How to protect your relationship with an Eastern European woman

A good relationship takes work, but it’s totally worth it. After an affair, most couples would feel blindsided and confused by the betrayal. Fortunately, counsellors who specialize in couples’ therapy understand why affairs can happen. More importantly, they know what people can do to affair-proof their relationships in future. Interestingly, research shows that being married to an Eastern European woman can significantly lower the risk of a marriage because Eastern [...]

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Safer dating: What is emotional infidelity?

Are you curious about this new concept? What’s emotional infidelity? According to an international dating expert, emotional infidelity is about chemistry, elements of secrecy, and an emotional connection that has not been acted upon… yet. This is very different from a friendship as a friendship is supportive & merely involves someone you see a few times each month, whilst emotional infidelity involves someone you see very frequently with a lot [...]

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How to attract a Ukrainian woman who is possibly attracted to you

Here is how to flirt with a Ukrainian lady without seeming like you’re flirting with her! But some direct methods are also very helpful! Eye contact When you look at a Ukrainian woman’s eyes on a date, do not look away. Just continue to stare in a loving way. Please gaze deep into her eyes. It doesn’t really matter whether you are paying attention to every word she says. This feels like somebody [...]

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How to find more time to explore online dating when you’re busy with your career

Too busy to look after your love life? Well, this blog post is going to show you how to find some time to enjoy online dating when you have a very busy job. 😊 Work Life Balance VS Work Life Integration As I see it, work/life balance is a myth because it doesn’t exist. How many people can actually have perfect work/life balance? Not that many. It’s okay to focus [...]

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How to be single so you’ll be ready for international dating

Singledom is very underrated in a society where marriage is highly respected. I acknowledge the fact that marriage is a beautiful thing, but I would argue that singledom isn’t necessarily worse than marriage. In fact, both statuses can be very fulfilling or miserable, depending on the circumstances. If you are a single man reading this blog post, I’d like to encourage you to fully enjoy your singledom so you will [...]

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How to have a romantic date with your Slavic lady when you are in a long-term relationship

People in long-term relationships might become lazy as they often stop nurturing their relationships – that’s exactly when a relationship becomes stale. Today I’d like to talk about how to have a romantic and memorable date with your Slavic woman when you are in a serious, long-term relationship.   Meet each other again in a coffee shop. Both of you can go to a coffee shop nearby and meet each [...]

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How Law of Reciprocity works in online dating

Nowadays online dating is very, very mainstream, as evidenced by the fact that most single people have tried internet dating these days. A recent study shows that the Law of Reciprocity works really well in the modern dating scene. In dating and relationships, you get exactly what you give. The more you give, the more you get. This is true in dating and relationships if you have chosen the right [...]

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What should a dinner date look like? (International dating advice for guys)

In general, there are two types of dinner dates: 1) having dinner in a restaurant; 2) having dinner at home. If you are at the initial stage of a relationship, perhaps having dinner in a restaurant is more appropriate. However, if you are already in a long-term relationship, having dinner at home is probably more common. Today’s international dating advice is about how to have an amazing dinner date. A [...]

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