A lot of people believe that being partnered is definitely better than being single. Yet that’s apparently wrong. In fact, being in a bad relationship is much worse than being alone. Today please allow me to explain why you should remain single until you meet a Slavic woman who has these traits. 😊


  • Clearly, she is always on your side.


When you share your insecurities and vulnerabilities with a woman, what is her reaction?


  • If her reaction is to use your insecurities and vulnerabilities against you so as to benefit herself, it’s definitely a big red flag. Unfortunately, this is very, very common amongst western women, because in western countries, most relationships are best characterized by manipulation. This is sad but very true because the majority of western women play mind games with men. That’s why most relationships in western countries are so stressful.


  • If her reaction is to take care of you and support/help you in spite of your insecurities and vulnerabilities, because of your insecurities and vulnerabilities, it means she is a high-quality woman. Truthfully, most Slavic women are like that because they value honest and effective communication. Communication is an important pillar of every relationship as it is the real foundation for a genuine connection – effective communication is the fundamental prerequisite of a successful relationship. Unlike western women who may play the field, Slavic ladies want committed relationships. Therefore, a good Slavic woman would introduce you to her friends and family – she is proud of you; she wants you to be a part of her wonderful life; she wants you to be happy. 😊


  • She lets you know that she loves you.


If you wonder if a woman loves you or not, the answer is pretty clear: she doesn’t love you. Period.

Well, that’s actually because love is an extremely strong emotion. If a woman loves you, you would surely know it, for you can feel that emotion. If you can’t even feel that, it simply means she doesn’t love you. The end.

Thus, when you analyze each text message and wonder ‘does she love me?”, the answer is: no, she doesn’t.

When a woman is in love with you, you would not question her love.

Slavic women don’t hide their feelings and emotions because they are honest people and highly value honesty – they expect you to be honest with them as well. If a Slavic lady loves you, she would find a way to let you know!

In western countries, a lot of manipulative women would say anything so as to get what they want. By contrast, Slavic ladies value their moral code and their word.

If a woman keeps her word and follows through on what she has already promised, she is a high-value and reliable woman.


  • She is emotionally mature.


There is a reason why SimplyDating.com doesn’t have women who are under 23 years old – many women from 18 to 23 years of age are emotionally immature.

Finding love is getting harder these days due to the pandemic when most people’s love lives have been affected in a way.

First, single people can’t meet new people during COVID-19 because of social distancing. It’s probably not even realistic to go out for a date right now.

In the second place, married people face many challenges during the pandemic – now the divorce rate is much higher – the lockdown has made many couples stay at home, so lots of them finally realize that they cannot stand each other!

When you’re in a romantic relationship with a Slavic woman, it is indeed your responsibility to keep the spark alive. You see your dentist twice a year, yet how often do you work on your relationship each year? Here are some ideas for you to consider:


  1. Have a date night each week.
  2. Learn Salsa or Tango together.
  3. Start a book club for you and your Slavic lady.
  4. Fly somewhere for a vacation at least once a year (this is possible after the pandemic).


“Though finding true love isn’t easy, you can start a genuine relationship so long as you know you’re totally responsible for your life and your happiness.”