In terms of how to date foreign brides safely, our advice is always choosing a reputable matchmaking website which introduces foreign women to western men for serious relationships rather than casual flings. Mail-order Ukrainian brides are classy, warm and loving, so meeting them is a rewarding and pleasant experience. Apart from that, there are many unexpected benefits of marrying a Ukrainian wife.

  • A Ukrainian woman thinks it’s her responsibility to maintain her marriage.

Unlike western women who tend to think their husbands are responsible for their happiness and the quality of their marriages, Ukrainian women believe that it’s women’s job to nurture marriages. That’s why when you date Ukrainian ladies, you will have a refreshing experience!

Indeed, while most western women tend to think that it’s men’s job to impress women and keep women interested, women from Ukraine think they should make their husbands happy. Therefore, an international marriage like that is usually very easy to manage and much more sustainable.

  • Ukrainian wives are very traditional, so they don’t expect their husbands to do any housework.

Many mail-order Ukrainian brides are willing to do all the household chores whilst their husbands are watching YouTube videos on the couch. These ladies clean the floor, do all the dishes and cook every meal without expecting their husbands to help them. A typical Ukrainian wife will smile at you when you lift your feet so she can clean the floor in the living room.

That is very different from western women who expect feminism at home – they think men and women should be “equal” in every single way. Well, technically, feminism isn’t wrong. But the problem is feminism doesn’t help anyone when it’s overdone. Please let me explain.

First of all, when feminism is overdone, women compete with men in the society and even outdo men. In our grandparents’ generation, women didn’t have jobs, but a man could financially support his entire family with his income from a factory AND buy a house. But after women started to find jobs, nowadays even a man and his wife both have jobs, they still find it very difficult to buy a house. That means feminism only made the average salary lower in today’s day and age even though inflation is considered, because now the number of employees in the labor market has doubled.

Second, a few decades ago, women had the option of working or being a housewife. However, today working has already become an obligation which is disguised as ‘empowerment’ and ‘independence’, but truthfully, there is nothing empowering or independent about being forced to do something that every other woman is doing as well. The modern western woman has trade taking care of her husband at home, who cherishes her and would provide for her, for listening to a man in an office, who could fire her and has no stake in her long-term happiness. That is clearly not a right trade-off. But that’s the reality of western women in today’s day and age.

Luckily, when you marry a Ukrainian wife, you are the main source of guidance as well as instruction. You would know what is best for the household, serving as a leader to get the entire family through challenging times. But if you marry a western woman, she is being fed to wolves that are only interested in how they could use her financially. In modern western culture, the mainstream media are preaching equality to the point of ruining the idea that there are two biological genders.

Feminism that is overdone has also made it easy for western women to terminate their marriages through divorce laws. A typical western woman knows that if her husband makes more money and she divorces him, she can earn monthly alimony payments on top of taking the home. If kids are involved as well, the judge will grant the western woman custody. No wonder a lot of western men are avoiding marriage only because of divorce laws in western countries. My question is: How do pro-woman divorce laws support western women when fewer guys are willing to get married? Small wonder the majority of dating advice for women in western countries is all about how to make a guy commit! Sad but true!

In modern western culture, men blame women for not being more virtuous and wifelier, whereas women blame men for not committing to them. Both are miserable and divided. At the same time, the disseminators of culture and politicians push men and women further apart to make a further profit by keeping western women enslaved in careers while advancing an anti-family agenda because strong families are harder to control. So, the elite / the Establishment are promoting transsexuality as well as homosexuality to further lower the birth rate, thereby promoting globalism and getting immigrants to join the labor force so as to further lowering the average salary. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t have anything against western women, LGBTQ community or immigrants. I feel sorry for them because they are used by the elite / Establishment.

But if you are a western man reading this article, chances are you’ve realized that you should probably marry an Eastern European bride who can allow you to be a real man.

  • When you are married to a foreign bride, you can make big decisions by yourself.

In the West, if your wife is a western lady, you should discuss things with her before making big decisions. But if you marry a Ukrainian wife, she literally expects you to make major decisions as you are supposed to be a real man who is able to shoulder all responsibilities in terms of decision-making. Your foreign bride has faith in you and trusts your abilities. So, you can be a masculine man and the leader in the marriage. As a guy in a marriage, you either lead or be misled.

Your Eastern European bride will dress up every day because she wants to look pretty. In contrast, western women only dress for comfort most of the time. Basically, Eastern European women get validation from normal male attention in serious relationships, while western women get beta orbiters’ attention on Instagram where women wear very little.

The majority of western women are unable to manage their finances well. It is said that most Americans have less than $1,000 in their bank accounts. Indeed, a lot of western women think Carrie Bradshaw is a real idol, but Carrie Bradshaw only teaches western women about how to shop for expensive clothes and shoes! In general, western women think if they want to feel loved, they should spend money on themselves (external things like designer shoes and bags). Consequently, a lot of western women live from pay cheque to pay cheque. But Eastern European ladies learn financial management from their own families, so most of them are very good at managing personal finances. A typical mail-order Ukrainian bride would save money before spending money and she usually spends money on essential items rather than useless things.

“Being married to an Eastern European bride means you will have a bigger bank account because she respects you and your money.”