It turns out that attraction is a skill which can be learned. Those who are new to the international dating department would be well-advised to take notes right now.

  • Don’t focus on facts and things; talk about emotions and feelings.

When guys are talking, they tend to focus on facts, things and the concrete. In contrast, when ladies are talking, they want to talk about feelings and emotions. Small wonder women and men are from two different planets and speak totally different languages. Women and men often misunderstand each other. But once you understand how to use female language in the right ways to unlock a Ukrainian lady’s heart, making her fall in love with you won’t be too hard.

In my opinion, the ideal way to use female language is to discuss feelings and emotions with a lady as that’s what makes women feel connected. Unlike western women who want to compete with guys, Ukrainian ladies are more feminine and use less male language in general. Rather than analyzing what’s right & what’s wrong, you may ask a Ukrainian lady how she feels, thereby building a genuine emotional connection with her.

By the way, another way to build a connection with a woman is to create instant history with her. When you meet her on the first date, you could literally turn somebody new into somebody special instantly by finding certain special moments on the first date. You may find several words that reprieve the laugh, the warm feelings and the flooding smile. Like old flames, now you and this lady have a history already. That’s instant history. The fastest method to get this result is to prepare some funny jokes beforehand and tell this lady a joke according to something you’ve noticed on the date. Now you can think like a comedian and be more calculated. Do you know that every stand-up comedian writes down their jokes before going onto the stage?

Of course, please do not play games with a Ukrainian lady. Note that Eastern European people value honesty, so if you play mind games with her, she will not like you. Don’t keep her guessing; just be candid!

  • From dating to marriage:

It’s very normal for a Ukrainian woman to get married after dating a guy for three or four months. So, if you are keen to marry your Ukrainian girlfriend, you need to propose to her first. What a blissful moment!

Well, you should buy a beautiful engagement ring in the first place, right? Now let me help you in this regard.

First of all, you need to know your budget very well. Yes, this determines what kind of ring you will buy. Let’s say you would like to buy a high-end engagement ring for her, you can go to Tiffany & Co. and / or Cartier. Also, you may consider hiring a designer to make an engagement ring for her if you are wealthy.

As a matter of fact, in the UK royal family, only Princess Diana’s ring was ordered directly from a catalogue. Other engagement rings in the British family are specifically designed.

That being said, if your budget is more limited, you can go to a local jewelry shop where genuine rings are sold. So long as the engagement ring is real, your Ukrainian girlfriend will appreciate your effort.

Second, it doesn’t have to be a diamond ring! Diamond isn’t necessarily girls’ best friend, okay? Marketers who associated diamond rings with marriage were very smart as that is a great marketing technique. Truthfully, a lot of engagement rings are not diamond because many other precious stones are wonderful, too! For example, a sapphire or ruby can be just as expensive as a diamond. Even Rose’s famous necklace (from Titanic) isn’t a diamond. The well-known ring in Lust, Caution is a pink diamond ring rather than a standard diamond ring. As a result, it seems that unique rings are more memorable, doesn’t it?

Therefore, you should ask your girlfriend what color she likes and see what inspires you.

Third, no matter it’s yellow gold or white old, it should suit your girlfriend’ style. For instance, if your Ukrainian lady wears silver jewelry on a daily basis, perhaps she prefers white gold.

Incidentally, you need to keep the authenticity card of the engagement ring. That means if the product is broken or faulty, you can still take the product and the authenticity card to the shop & ask them to fix it.

  • How to manage your money after getting married:

Money is one of the most important topics in a marriage, but many people do not want to talk about it before getting married. I think you’d better learn something about this before you propose to your Ukrainian girlfriend.

Frankly, when you get married without knowing anything about how to manage your finances, it’s just like riding a motorbike without a helmet. The risk is high. So, you should talk about how you will manage personal finances before getting married:

  1. Will you join your finances together? Or will you have separate bank accounts after getting married?
  2. If you’ll have a shared account, will you need individual accounts as well?
  3. If you are going to open a shared account, how much money will you deposit into it each month/fortnight?
  4. Do you have any savings goals?
  5. How much will you spend on entertainment per week?

In the second place, you should totally have a regular money date with your Ukrainian bride after getting married. Basically, that means when you get paid each fortnight, you sit down with your wife and have a money date together – you manage your money together. This is particularly necessary if you two run a business as a couple. On your money date, you can check pay slips, manually transfer money to your savings bank account, check all transactions and complete bank reconciliation if you run a business as well. Last but not least, you should pay your bills on the money date. My advice is to pay yourself first and pay your bills last. Now you will know exactly how your financial situation is, right?

I personally check my bank account each morning when I wake up so that I can fully appreciate the abundance in my life. I learned this habit from Kate Northrup, author of Money A Love Story.

Furthermore, you can use different accounts for different purposes. Most successful people have this habit because clarity and certainty can result in financial success and stability.

For example, Joe and his Ukrainian wife have been married for 3 years. This is their money system:

Account 1: cash pool (salaries)

Account 2: business income

Account 3: savings

Account 4: play money

Account 5: business expense

Account 6: other bills

“Financial freedom leads to a happy marriage. When your passive income can cover your expenses, you are financially free!”