How to flirt correctly so you will attract the right Russian lady

Oftentimes, flirting is something that most singles assume that they are already good at without wondering whether they can improve this skill. In actuality, a lot of singles just can’t get it right – they think they are good at flirting without realizing that they are actually aggressive, too needy, too bland, or making mistakes. Remember: flirting isn’t just something you do on the first date; it’s certainly beyond that. [...]

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The Most Common Dating Mistakes That People Make Nowadays

A lot of individuals have gone through something like this: They begin seeing someone attractive, they truly like that person, then they begin obsessing over each and everything little thing, which ruins the entire project. Indeed, balancing things out isn’t easy in dating and relationships. What’s more, dealing with disappointment and analyzing what went wrong is even more challenging and tiring. Now, I would like to let you know this [...]

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International dating and culture shock

Do international daters experience culture shock? We have done the research for you, so now we are going to share our findings with you. What is culture shock? So, what exactly is culture shock? Culture shock is something that everyone who goes overseas to live will experience.   Often, it is the deeper cultural differences in thinking, customs and interpersonal relationships that cause this problem. Although everyone who goes overseas to [...]

Communication Styles in Dating and Relationships

Romantic relationships are supposed to be enjoyable. But in reality, many relationships are very stressful. Further analysis reveals that there are three common communication styles in dating and relationships: Three typical communication styles: Communication Style 1: Submissive A submissive person tends to hide their feelings and thoughts. They behave in a very passive manner. Without showing how they actually feel, they usually become depressed, upset or even resentful. When it [...]

Do cultural stereotypes affect dating and relationships?

Because international dating is trending, more and more couples come from different cultures. But how about cultural stereotypes? What is a cultural stereotype? We do not change our stereotypes very easily. Even when there is lots of evidence against the stereotype, we often keep our obviously-wrong beliefs. When we do change the stereotypes, we do so in one of three ways: Bookkeeping model: As we learn new contradictory information, we [...]

Modern Dating Advice: 5 books that every modern dater should read

Are you a lifelong learner and an avid reader? Truthfully, a growing number of modern daters are switched-on individuals who understand the importance of wisdom and knowledge. I’d like to recommend 5 powerful books that every modern dater should totally read! 😊 48 Laws of Power (by Robert Greene) If you are keen to learn more about human nature, this is the most paramount book that you have to read. [...]

Dating safety – how to talk about finances with your romantic partner

Personal finance is a taboo topic in our culture, but it’s a very important topic – money is the No. 1 reason for divorce in almost every country. That means talking about money is paramount in a relationship, even though it’s not the easiest thing in the world. Talk about your financial expectations in a candid way. Addressing the tough conversation is absolutely critical to setting up a solid foundation [...]

Eastern European women living in western countries

We have interviewed several Eastern European brides who live in Australia and the United States. They have kindly shared their observation with us. The differences between the United States and Australia: Variations in culture are obvious when we think about cultures in countries like Japan or China, where we also see many differences in behavioral customs and etiquette. They are less pronounced in countries where there are many similarities; physical [...]