From dating to marriage: being married to a Ukrainian wife

It turns out that attraction is a skill which can be learned. Those who are new to the international dating department would be well-advised to take notes right now. Don’t focus on facts and things; talk about emotions and feelings. When guys are talking, they tend to focus on facts, things and the concrete. In contrast, when ladies are talking, they want to talk about feelings and emotions. Small wonder [...]

How to text an Eastern European woman that you are dating

We live in a digital age, so every dater must master the art of texting, right? Let’s get started! Text an Eastern European woman and build chemistry with the help of your thumbs. You would be well-advised to text a woman once a day at least & you can disappear for a day or even two days at the beginning of a relationship. That is simply a tease. Yes, you [...]

What’s keeping you back? (International Dating Advice)

This article will reveal certain uncomfortable truths which might be something that you do not want to hear. Yet that’s probably exactly what you should know. Are you ready for that? Okay, let’s get started. Because you were hurt, now you fear being hurt once again. Being hurt or having a broken heart is a compulsory course that everybody has to study as this will inevitably make an individual become [...]

How to marry a high-value Eastern European bride

Leil Lowndes once said, “Constantly dating individuals beneath you is a terrible habit just like drinking, smoking, compulsive eating or shopping till you drop.” Indeed, life is very short, so you are supposed to make your love life great. It’s time to meet and date a high-value Eastern European woman! Get ready to date out of your league. The best way to avoid scammers and spammers online is to date [...]

International Dating VS Personal Development: Any Similarities?

Our survey shows that most people who are interested in international dating also like personal development. The fact that you are reading this blog post right now means you are one of us! Give it a go! Supermodel Elle MacPherson says she became a successful model simply because she wanted to give it a go. This is a very liberating and empowering mindset if you think about it – it [...]

How to know whether a Russian woman is wife material

It seems that marriage is the only place where you must be rational and emotional at the same time. You have to use your analytical brain and your creative brain when you are looking to get married! Note that most individuals are not very good at lying, so they always give you some signs easily. Unfortunately, when you are truly, madly, deeply in love with someone, you may ignore red [...]

From the first hello to a beautiful wedding: How does a Slavic dating site work?

The best Slavic dating site should be an international dating website which encourages people to look for long-term relationships or marriages. That’s why men on Slavic dating websites are looking for mail-order brides rather than casual flings. But do you know how an international dating site like that works? Let’s find it out today. Join the right Slavic dating site. Let’s look at the following analogies first: When you find [...]

Wisdom from simply dating: how did this American guy meet his Ukrainian wife?

Today I interviewed John S., an American man who is married to a beautiful Ukrainian wife. He told me his personal experiences in this journey and some wisdom in life. I think sharing his input will be very valuable on this blog. John was married to an American woman when he was in his 20s. Now John is 38 years old. When he was 25, he married an American woman. [...]