There are two ways to make your social circle work for you: expansion and management. Three reasons why building your social circle is important: 1) people come pre-qualified; 2) you come pre-qualified; 3) you have mutual connections.

  • The importance of social proof:

How to build your social circle: 1) Say YES to more things – if you need some extra motivation, you can watch a movie called Yes Man. 2) Open up new social networks by joining groups on! 3) Treat everyone the same – charm everyone. These will improve your social skills and help you practice your conversation skills quickly. As a result, when you meet a lady from Eastern Europe that you are attracted to, you won’t feel too nervous. Remember: competence leads to confidence.

Whenever you meet someone that you want to connect with in a social context, it’s okay to exchange contact details then and there – here is how to do it: The trick with exchanging details is to never make it a big deal. It should seem like an effortless transition, an afterthought to conversation in which you simply say, “Cool, let me get your phone number and we’ll go to the gallery together.”

Let’s say you meet someone at a networking event where people want to do business together. You can ask this person to send you something, “Oh, can you send me the link to that website?” – Now you’ll know each other’s phone numbers or email addresses. Alternatively, you can discuss something you’d both like to do, e.g. if this individual really wants to attend an event organized by the local media club and you happen to be a member of the local media club, you can say, “All right. We’ll go.” Now you have a new friendly immediately.

If you practice your social skills consistently, you will feel more relaxed and more confident while talking to an Eastern European lady on an international dating website.

Also, please get good at follow-up: just bring your new friend along to something you are already going to with your current friends! It’s just that simple. This habit alone will improve your communication skills fast.

Eastern European women

  • Be a high-value guy.

First and most importantly, you shouldn’t agree with women at all times. Sometimes you should disagree with them so that you will increase your perceived challenge. For instance, you may break the rapport and disqualify a woman by saying, “Let’s go to see this movie next week. Do you prefer ice cream or popcorn? If you prefer ice cream, you can’t come.” Of course, you should say this in a playful tone so that she knows you are joking. That means you can’t be too serious – never take yourself too seriously when you are interacting with people. Remember to enjoy yourself.

Second, when people notice the difference that you present, keep doing it. This will increase your perceived value.

If you are looking for a meaningful relationship, don’t give her the benefits of a serious relationship before she becomes your girlfriend officially. She has to earn your respect and attention.

Next, you must start taking charge. Don’t become a relationship coach. If a Russian lady talks about other men, tell her to move on to a more interesting subject. Don’t be afraid to disagree with her. A high-value man is willing to break rapport and is comfortable disagreeing with a woman on matters of opinion.

Clearly, agreement isn’t attraction. Disagreeing shows you are not out to simply please her and shows you are confident in your own opinion.

Furthermore, don’t come running every time she calls. If you are too busy for her sometimes, she is going to miss you more. Sometimes teasing makes the dynamics more fun: you give a little and leave her wanting more.

“You should show some boundaries. If the lady from Russia overdoes something or makes a mistake, you need to call her out. As a matter of fact, ladies from Russian trust you more if you are honest with them all the time. Also, if you have done something wrong, they will call you out as well, so you don’t need to play mind games with women anymore if you choose international dating. Note that playing mind games is something that western men and western women tend to do.”