Some say that the best time to start dating is the first few weeks in January or during summer. January because it’s the time when singles include falling in love as one of their New Year’s Resolutions. While for some, summer is the best time because you can meet a lot of people during your trips or summer vacation.

But there is a way to meet the girl of your dreams, anytime and anywhere you are! That is through online dating.

There are a lot of Russian lady to choose from in the Ukraine Brides Agency website and here are some of the tips on how to have a fun online dating experience with a Russian lady:

  1. You must choose your first picture very carefully. You must look pleasant in your first solo picture. Remember, this is your first impression. As much as possible, wear a suit and give your best smile. If you are wearing sunglasses or you are with a couple of ladies, no woman would be interested in dating you. You will surely upload some more pictures so your goal must be to make her WANT to look at them!
  1. Upload more photos! It is necessary to include full length and close up photos. Engaging in an activity you love is also helpful. Never upload a photo with kids or babies. Group shots or even photos with the opposite sex is also discouraged. Ukraine ladies are loyal partners; they will make sure that you are really single and that this online dating can really lead to a serious relationship. Another thing is that your photos must be recent. It should be within the past six months, Delete those photos that are older than that.
  1. Create a good profile. It should not be generic or boring. If writing about yourself isn’t your thing at all, ask your friend to help you out. It should be at least 3-4 paragraphs. Include your hobbies, work, interests and dislikes.
  2. Update your profile frequently. A lot of men who is no longer new to online dating, missed doing this. Make them know that you are active on the site. Change your profile, and constantly add and delete photos.
  3. Send messages. Don’t wait for the Russian ladies to come to you. Use a couple of sentences and ask an open-ended question about something that is indicated in their profile. This will make them feel that you are actually reading what they’ve written in their profile and that you find them interesting and attractive. Make these Russian ladies feel that you are a gentleman so avoid asking inappropriate questions.
  1. Meet in public!