Safe dating in uncertain times for a better future

If you haven’t had a rejection yet, it only means you haven’t tried your best – so far, you’ve been reaching for the low-hanging fruit. Stress management is very important in uncertain times, so how can we manage stress effectively? Today’s safe dating advice will reveal the answer. Lower your stress, improve your love life and your future: The first stress management technique that I’d like to share with you [...]

How to take a risk while dating safely

When you know you have tried your best, at least you can sleep at night. What keeps you awake at night is knowing you didn’t even put yourself out there. Have you taken enough risks in your love life?   You need to overcome fear first. The root cause of all anxieties is fear. Now let’s find out how to beat fear! Step 1: Understand that fear and love cannot [...]

Dating safety: You need to know when to move on

Do you and your partner have compatible values? More importantly, do you and your partner have compatible flaws? Many relationships don’t work out. The situation can be a work relationship, a friendship, a mentorship or a romantic relationship. If someone keeps disappointing you, it’s important for you to know when to move on. This is our dating safety tip today. Know when to move on. The first indicator that reveals [...]

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Become a high-quality candidate, attract Ukraine women

Dating an elegant, high-quality Ukraine woman requires you to be a high-quality candidate. What’s your “not-to-do list”? Yes, everyone has a to-do list when they join the dating scene: They get a new haircut, buy a new outfit, go to the gym, join a new social circle, etc. These are fine and necessary, but I would argue that having a “not-to-do” list is equally important. American entrepreneur Tim Ferriss talks [...]

The truth about forgiveness in relationships & safe dating

The truth about forgiveness in relationships & safe dating Conflict is an opportunity for you to grow in a relationship. Without conflict, a relationship becomes stagnant – nothing changes. In truth, Change is the only constant in life. In a relationship, you will only know whether you two are compatible or not when you experience conflict. If you two have compatible approaches to conflict, it’s a very healthy relationship! Usually, [...]

Why a positive headspace is key in terms of attracting Russian women

Dating is hard. But the real reason why so many men find dating hard is because they don’t have a positive mindset. Your mindset determines your behavior; your behavior determines your results. How to create a virtuous cycle: In order to create a virtuous cycle, you must feel the good emotions before good things happen for you. (Yes, you read that right. I said ‘must’ instead of ‘should’). In other [...]

Safe Date Night Ideas during COVID-19

The pandemic has changed the way people interact with each other. Here are the best safe date night ideas during the pandemic – enjoy! 😉 How to have a safe date night at home:       1) Zoom dinner date If you and your partner are not living together because of self-isolation, this is the perfect date night idea. Simply use Zoom and start an online meeting – now [...]

How the pandemic is changing the way people date safely

Because of COVID-19, the dating scene has changed fundamentally. Recently, a key trend has arisen in the dating department. Casual dating is basically non-existent now.   Most casual dating sites are suffering because the majority of daters are unwilling to have casual flings these days due to COVID-19. Those dating platforms include websites and apps which introduce casual daters to each other and bring swingers together. Dr Christiane Northrup (board-certified [...]