Are you a confident communicator in the online dating world?

Frankly, the quality of the conversations determines the quality of the first date. Thus, please let me share with you several tips which will surely help you make your first date great. The power of using more statements on a date: You have to use more statements on a date and avoid asking too many questions. Psychologically, women feel compelled to reciprocate some statements. So, rather than asking “Any plans [...]

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Essential skills for an interesting and safe date

A good date is characterized by high-quality conversations. Usually, fabulous topics fall into three categories: A) Fun & funny things which take her back to the high school playground; B) emotive topics; C) logistics, e.g., making plans for the weekend. When you introduce these three themes to a date, she will feel more connected. Women highly value connection with men. That’s how they fall in love. The right topics for [...]

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How to manage risks, jealousy and insecurities for a safer dating life

Overpraising a woman only puts her on a pedestal. Therefore, please do not overpraise a woman. Now, let me show you how to pay her a compliment without putting her on a pedestal. Firstly, you can compliment her when you compliment yourself at the same time, e.g., “You are a morning person. That’s great. My favorite thing in the world is to wake up early and do my emails before [...]

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The power of inspiration in an international relationship

You don’t have to travel all the time in order to be inspired. You can do something different today and get some inspiration. Do something that you usually wouldn’t do. If you usually work from home, maybe tomorrow you can go to a coffee shop and take your computer with you. Working from a different place surely gives you fresh ideas and new perspectives as the new environment has something [...]

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This mindset will change the way you approach online dating

Before you start online dating, please read this blog post because you will have more interesting things to talk about when you chat with ladies online. 😉 I’ve stopped questioning myself. Previously, I had a lot of experiences like these: After leaving my apartment, I was wondering, “Did I lock the door just now?” After reconciling bank accounts through my accounting software, I was asking myself, “Just now did I [...]

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Dating advice on how to be happy after leaving a relationship

This blog post is for people who leave relationships and start to be happy so that they can find better relationships. Sleep heals everything. As I see it, sleep is a spiritual practice, so I always make my sleep a top priority. Sometimes I go to bed at 8pm or even 7:30pm. Once I’m rested, I choose to do something joyful in the morning. Rather than check my emails when [...]

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Meeting Eastern European ladies and honing social skills

Contrary to popular belief, most people that I met in Eastern Europe are actually quite extroverted. I guess that’s because the way I communicate with them influenced the way they talk.   I ask people questions which give them permission to open up on an emotional level.   Kevin Smith once said, “People have 3 fundamental needs – food, intimacy and the need to express themselves.” In reality, many people [...]

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What I’ve learned from creative Slavic women

Interestingly, many Slavic women know how to think outside the box. As a sentimental person, I like good traditions. A great tradition sprinkled here & there is great. However, repeating the same activities each year even when it’s not fun any longer only makes me feel slightly trapped. For example, I don’t really enjoy attending Christmas parties because I love travelling by myself and see the world. I simply decided [...]

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