All women want to meet someone who could make them feel like a princess; someone who would take care of them, love them and stay faithful to them. However, some women have their qualifications and standards in choosing the right man for them. If you are interested in dating a Russian woman but you’re not confident enough on how to impress her, here are some tips on how to give her a good impression:

Dress nicely.

Be simple and wear clothes that you are comfortable with. Make sure to match your clothing with your activity/dating place for the day. Don’t forget to wear perfume so will smell nice all day long.

Be independent and decisive.

Russian women does not like men who are dependent and indecisive. Most Russian women love to be dominated by men especially at the beginning of a relationship. You should be in charge with your activities, dating place and plans. Don’t ask her “What do you want to do?” Decide whether you are going to watch a movie or go out for dinner. Show her that you are assertive.

Be a gentleman.

Show her that chivalry is not dead. No matter how modern your Russian woman is, make sure to take care of her. During your dates, you should help her carry her stuff, open the door for her, pick up the bill at the restaurant, etc.

Be nice.

The best way to make your Russian woman happy is by being compassionate, considerate and making sure she’s comfortable. Always listen to her and make her feel loved.

Be supportive

If you’re dating for a while now, you probably get a chance to know her better. Accept and be supportive of whichever way she chooses to live her life. Let her decide whether she wants to become a plain housewife in the future, a career woman or both.

Cook for her and buy her flowers.

Most Russian men expect their woman to do all the chores especially cooking and cleaning. But your lady will surely be happy if you cook for her once in a while. Don’t forget to give her flowers too. In Russia, flowers are bought for all festive occasions. Russian women will surely be happy if you give her flowers on your first date, on her birthday, or on your anniversary.