The importance of understanding values in an international relationship

The primary reason why some couples can stay happily married is because they share the same values. According to an international relationship expert, understanding values is so key when it comes to dating and relationships. Advice for Eastern European women married to western men: Although you may first become aware of cultural differences in your physical environment, e.g. food, dress, behavior, you may also come to notice that people from [...]

International dating and culture shock: fact or fiction?

No matter you travel abroad to start a new job, an international relationship, a degree or a new journey in your life, you might experience some kind of culture shock. That’s very normal. Advice for Russian women looking to marry western men: Leaving home and travelling to a new country can be a slightly stressful experience. Even though it may be something you have planned and prepared for, the size [...]

Crisis management in international relationships

Statistics show that every long-term relationship involves at least one crisis. Yes, you read that right. I said ‘every’ relationship. So, if you think you might experience a crisis in your international relationship, you are not alone. But the key point is how you manage the crisis effectively – that will determine how happy you are. Want a safer dating experience? Learn how to manage a crisis first! People who [...]

Crises prevention in international dating and romantic relationships

Some people don’t even know there is a problem in their relationship. For instance, when a guy is complaining about his wife’s shopping sprees, he might think it’s a financial dispute in their relationship. But as a matter of fact, oftentimes it’s actually a communication or relationship problem. So, in international dating, it’s very important to identify issues early and prevent crises from happening. Your ability to identify potential issues [...]

Risk management in romantic relationships (Dating Russian women)

Any relationship involves some risks, and that’s very normal. Actually, it’s more about how you manage the risk, i.e. your relationship with the risk informs your relationship with your partner. In terms of risk management while dating Russian women, I’d like to use a business analogy today. Consultation should happen inside and outside your relationship with the Russian lady. According to ISO 3100 Risk Management Framework, the first step is [...]

Contingency management in international dating

Nothing is totally risk-free because uncertainty is just a part of life in reality. Therefore, dating and relationships also have some risks that you need to manage well if you are looking to build a sustainable relationship. When it comes to how to manage contingency properly in international dating, please allow me to use a business analogy below. What kind of risks are involved in dating and relationships? Frankly, when [...]

What is romantic blindness & how to avoid it (dating safety)

Each time you fall in love with a woman, you have the potential to become an idealist because love is blind. Truthfully, if you have positive illusions about each other in your relationship, that’s actually a good thing! And it’s normal to see a golden halo around her head when you are madly in love with her! But can this also be bad for you? Now I’m going to analyze [...]

How a Ukrainian woman builds attraction with her boyfriend

I recently spoke to a Ukrainian lady who is in a very happy relationship. She has shared her insights into the world of love with us, so let’s look at her thoughts on dating & you will surely learn something valuable from her input. 😊 Remember: Men love romance! (advice for Ukrainian women looking for love) Let’s say you are a university student and you’ve met a guy on a [...]