If you think “the one” exists, this article might change your world view forever. Note that the information in this article is for the open-minded, not for the stubborn.

  • “The one” doesn’t exist; someone becomes the one.

Pop culture has exaggerated the importance of “finding your soulmate” or “she is the one”.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying this concept is not important. I mean theoretically, yes, it’s very important to meet “the one”. But realistically, expecting “the one” to rock up is just like staking your financial future on the Lottery. And the Lottery is a lousy way to get rich.

From now on, you should put the odds in your favor and shouldn’t leave your love life to chance.

Therefore, it’s more important to let someone become the one. Let me explain.

First and most importantly, you must screen all potential candidates carefully. Don’t invest in a Slavic woman based on how attractive she looks; invest in a Slavic lady based on how much she respects and loves you.

Second, you have to communicate frequently with a Slavic lady you are dating. Perhaps you met her on an international dating website and you went to Eastern Europe to meet her in person. Make sure you maximize the quality time you spend with her in her country. Before you marry her, it can be a long-distance relationship for a while, so you should talk to her every day to make sure the communication is there. Now you will have a good understanding of her and you will find out her values.

Next, you may want to read Values Clarification (a book written by Sidney B. Simon) and see whether your values and her values are compatible. You and the right woman should have similar values.

Last but not least, she needs to prove herself to you. She needs to show you her high value. She needs to demonstrate that she can be a good wife by showing you how well she interacts with your friends and how she treats your family with respect.

When a Slavic bride invests in you like that, she becomes the one.

  • What’s your standards?

Slavic women like men who have standards. So, you should have some!

But don’t get caught up in a long wish list. In my opinion, if your standards look like a long shopping list, you are postponing true love in your life.

If you have good dating skills, you can train your girlfriend to become the one. That means you allow true love to happen as soon as possible.

Here is an example of having the right standards:

Richard is a 39-year-old American guy from New York City. He is divorced, so now he is looking for a Slavic bride who has traditional values and can treat him with respect. Richard joined an international dating website and told the customer support team that he wants to meet a well-educated Slavic woman under 35 years of age. She should be slim and kind.

Obviously, it’s easy to see a candidate’s educational background, age and figure based on her dating profile and photos. But it’s hard to know whether she is kind or not. Therefore, this is how they select the right candidate for Richard – this international dating website only recommends Slavic ladies who work as teachers and nurses to Richard because they know women who work as school teachers and nurses are usually very caring and nurturing – of course, they are probably very kind.

Then Richard went to Ukraine to meet a lady recommended by the international dating site. He spent 10 days in Ukraine and had many dates with this Slavic lady. During their interactions, Richard could tell this woman is extremely kind.

As I’m typing this article right now, Richard and this Slavic bride are happily married.

In summary, Richard’s standards are:

  • His Slavic wife has to be well-educated.
  • This woman should be under 35 years old.
  • She should be slim.
  • She must be kind.

These traits are not hard to find. But if Richard’s standards consist of 40 items, then maybe he is still single today.

  • Does a Slavic lady meet you with the international dating site’s help?

Usually, the best international dating website asks their members to arrange all initial dates and meetups through the agency, thereby making sure these ladies are safe. That means women on international dating sites shouldn’t give their contact details to you before knowing more about you.

If a Slavic woman wants to see you without the international dating site’s involvement, that’s actually a red flag, for that indicates: 1) maybe she is willing to meet random men for casual flings; 2) perhaps she doesn’t know how to protect herself well; 3) you don’t even know whether she is a legitimate candidate or not.

By contrast, if a woman only meets you with the help of the international dating website, that means she is serious and reliable – she follows the dating site’s policy.

Therefore, my recommendation is you should not expect a woman to give you her contact details before knowing more about her on the dating site. That means you need to have video conversations with her and arrange an international tour to visit her. Actually, if you are happy to buy an international tour package from the international dating agency, they will introduce many qualified candidates to you when you are in Eastern Europe. That is the ultimate way to meet the right bride.

As a matter of fact, the best international marriage agencies should have physical offices in Eastern Europe and you can meet their team in person. In this way, you are able to tell them exactly what you are looking for so that they can help you effectively.

Of course, you should start from joining an international dating site first and the journey oftentimes begins on the Internet in this day and age.

  • The best Slavic bride doesn’t necessarily look like a supermodel.

Please note that if an international dating site has a lot of extremely good-looking women’s photos, that’s a red flag, because that means maybe they bought some commercial photos from somewhere and use those images to represent their non-existent female members.

In contrast, if an international dating website has many ordinary women’s photos, it’s definitely more reliable, as that means this dating site has real women who are looking to marry foreign men.

I understand that beauty is actually subjective – it’s a perception. What I think is beautiful isn’t necessarily what you think is beautiful. Some men think Nicole Kidman looks extremely attractive, whereas other men think Nicole Kidman looks a bit scary. Thus, only perceived beauty is real.

As I see it, the best Slavic bride doesn’t necessarily look like a supermodel, for there are many important qualities that she should have apart from good looks. For instance, she should value virtue, innocence, and motherhood. In the long term, what keeps a marriage healthy and sustainable is her personality as well as her attitude towards love and life.

“Most ladies see commitment as a process which unfolds gradually.”