Talking about single ladies from Russia, most of them are somewhere between 18 and 40. Yet this statement isn’t politically correct because we are not supposed to put women into different pigeonholes according to their age. However, without telling the truth, we can’t give you effective online dating safety advice. So, we have to be honest with you – the majority of single Russian women on international dating sites are between 18 and 40 years old; some ladies are above 40.

  • Single ladies from 18 to 22 years old:

Most ladies in this age group are university students or graduates who recently finished their studies. At this stage (young adulthood), most single women’s values are excitement, fun and experience in life. Note that an individual’s values can change and usually will change.

By the way, most single Russian women in this age group are not on international dating sites because they aren’t looking for husbands at this stage. The majority of ladies in this age group focus on their careers because they have studied hard at school and it’s time to build the foundation of their careers.

Truthfully, we don’t recommend women under 25 years of age to western men looking for Eastern European brides because according to our experience, women above 25 are more mature, more responsible and more likely to be wife material. So, if you are looking for a real relationship, please keep reading right now. 😊

  • Single women from 23 to 29 years old:

Single Russian ladies in this age group are figuring out themselves and this world. Compared with younger women who don’t have enough experience in life, women in this age group are usually more seasoned and experienced. Now they have a better understanding of dating and relationships.

Psychologists have discovered that most women’s lives are permanently changed by their important decisions made between 23 and 29 years of age. This is so true.

For example, if a lady is married to the wrong man when she was 25 years old, she may get divorced at the age of 29, change her career and even move countries!

If you are dating a woman in this age group, you should totally find out her long-term plan early in the relationship. Is she looking to get married in a few years? Is she still growing into a specific direction or has she already shaped her values and worldview? These are very important information that you should get in the dating stage, for if your vision does not match your girlfriend’s vision, you will know it sooner or later anyway. If you find out that your blueprint and your girlfriend’s blueprint are not even compatible several years into the relationship, that will be even worse later on. So, you’d better figure things out quickly when you are at the initial stage of a romantic relationship.

My online dating safety advice is: it’s better to realize something is wrong early and end the romantic relationship fast than pretending things are all good and then allowing the relationship to fall apart and torture you.

  • Single ladies from Russia from 30 to 40 years old:

Single Russian ladies in this age group oftentimes have good careers already if they are capable, hardworking and intelligent.

In reality, there are 3 elements in the success dynamics: diligence, intelligence and luck. As I see it, this world is full of hardworking, smart and talented individuals. Consequently, the only determinant of success for most individuals is luck. This is something that most people don’t want to talk about, but it’s true.

For example, Taylor Swift is one of the most successful singers in this day and age. We know that Taylor Swift has great singing skills and works very hard. Yet apparently, there are many other outstanding singers who are just as hardworking, capable and talented. Nevertheless, why can’t those singers become successful?

The answer is simple but uncomfortable: those singers do not have the best luck in the world. In contrast, Taylor Swift is young and she was put in a very aggressive marketing machine at a younger age, and that’s good luck.

Another example is Darren Hayes. When he was in a band with Daniel Jones (Savage Garden), he became hugely successful – they sold 50 million records around the world (there are only 2 albums from Savage Garden). But Daniel Jones decided to leave the band in 2001, Darren Hayes’s career has suffered a lot since then. That’s also about luck because Darren Hayes is probably the best male singer and songwriter of all time. And he really worked his ass off over the years after Savage Garden broke up. But luck is the most important ingredient in the dynamics.

Now you are asking, “Why do you tell me about these?”

Well I must explain this theory first as I’m going to help you identify the right lady in this age group. Let’s say you date a lady in her 30s and she is obviously very clever and hardworking. Now you need to assess her results and ask these questions:

  1. Is this lady actually successful or is she just pretending to be successful?
  2. What is the real difference between her reality and her dreams?

Maybe you don’t care whether you marry a rich wife or not, but that’s not the point. This is what you need to know: it’s normal to be a smart, hardworking and middle-class single Russian woman in her 30s. Nonetheless, it’s abnormal to be a smart, hardworking and poor woman in this age group. Let me explain.

You certainly don’t want to marry a beautiful wife who is a failure in her reality. Then you are asking, “Well, that’s all about her bad luck. It’s surely not her fault, okay?”

In fact, if a good-looking lady always has bad luck, what does that tell us?

According to Law of Attraction, if someone constantly has bad luck even in their 30s, something isn’t right. You need to assess this individual’s personality.

Dangerous and toxic personalities in ladies are something you have to avoid. And a failed lady in her 30s can be desperate – you must be careful.

By contrast, a confident and successful single woman from Russia in this age group is truly capable, and that’s wife material.

  • Women above 40 years old:

Most single Russian ladies on international dating sites are under 40 years of age, but there are still some more mature ladies on international dating websites these days, which is perfectly fine.

If you aren’t looking for the mother of your future children, you can consider marrying a more mature wife. Let’s say you already have kids from a previous relationship and now you are not looking for someone who can give birth to children in the future. In that case, you can marry an older lady in her 40s. There is nothing wrong with that. In my opinion, older women are actually better candidates in many ways because they are the least likely to be high-maintenance women.