Dating Slavic Women: Are you a waiter or a creator?

Don’t leave your love life to chance. A switched-on man would never wait until things happen to him because he always goes out to happen to things. The fact that you are reading this blog right now means you are probably a switched-on man because most men wouldn’t look for dating advice online. (Most people never look for any advice. Sad but true.) Why do successful men date Slavic women? [...]

Meeting Russian LadiesOver 40: Understanding Mature Women

In western countries, it is said that women over 40 years of age have hit the wall, meaning their beauty and good looks are gone; consequently, men don’t find them very attractive anymore. Worse still, every woman has a biological clock, so ladies above 40 years old are becoming more anxious. But does the wall also apply to Russian women over 40? Surprisingly, many Russian ladies above 40 years old [...]

Internet Dating Safety: Should You Buy Your Online Girlfriend a Gift?

Many international dating sites allow men to buy women gifts and sent these gifts to ladies via international deliveries. That’s a beautiful thing to do if the dating site is as reliable as (a true leader in the international dating industry). In order to ensure your Internet dating safety, I’m going to list the hierarchy of jewelry for your girlfriend that you’ve met online– Indeed, jewelry is the most [...]

How do single Russian ladies in different age groups operate?

Talking about single ladies from Russia, most of them are somewhere between 18 and 40. Yet this statement isn’t politically correct because we are not supposed to put women into different pigeonholes according to their age. However, without telling the truth, we can’t give you effective online dating safety advice. So, we have to be honest with you – the majority of single Russian women on international dating sites are [...]

How to surprise your Eastern European bride in a safe and positive way

When you are married to an Eastern European bride, you still want to be romantic and spontaneous. Many men are keen to surprise their ladies in a good way. But not every woman likes surprises. For example, I know a woman who hates surprises (she was born in November, a Scorpio), but when her husband surprises her in a safe and positive way, she is usually sufficiently entertained! 😉 Don’t [...]

Safer Dating Advice for Senior Singles Looking for Love

Over 50 dating is a great experience because there are so many opportunities to explore on online dating sites these days. Yet many senior singles haven’t been in the dating scene for a long time, as these people were married for years, and now, they are divorced. Oftentimes, getting a divorce is the right thing to do & a marriage that has ended isn’t necessarily a bad marriage. If you [...]

How to impress Eastern European ladies correctly

I’m an optimistic person, so I believe that men and women are biologically programmed to make each other happy and please each other. No, I’m not talking about people-pleasing here; I mean you are supposed to make your lady happy so she will make you happy, too! Analyze your Eastern European lady’s interests by looking at her Facebook page. This is so simple. All you need to do is to [...]

How to talk to single women from Ukraine (real safe dating advice)

In February 2020, we conducted a major survey and asked what pain points western men have when it comes to dating. The result was very interesting: approximately 60% of western men who joined the survey state that keeping the conversation going when they meet a lady is so hard! When you start a conversation with a Ukrainian woman, you should ask her closed questions. Usually, a closed question requires a [...]