The art of appreciation in relationships is the most important part in the dynamics. Appreciation is a more powerful emotion than gratitude because gratitude is about feeling grateful after receiving some benefits, whereas appreciation is about feeling grateful unconditionally.

  • Notice the ways your Eastern European wife contributes to your life.

After being married for a few years, a lot of men take their wives for granted. This is the main reason why the divorce rate is so high nowadays.Shannon K., a marriage counsellor who works for a major international dating website argues that the ideal way to feel satisfied in your marriage is to pay attention to the many ways that your wife contributes to your life. That is an upward spiral as the more your wife can see your appreciation, the more she will turn to you with generosity, warmth and kindness.

  • Every night, write down 3 things you feel very grateful for your Eastern European wife.

Perhaps she cooks dinner for you every evening. She kisses you every morning before you go out for work. She smiles at you with sincerity and genuine love. These little things aren’t big, but they are extremely important as well. Truthfully, most women are more sensitive than men; therefore, they will notice small things that make them feel great.

  • When you met her for the first time, what made her stand out from the crowd?

The reason that made you feel attracted to her is probably still valid now. Just focus on her good qualities that you enjoy, then you will become a happier person, thereby making her feeling more satisfied as well.

Furthermore, you’d better express your gratitude often. When your Eastern European wife has done something awesome, you need to let her know how grateful you are. Then she will want to do that more frequently. For example, you say this to her, “Thank you very much for looking after the household” or “I really appreciate the effort you made with my parents. I know it’s not easy.”

Research indicates that generous women often say kind words to their men. Interestingly, expressing positive feelings can pay huge dividends in the long term, for your positive emotions can bring you closer to your wife from Eastern Europe & will influence her behavior in the future as well. This is a type of conditioning in psychology – it’s also known as positive reinforcement.

Remember: rewarding good behavior will make her want to repeat that good behavior more often.

  • The only thing that you can actually control in your marriage is your own actions.

The unpleasant truth is many married couples have considered getting a divorce at some stage in their lives.

I can’t stand this anymore. I have to end this mess.” This is not an uncommon thought.

But in fact, potential solutions that your mind randomly throws up aren’t wise every time. As your mind tells you to leave your wife, it doesn’t usually mean you should literally do it. So, you must use your heart instead of your head alone to evaluate the circumstances and you will make the right decision rather than being trapped by some random thoughts.

  • You shouldn’t allow your wife to do whatever she wants.

In reality, you must look after your own needs before you can make your marriage work very well. Being assertive is the most important element in a sustainable marriage. As a result, you should ask for what you want, communicate your needs, stand up for yourself and say no when it’s necessary. At the same time, you also need to make sure you’re assertive in the right way, too.

Self-respect / self-care should be your No. 1 priority in your marriage. Then you will consider care and respect for your Eastern European wife.

If you don’t look after your own needs first, sooner or later you’ll become bitter, exhausted and dissatisfied.

  • Feelings of romantic love might come and go; however, the actions of romantic love can always be taken.

A relationship coach from an international dating website claims that the more you do actions of love, the more your marriage thrives. Please do not get caught up in your random thoughts. You should take more actions to show your true love for your wife from Eastern Europe. It’s perfectly fine to make the first move and transform the interactions when you feel a bit stuck in your marriage.

Do you want to be happy? Or do you want to be always right?

There are only 2 types of couples in the world: those who fight & those you do not know well, according to a marriage counsellor from the United States. That is to say, arguments are very common in romantic relationships. Small wonder the divorce rate is very high in western countries. Yet do you actually want to be right all the time and damage your marriage?

  • Never stop dating your wife.

To be more exact, you should never stop flirting with your wife.

According to a recent survey in Canada, women’s No. 1 complaint about their husbands is lack of connection in their relationships.

Interestingly, fewer women complain about how little money their husbands make, whereas many more ladies complain about lack of emotional connection.

And the great news is strengthening the emotional connection is definitely easier than becoming a multi-millionaire. 😊

After you got married, you still need to flirt with your Eastern European wife on a daily basis so that the spark is always there in your marriage.

Now I’d like to give you a list of signs which indicate Eastern European ladies are flirting:

  1. They give men short glances.
  2. Thy run their fingers through their hair.
  3. They tilt their heads when they talk to attractive men.

When you notice that your wife from Eastern Europe is flirting with you, you can keep the chemistry strong by doing these:

  1. Briefly touch her forearm as you pay her a compliment.
  2. Put her at the center of the interaction. She will feel validated by your attention.
  3. Lower your pitch and speak in your lowest register as ladies tend to associate a lower pitch with a strong alpha male!

It is said that neediness kills attraction in a marriage because neediness means you’re too invested in her rather than yourself. She may smell your neediness from miles away!

A high-quality guy does not display neediness at all, for a confident guy invests in himself first. Again, you have to look after your own needs in the first place, and then you will have the energy to look after your Eastern European wife.

Last but not least, please note that vulnerability creates a sustainable marriage. I mean you should put yourself in a position where you tell a joke which might not even be funny or say a viewpoint which might offend someone else. This doesn’t mean you need to be impolite. It only means you aren’t validated by other people’s opinions about you.

Basically, when you value honesty in your marriage, you will have a healthy marriage.

“Let appreciation improve your love life.”