If you watch the presidential debate in 1992 on YouTube, you will notice that Bill Clinton became the winner because of his charisma. Yes, that’s how powerful charisma is. How can you become more charismatic?

  • Imitate a celebrity that you admire.

Many celebrities have had some kind of training about charisma. They’ve already invested in this area, so you should totally use what they’ve learned to your advantage! Which celebrity do you like? Watch their videos on YouTube and look at how they answer questions during interviews. Observe their body language, facial expression and intonation when they are talking. Directly copy their style and fashion. 😉

It’s not just about how you talk; it’s also about what you say. How you talk is important, but what you say is also important, if not more important. If a man only has a nice voice and elegant body language, he can give people a pleasant first impression. However, if that’s all he’s got, then he has very little to offer. In order to have long-term charisma, you must have real substance when you are talking. Therefore, a key approach is to be an avid reader so that you will always have something interesting to talk about.

Have a good sense of humor. Humor makes you charismatic instantly. Just be playful and spontaneous! Your Ukrainian woman would love that!

  • How to become more inspired:

Looking for ways to become more inspired? Check these ideas out:

  • Do something that you normally wouldn’t

Let’s say you often work from home whenever you have time to work on your business. Now I’d like you to go to a coffeehouse and bring your laptop with you. Working from a different location will give you some inspiration because the new environment will give you something different to see and hear!

  • Read a book that you normally wouldn’t

If you always read self-help books only, now it’s time to read a fiction. Don’t tell me reading a fiction is a waste of time. I would argue that a fiction actually gives you more practical examples that you can learn in a very realistic way. 😉 Your Ukrainian lady would appreciate that.

  • Why comparison is the thief of joy:

Social media platforms have made comparison happen on a daily basis because you can see the highlight of your friends’ lives on Facebook and Instagram. But it turns out that comparison is the thief of joy. Photos on social media aren’t realistic. A person’s social media page is just a PR version of their life, so it’s not a good idea to compare yourself to them online – their photos aren’t even realistic. You can’t see the hard part. Let’s say your friend has posted some photos of her successful business online and now you are wondering why your business is still struggling.  Truthfully, you don’t know what your friend actually did in order to get what she has right now. Maybe she has been in business for more than 10 years and this is your first year in business? She didn’t show you the difficult part when she was building her business.

Improve yourself by degrees. As long as you are better than who you were yesterday, that’s an achievement! Don’t expect your life to be changed overnight. Just make sure that you are making progress every single day!

  • Making your international relationship stronger:

There are four key parts of a relationship. In order to make your relationship stronger, you have to have a good understanding of these four key parts. 😉

  • Admiration

When you and your partner genuinely admire each other, the Chemistry certainly has a capital C. 😊 Think about your partner’s good qualities and truly enjoy those!

  • Connection

Creating more shared experiences in life makes the emotional connection stronger in a relationship, so it’s time to make some creative and romantic plans for this weekend!

  • Commitment

Even though you are already in a relationship, you would be well-advised to strengthen the commitment regularly, e.g. celebrating your anniversary, having a date night each week, etc.

  • Compatibility

This part of a relationship is totally underrated. It’s actually the most important part of a relationship because without compatibility, everything else will become vulnerable.

“Do you and your Ukrainian woman have compatible values? Do you have compatible flaws? Do you have compatible approaches to conflicts?”