Realistically, there are three stages of love when you start a real relationship with a Slavic lady. Now without further ado, I’m going to discuss this in detail in this article.

  • The first stage of a relationship is to build attraction.

This is the initial stage of a romantic relationship which is best characterized by chemistry. Women fall in love at this stage. If a lady doesn’t find you attractive but still wants to marry you, that’s a problem. You have to be careful and read more safe dating advice on this blog. Remember: People do not change. How they treat other people and who they really are will not change.

Therefore, if a woman is not even attracted to you in the first place, chances are she never will. End of story.

You should know whether a Slavic lady is attracted to you or not at the initial stage of a relationship. My advice is to only date a woman who actually likes you in a genuine way.

Honestly, the real difference between women and men when it comes to chemistry is male attraction is usually predictable, whilst female attraction isn’t predictable.

Every man is visual. A beautiful woman is beautiful in Australia, the United Kingdom, and Russia. A good-looking woman is a good-looking woman. It’s very simple.

Nonetheless, a handsome man is a handsome man in some ladies’ eyes, yet he might be unattractive in other ladies’ opinions.

Though we know a guy’s status and good looks might help him attract women, these aren’t the most fundamental reasons why a man can attract ladies while other guys cannot attract women.

Truthfully, a major factor that determines a man’s attractiveness is his behavior. That includes the way he treats himself, the way he behaves around other people, and the way other people behave around him. Things like this will tell Slavic ladies how desirable he is in reality.

Obviously, the key is to show your true desire without any neediness.

Note that your sub-communication is just as important as what you say to a woman. You may learn one hundred dating skills. Nevertheless, if your sub-communication is needy, Slavic women will not feel the attraction. Actually, what you literally say matters less, compared to why you say something.

No matter what you say, your sub-communication has to be something like, “I do not really care if you like me or not. This is who I am. You either take it or leave it.” This mindset demonstrates true confidence from within and that’s so attractive.

Having said that, I’m not saying you need to be impolite. I’m not saying you have to look like James Bond or behave like James Bond. I think you can still be caring, loving, and funny when you sub-communicate real confidence at the same time.

  • The second stage of a romantic relationship is to build trust.

This is possibly the most paramount stage in a relationship as this stage directly determines if she is the right candidate or not.

In reality, you may find many candidates attractive and desirable, yet you cannot trust everyone. Beauty is quite common; however, trust is less common. Not every candidate is the right person for you. You must be more selective and discerning.

Just ask yourself, “Does this woman invest in this relationship? Has this woman gone out of her way to do anything nice for me? What is she going to offer 10 years later when her beauty is gone? Does she share the same value system with me? Do we have a shared blueprint in life? If I marry this woman, do we have any mutual benefits?”

These questions may challenge you, but you have to be practical when you are looking for a Slavic bride.

In order to create a meaningful relationship, communication with genuine appreciation is so key. Frankly, false compliments do not work in the long run as ladies have good intuition and are more sensitive. If something is wrong, they will know it first.

Your Slavic girlfriend will light up in front of you if you say everything in an honest way. An attractive guy is honest without emotional neediness.

  • The third stage of a relationship is to build commitment.

Now this stage is about loyalty. Though whether monogamy is human nature or not is debatable to some degree, it is the standard practice in most countries nowadays. Thus, the third stage is all about creating a monogamous relationship with your Slavic girlfriend. Note that you do not necessarily have to have the same interests and hobbies in order to function as a successful couple. Nevertheless, you must be compatible in the way you express love and deal with conflict in life.

The skills to handle conflict and express true love are the most significant factor in a sustainable relationship. Do you agree?

  • An unavoidable question: How to treat your Slavic wife’s friends?

Whilst men turn to their wives for social support, ladies generally turn to their female friends for social support. So, if you are married to a Slavic bride, you should know that her female friends are extremely important.

As a matter of fact, female friends can talk about anything and everything as they think it’s very therapeutic. In the long run, that is very good for your marriage and there is nothing to worry about.

Let’s have a look at this scenario: Your wife likes shopping for reasons that are clearly beyond shopping.

If your wife likes shopping, chances are she connect and build friendships around this activity. Perhaps she goes shopping with other ladies in order to strengthen friendships. Maybe they know shop assistants very well personally. Perhaps they go shopping so as to purchase gifts for family members and other friends.

Most men don’t like shopping. If you are not interested in shopping, you don’t need to go shopping with your wife. When you cannot put up with something that is super important to your wife, you might damage the emotional connection in this marriage. That’s why you should totally let your wife go shopping with her female friends, okay?

Yet what if your wife has many male friends? Or worse still, what if your wife has one close male friend?

To be honest, it’s very normal for a woman to have a close male friend. However, the danger rocks up when your wife begins to complain about her marriage to this male friend. As a result, you should totally let your wife know that she must directly talk to you when there is a problem in your marriage & tell her not to discuss any marriage issues with any male friends.

“There are three stages of love – which stage are you at right now? Please write a comment below and let us know. We are always here for you to support you in this journey. Hopefully you enjoyed this article!”