In modern-day society, there are more and more dating websites, including free dating sites and premium dating websites. But which option is safer? Let’s find it out today.

  • Free dating sites are free for a reason.

Yes, there are some free dating websites on the market, but they are free for a reason – they run lots of ads on their platform, meaning they profit from your attention (they sell their members’ attention to their advertising partners).

As a 100% free dating site, they probably can’t manually check every member’s dating profile. That’s why completely free dating websites are usually not very safe – there are lots of spammers and scammers on their platforms, so you must be more careful.

Also, most totally free dating sites don’t have beautifully designed interfaces because their initial investment was quite low. Now you can imagine the quality of their members – many of them are bottom feeders, unfortunately.

In other words, if you are looking to date a high-value individual, probably you should avoid free dating platforms. Those who can’t afford to pay a membership fee tend to choose free dating services.

  • Premium dating sites require membership fees in order to keep the wrong people out.

When you join a premium dating website which charges a membership fee, you pay the fee so as to keep the wrong people out. That is to say, you are paying them so that you don’t have to meet the wrong candidates and waste your time.

Unlike free dating websites, premium dating sites usually have simple and chic designs; their interfaces are easy to navigate; they offer comprehensive services. Clearly, people on premium dating websites are high-value individuals who value their own time and their dating experience online.

So, now you can see why completely free dating websites are not ideal, and I usually never recommend 100% free dating sites. Instead, I would recommend premium dating websites to people who are looking for serious relationships.

Indeed, when you are on a premium dating site, you probably wouldn’t meet players and time-wasters because those who are willing to pay membership fees are clearly high-quality candidates who are looking for real relationships. Also, spammers and scammers wouldn’t pay membership fees in the first place, so you are not going to meet spammers and scammers on a premium dating website.

Apart from that, every premium dating website has a team that manually check every member’s dating profile in order to make sure their platform is safe.

Hence, if you are looking for a safe online dating platform, you should totally join a premium dating site.

  • International personals are becoming quite popular online nowadays.

On some premium dating sites, you can meet international candidates because there are many Eastern European women looking for western men on the Internet. Meanwhile, a growing number of western men are interested in dating Eastern European ladies because these days western women are not very feminine anymore due to feminism which is clearly overdone in the West right now.

If you think about it, you can see that when western women have access to things that a lot of western men can’t even provide, they oftentimes respect men much less. But men need to be respected by women, so a large number of western guys have decided to meet Eastern European brides online so that they can have satisfying relationships in reality. This also explains why international personals are so commonplace on the Internet in this day and age.

Sadly, many western women want to compete with men and outdo men so that they can feel powerful and empowered. As western women are becoming so competitive, western men don’t feel like alpha men in contemporary society, so a lot of western guys are looking elsewhere – they want to feel like alpha men & they prefer dating foreign ladies such as mail-order brides from Russia and Ukraine, which is understandable because women from Eastern Europe are feminine and traditional – they don’t want to outdo men or compete with men – they want to be traditional wives who are doing housework and taking care of children.

Another reason why international personals are so popular is because foreign ladies look more attractive than western women now. In western countries like the United Kingdom and the United States, most women only dress for comfort and they may wear casual clothes every day. By contrast, ladies in Eastern European countries dress much better because they think it’s their job to attract male attention – it’s rude to look ugly in front of men!

Another secret which explains why Eastern European ladies look better is they actually protect their skin by using the best skin-care products, whereas western women tend to use more makeup than skin-care products. Also, whilst western women go out at night to drink alcohol, Eastern European women prefer beauty sleep at night.

If you’re a western guy visiting an Eastern European country, you will realize that women in Eastern Europe are interested in dating western men because they think western men are from developed countries and must be high-value guys. So, now you know you have a competitive edge.

More importantly, international marriages have a lower divorce rate in general. In North America, the divorce rate of international marriages is significantly lower than domestic marriages. Relationship experts found that mail-order brides don’t want to divorce their husbands because they have traditional values and they want to stay married. However, western women think it’s okay to get divorced because they are independent women. Thus, if you prefer a happy married life, you should probably marry a mail-order bride.

Finally, an international marriage adds spice to your daily life. No matter you are a foreign bride or a western guy, your international marriage can become the source of joy and happiness in your married life, as an international romantic relationship is exciting. Yes, if the husband and the wife come from the same culture, they are too familiar with each other and there is nothing new to experience or discover in the long run. Consequently, domestic marriages are best characterized by boredom, which explains why the mainstream divorce rate is 50% at least. BUT, if you have an international marriage, you can see a new perspective and explore a different culture. This will inspire you every day.

  • Ukrainian women personals:

When you are on an international dating site, chances are the marriage agency can offer translation service as well. But on most international matchmaking sites, Ukrainian ladies’ personals are written in English.

If a Ukrainian lady can write her own personal in English, it means she is intelligent and well-educated. So, if her personal is well-written and it was done by herself, you know she is probably a cultured and smart candidate. Nevertheless, if her personal is terrible with lots of grammar and spelling mistakes, you know she isn’t the ideal candidate for you. As a result, it is clear that you may use personals written in English as an organic filter to meet the right candidates online.

“When you look at a Ukrainian woman’s personal, don’t just check out one photo; you should look at more than one photo and find out what she actually looks like.”