interesting to share with each other. Also, you will want to spend money on education, whereas she will want to spend money on entertainment. In this way, you will have financial dispute in this marriage which can lead to a divorce in the long term.

4. There is a significant conflict of interest in this marriage.

Let’s say you have adult children who hate your spouse. You want your adult children to be in your Will. However, because you didn’t sign a pre-nup, your new wife becomes a part of your Will automatically. That is a potential issue because it’s literally a conflict of interest.

Hence, we highly recommend a pre-nup if you have a large amount of wealth.

5. Someone is cheating.

This is an obvious relationship problem that doesn’t require any explanation here.

In conclusion, we recommend to men who are looking for genuine Slavic women that value marriage and respect men.

 “Slavic ladies highly value family and marriage, so they are the right candidates that you should totally meet.”