People who believe in traditionalism still claim that women are not supposed to work outside the home. Some Eastern European women don’t work outside the home after getting married because they aren’t even thinking about feminism, whereas most western women are competing with men in the society. That’s why many western men have decided to marry Eastern European ladies – they don’t want to live with masculine women.

  • Feminism is not the answer.

According to author Mohammed Osman, God made man to take care of woman; in fact, God made woman from a part of man and gave man the woman to keep him company. Therefore, it is the duty of the man to provide a secure shelter for the woman, and he must also provide for her financially. He does his duty by working in the outside world, thereby giving her the opportunity to stay home and be both physically and financially secure. Woman, on the other hand, has her duty to take care of the man – and his children – within the home. She does this by cooking, cleaning, and keeping the household at its best. This partnership between men and women is based on God’s law and has survived for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years.

However, today, as we see in the societies where the women go to work, there are many problems which may in the end destroy society as we know it. First, many people, especially men, do not find jobs because women have taken those jobs. Therefore, the men, with decreased job chances, and unemployment, are pushed to commit crimes. Children also take the wrong way because they have the feeling that their fathers and mothers ignore them; parents push them off on baby-sitters, and these parents have no time to direct and look after their children. The fathers do not even know what their children do during the day since their mothers are also absent from the home, and so the fathers cannot discipline the children. This breaking apart of the family is the cause of the high rate of divorce; as the women become financially independent, they flee the responsibilities of being wives and mothers.

Not only do the crime rate and the divorce rate in such countries rise; the morals of such a society are lowered or completely lost. As women desert their natural jobs as keepers of virtue and teachers of culture, they too are assailed by the temptations of the world. For instance, in the past, when women stayed at home, it was rare that a woman committed a serious crime such as robbery or murder, but today it is not so unusual. As women become more and more a part of the men’s world, their association with men results in immoral acts, the consequence being that many more women are becoming illegitimately pregnant. And at the present time, abortion for unmarried women is a common occurrence; sometimes it is even considered legal in these societies. This last example gives sufficient proof about the utter degradation and loss of morals in a society where women work outside their homes and bring themselves in contact with men.

In brief, having women work outside the home is morally wrong from a religious point of view. It is also a form of social injustice, for the consequences of having women in the work force cause great social problems. Finally, the long-term effects of allowing women to work outside their homes will be a change in the character of women, which will eventually destroy societies and indeed whole nations, according to author Joy Reid.

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  • Eastern European women aren’t thinking about feminism like western women do.

Because many Eastern European ladies still believe in traditionalism, they still have very traditional values. Therefore, they are good wives and mothers. Unlike western women who take men’s jobs and compete with men in the workplace, women from Eastern Europe are more relaxed and feminine – they like being housewives and looking after their husbands and children. They derive tremendous joy and happiness from their household activities such as cooking and doing other housework.

Moreover, Ukrainian women and Russian women are very slim and good-looking. They dress well and look very presentable. Thus, if you are looking for an elegant and beautiful wife, you should totally consider marrying a lady from Eastern Europe. She will not disappoint you because she is intelligent, wise and gorgeous. Research shows that Eastern Europe has the most attractive women in the world, hands down.

“Traditionalism is still very valuable today because it allows men to be men and also allows women to be women.”