How to flirt with a Slavic woman who is also interested in you

High-level flirty behavior doesn’t even look like flirting. Here is how to flirt with a Slavic lady without seeming like you’re flirting with her! But some direct methods are also very helpful! Master the art of eye contact. When you look at a Slavic woman’s eyes on a date, do not look away. Just continue to stare in a loving way. Please gaze deep into her eyes. It doesn’t really matter whether you are paying attention [...]

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How to tell whether a Ukrainian woman is into you

Ukrainian women are different from western women because ladies from Ukraine do not play mind games with men. Unlike western women who often play games with men, Ukrainian ladies are honest people. Therefore, it’s a bit easier to read a Ukrainian lady’s mind. If you catch a Ukrainian woman staring at you on many occasions, that means she is into you. When you are out with your friends and you [...]

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How to tell if a Russian woman likes you

Sometimes women could be hard to read because they give you mixed signals. However, as long as you know which key signs to look for that surely indicate she is interested in you, you can read a woman like an open book. 😉 If her family and friends know about you, chances are she really likes you. If she is interested in you, she will talk about you with her [...]

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Anniversary ideas for you and your Eastern European lady

Whether it’s your 1st or 50th anniversary, this is a paramount date which arises once per year only, so you should totally make the most of each anniversary! Be sure to do activities that both of you enjoy. Do something that you haven’t done yet. If you have never been to a gallery or a museum nearby, you should do it on this special day with your lady. Spend some [...]

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How to affair-proof your relationship with a Slavic woman

A healthy relationship takes work, but it’s totally worth it. After an affair, most couples would feel blindsided and confused by the betrayal. Fortunately, counsellors who specialize in couples’ therapy understand why affairs can happen. More importantly, they know what people can do to affair-proof their relationships in future. Interestingly, research shows that being married to a Slavic woman can significantly lower the risk of a marriage because Slavic ladies have traditional values – [...]

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Safer relationships: a word about emotional infidelity

What’s emotional infidelity? According to an international dating expert, emotional infidelity is about chemistry, elements of secrecy and an emotional connection which has not been acted upon… yet. This is very different from a friendship as a friendship is supportive & merely involves someone you see a few times each month, whilst emotional infidelity involves someone you see very frequently with a lot of anticipation. Anticipation as well as secrecy [...]

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How to prepare for a safe first date

You really look forward to the 1st date with an elegant lady. This anticipation fuels your imagination and desire. Now you probably want to know how to prepare for the first date and make it safe. Make plans in advance. You either lead or be misled, as a guy in a relationship. Hence, you’d better plan what you will do on the 1st date beforehand. A typical example of boring activities on the 1st date: [...]

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Safe dating, happy life: How to stop overthinking

Anxiety and stress come from overmanaging life and overthinking. I’m going to share with you some powerful techniques so that you can quickly stop overthinking. In this way, you can enjoy safe dating and a happy life. 😊 From Mind Full to Mindful: Mind Full: You always think about those anxieties and anxious thoughts. Those weird anxieties and annoying thoughts grow all the time. Mindful: You notice what you hear, [...]

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