How to attract a Russian woman & make her yours

A Russian woman is attracted to your perceived challenge, so you have to create an initial challenge as you meet her. 😉 How to disagree with her and build perceived challenge: It’s okay to agree with what she says most of the time, yet if you are chatting with her for more than one hour, probably you need to disagree with her at least once. Of course, you need to [...]

Which approach is better, online dating or offline dating?

2 decades ago, online dating was a taboo topic, yet these days internet dating is very mainstream. For a lot of individuals, internet dating is possibly the only method of finding someone suitable as most people look at their phones all the time. Apparently, offline communication is becoming rare nowadays. Internet dating is a bit like making passive income. Please allow me to use a business analogy. When you join [...]

How to date an Eastern European woman in the modern ADHD society

Everyone lives in the modern ADHD society where people are always checking their phones. A song is shorter than 4 minutes and the viral videos on Facebook are shorter than 30 seconds. When individuals’ attention span is extremely short, finding love becomes more difficult because most people are not patient. However, you can date an Eastern European lady even in this fast-paced society. Your external confidence can boost your inner [...]

How to find an international relationship in record time

Many adults are single nowadays. According to Dr. Peter McGraw, almost 50% of adults in the United States are single! No, you are not alone! Today I’d like to share with you how to find an international relationship. 😊 Is perfectionism in the way? Do you know what perfectionism looks like in dating and relationships? If you are bothered by the following things, then chances are perfectionism is in your [...]

Safer Dating: How to set boundaries with your lady

Nowadays relationships are complicated as a lot of people have difficult ex-partners to deal with. Sometimes when various other factors are involved as well, the situation can be more challenging. Therefore, setting boundaries is so key! Safer dating advice – how to deal with her ex: An ex who sends text messages, calls, shows up & makes a pest of himself is obsessed with your girlfriend. He isn’t done yet, as [...]

What type of Eastern European ladies do mature men love?

After interviewing a large number of mature men above 35 years old, I’ve summarized the qualities that mature guys are looking for in Eastern European women. Mature men like ladies who have core confidence. This probably sounds a bit corny, but it’s true. Who doesn’t like confident ladies? In reality, there are 2 types of confident ladies: 1) ladies who seem to be confident; 2) ladies who are truly confident. Maybe [...]

How to believe in love again after an affair – dating safety advice

Research shows that cheating is the primary reason for divorce in many countries. Therefore, if your heart is broken because of an affair that happened in the past, you aren’t alone. A large number of men are looking for affair recovery support these days. So, today’s dating safety advice is about how to protect yourself by healing properly so that you will believe in love again. If you’re married and [...]

Safer Dating Thoughts: Why men should drop their stoic mask

As a relationship consultant, I often hear this, “I have to meet with you because my relationship isn’t working. If I don’t take some action now, I might lose everything.” My thoughts: The more guys I connect with through this profession, the more my heart aches when I hear men’s disappointment and the sound of exhaustion while they are looking for transformation urgently. They really want to be the partner, [...]