Many international dating sites allow men to buy women gifts and sent these gifts to ladies via international deliveries. That’s a beautiful thing to do if the dating site is as reliable as (a true leader in the international dating industry). In order to ensure your Internet dating safety, I’m going to list the hierarchy of jewelry for your girlfriend that you’ve met online– Indeed, jewelry is the most romantic gift, isn’t it?

  • Entry-level gift: Swarovski

Swarovski is a famous jewelry brand with artificial crystals made in Austria and other components made in Asian countries such as Vietnam. Please note that everything from Swarovski is not real, meaning the crystals are man-made; the metal is not gold or silver. That’s why it’s an entry-level gift when you’re looking to buy something for your girlfriend who you’ve just met on an international dating site. Jewelry from Swarovski is relatively cheap, so your risk is very low.

Truthfully, at the initial stage of a romantic relationship, the lady hasn’t even earned better gifts yet, so of course, you are not supposed to buy her something more expensive, okay?

Your lady should be rewarded after she has done something nice for you. For example, she has contributed to this relationship in big ways, and then you can buy her something expensive as a reward.

Remember: never give a woman something that she hasn’t earned yet – she shouldn’t become entitled.

A common mistake that many men tend to make is to give a woman a gift when there is a conflict in the relationship. If you do that, you are rewarding her bad behavior. By that I mean if she caused the conflict, you shouldn’t give her a reward! If you reward her bad behavior, she will repeat her bad behavior in the future – the best Internet dating safety advice!

Clearly, buying the right gift at the right time is very important because you can make sure the foundation of this romantic relationship is solid and real in this way.

Other similar brands are Pandora and Thomas Sabo. Although these two brands aren’t very cheap, they are still quite affordable. Better still, most women think these jewelry brands are trustworthy.

My honest Internet dating safety suggestion: please do not buy jewelry from Target and Kmart because the quality from the chain store isn’t high at all & you still need to be respectful, okay?

  • Mid-level gift: Georg Jensen

As a reputable jewelry brand from Denmark, Georg Jensen is best characterized by its simple, chic, modern and future-proof design. If your lady is a cultured and sophisticated woman, she will like this jewelry brand because it’s very, very elegant.

Other similar brands are Versace, Kate Spade, Dior and Tiffany & Co.’s silver products.

You can buy your lady a mid-level gift if you’ve met her in person already. For example, when you officially start a real relationship with her, you can give her a mid-level gift from this category.

Don’t buy her a mid-level bracelet or necklace before you meet her in person; you have to ensure your Internet dating safety.

Remember: patience is the key.

  • High-end gift: Chanel

No, this isn’t about Chanel’s costume jewelry; this is about Chanel’s real jewelry. Actually, on Chanel’s official site, you can’t find the price of its fine jewelry as you must visit a Chanel boutique to ask for the price.

Let’s say you are planning to propose to your girlfriend, you should be creative and buy her a beautiful ring from Chanel instead of Tiffany & Co. or Cartier (these two brands have become corny nowadays). Yes, if your lady wears a double C ring rather than a standard diamond ring from Cartier or Tiffany & Co., she instantly gets more attention from others – nobody can tell whether a ring is from Tiffany or not unless they’ve seen the blue box, yet everybody can tell a double C ring is definitely from Chanel. (Women are validated by attention 😉)

Another similar brand in this category is Bulgari which also has many special designs, so you can make the engagement ring about the special design and the amount of attention your lady will get – she will reward you in the long term. (Source: Internet dating safety advisor)

  • Ultra-high-end gift: Harry Winston

This brand is expensive, so it’s not for the average Joe and average Jane. But if you are willing to invest in something high-quality, Harry Winston is certainly the right brand for you.

Honestly, if you’re married to the right lady, she will surely help you make more money in the future. Hence, it’s absolutely worthy it when your lady is an asset instead of a liability in your life.

Let’s say you plan to buy your lady something tremendous for your wedding anniversary, something from Harry Winston is probably a great idea. (Source: online dating safety advisor)

Other similar jewelry brands are Graff, Patek Philippe and Breguet.

  • A word about jewelry trends:

In actuality, trends come and go in the world of jewelry, so it’s better to spend your hard-earned money on the timeless staples which will stay beautiful for the next 30 years and choose the cheaper items in terms of a hot but fleeting new trend.

First of all, pearls are trendy these days, thanks to the polished look of Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift. Your lady would look stunning if she wears a pearl necklace with a red lip. Incidentally, you can rub a pearl against your tooth – if it feels a bit gritty, it’s real (not a fake). (Source: Internet dating safety adviser)

Second, mixed metals are also popular right now. No rules apply in terms of rose gold, yellow gold, silver and bronze – a lady can wear all of them at once. Also, chunky, bold costume jewelry is fun to play with as well, so a fashion-conscious lady can stack clunky wooden bangles and cuffs up her arm.

Last but not least, odd earrings are a new trend today. I like mismatched earrings because they are so fashionable. But I prefer the look with studs (not dangly earrings). Yet contrasting pairs have a playful vibe and ear cuffs are so cute as well. For lower price options, you can check out,, Aldo and Forever 21.

As to where to buy jewelry, you may consider resale sites like where you will find bargain deals. Also, auctions are a good way to invest, too. Items are usually on display at the auction house several days prior, with information on the history of each item.

Furthermore, vintage shops and antique fairs are wonderful places for one-off pieces; however, you can’t guarantee the true history and worth of a gem there. That’s why these spots are great to shop for some costume jewelry or with a very limited budget in mind.

The ultimate Internet dating safety advice for men looking to date elegant ladies online: jewelry is one area of fashion where you are able to haggle a better deal, particularly in the bigger shops. Hence, please do not be afraid to ask for a discount politely.

“The best Internet dating safety advice is you only buy a lady a gift when she has done something good for you and has contributed to the romantic relationship in a tremendous way.”