You have to feel you look great – that’s the advice from Kathy Eldon who says living a life of passion, positivity and purpose is her mission.

  • Mystery + Mischief = a youthful person

Be curious. Stay curious. A curious man is a youthful man because he is always exploring this interesting world. Indeed, there are so many exciting things to do in this world.

If you are an older guy looking for a Russian wife, don’t worry – Russian women generally don’t mind marrying someone older, as long as the guy is trustworthy and honest. They think your personality is more important than your age.

When you are talking to people, remember to make people feel significant. In this way, you become caring and youthful. Take notes about new people you have met – at least you need to remember their names.

If you are going to have a date with a lady from Russia for the first time, prepare some interesting stories to tell on the first date. Note that structure allows you to be spontaneous – you can always recalibrate when it’s necessary. When you meet her in person, you may ask something like, “That’s a beautiful watch. Where did you get that from?” Then she may say something along the lines of, “I got it from Italy”, and then you say, “Oh, I always wanted to go to Italy” or “I went to Italy in 2012”. In this way, you can easily connect with something that she already has.

Focus on 1% thing you can do; don’t focus on 99% things you can’t do.

Impact is something that is practiced. When you are with someone, bring value every single day! Be consistently consistent. Enjoy this relationship and have a genuine passion for your life.

If you like the lady from Russia, send her a text message after the first date within 24 hours: “Great meeting you.” When you think she likes you, this mindset will make her respect you.

  • Personal branding is important.

Personal branding refers to what you wear, how you speak, who your friends are, how you spend your time, and so on. If you keep working on your personal branding, you will become a celebrity in your own world.

Always help others first, and then they will help you. Your conversation is your resume. Your fashion is your business card. Therefore, it’s your job to make the effort to look effortless. Before you go out for a blind date with a Russian woman, preparation is the key to calming down – just do your homework. Make notes about the Russian culture so that you will have interesting things to talk about on the blind date.

Always try something new if you want to stay youthful. If someone invites you to an event and you don’t want to go there, still say yes because you can always go home if you actually dislike it! So, my recommendation is joining as many parties as possible!

If you are just starting to expand your social circle, you should say yes to everything. Then you can become more discerning after a while as you set your priorities.

Speaking of having a good impact, I met a guy from Texas a while ago. He has the perfect presence without taking too much room. By that I mean his presence comes from his confidence & it’s not about him; it’s about us when I met him for the first time.

This attractive guy is married to a Russian wife. Whenever I’m interacting with him, his attitude is “How can I help you?” His value-adding behavior is very attractive.

“Master your craft. Basic competence is not enough,” says this guy from Texas, “Be indispensable if you can. Give me a complication and I’ll make this relationship even better. Humility makes people rise.”

Interestingly, this guy from Texas is a great public speaker as well. He says he has to know his material because competence leads to confidence. He just talks about something he knows – knowing enough so that he can start. He always makes notes and gathers information all the time.

“Be a great note-taker in your life,” says this man from Texas, “Having notes kills that fear while speaking.”

He always creates a rapport at the beginning of a speech. He says that no matter it’s about his work or his love life with his Russian wife, instead of fearing something goes wrong, he expects something to go wrong, so that he can create new interactions with his audience or his Russian wife.

“Aim to be respected, not liked. Respect will take you further,” says this guy from Texas, “Invest in yourself – education, personality, etc.”

  • How to become the most interesting man that a Russian lady has ever met:

Learn more about other areas. Let’s say you are a PR executive – I think you would benefit from hanging out with people from other industries. In your free time, instead of hanging out with people in PR, you should meet people who work as artists and musicians. This will broaden your horizon.

Whatever you are doing has to make you happy. So, just go to see a movie or eat in a restaurant – as long as you feel great, do it.

Everyone has something interesting to offer. Always have things to invite people to, e.g. Happy Hour.

Whenever you send a Russian woman an email, note that short emails get attention faster. Be specific in your email. Create a win-win plan or situation.

Passion can be small, e.g. movies, music, etc. You don’t have to be Mother Teresa in order to look passionate. Having passion makes you interesting.

Again, everyone has something to offer – you just need to find it out! Therefore, when you are dating a Russian lady, ask her, “What’s your story?” Remember: People love sharing their stories than giving you advice. People like to talk about themselves. Unless she asks about you, you shouldn’t talk about yourself too much. Give first; expect second. Don’t take others’ space, but have the presence.

  • How to avoid painful breakups:

Why women break up: it’s all about fears in staying VS fears in leaving.

Don’t give women anything to rebel against. Say, “Take time to figure out what you want. I want you to have the space to do what you want to do.” Stop reacting. Understand the lag period of a woman – doubt, regret and reconsider things…. Then she will realize how special to be with you is.

She needs to feel she wins you back if she wants to come back to you. Don’t give her the benefits of a relationship unless she is in one.

Be the best version of yourself no matter the breakup has happened or not. Live an amazing life by having happiness and joy in your daily life. You are getting stronger, and she wants to be a part of your wonderful life.

“Show your kindness and love – this will amplify her fear of leaving. That’s how you keep your Russian girlfriend.”