When you are married to an Eastern European bride, you still want to be romantic and spontaneous. Many men are keen to surprise their ladies in a good way. But not every woman likes surprises. For example, I know a woman who hates surprises (she was born in November, a Scorpio), but when her husband surprises her in a safe and positive way, she is usually sufficiently entertained! 😉

  • Don’t buy her a generic gift.

You should be more creative and get her something edgy. Most guys are quite boring because they simply buy their ladies something generic or standard, e.g. chocolate, flowers and jewelry from Tiffany. Don’t get me wrong. These choices are not bad at all. But they aren’t creative enough.

In order to become the most romantic guy in the world, you must think differently. Just think outside the box.

For instance, instead of buying your Eastern European bride a bracelet from the department store, you may buy her a thin scarf and a bangle that matches the scarf from Megan Hess (an Australian illustrator) who is a well-known artist hired by luxury brands such as Chanel, YSL and Dior. And her jewelry products are quite affordable! Remember: when original art is combined with accessories, the impact is amazing.

Megan Hess’s sister Kerrie Hess is also an artist. Kerrie designs unique and artistic phone cases. Note that this article is not an ad for Kerria and Megan Hess. I’m just giving you some detailed rationale right now so that you can see some vivid examples and get some inspiration. We do not promote any jewelry brands on this website; we are here to support you in your safe dating journey and help you to expand your outlook.

When your Eastern European bride goes out, wearing the bangle and the scarf designed by Megan Hess, these beautiful accessories will become conversation starters. (Other people will pay her compliments and your bride will feel great.) Each time someone asks her, “Oh, these are so awesome. Where did you get these from?” Then your Eastern European bride will say, “My husband bought this for me online.” That means your lady will think of you every time someone else talks about her accessories!

  • Unexpected experiences are better than material things.

Most men want to give their ladies material presents in order to show their love, affection and appreciation. That’s fine.

Yet you will be with your lady forever; therefore, you’d better impress her in different ways so that the spark in this romantic relationship will last for the rest of your life.

For example, you don’t necessarily have to buy your lady an expensive necklace from Cartier on her birthday. Instead, you may give your lady something she truly wants or something she thinks she needs. Maybe it’s a premium membership of an exclusive organization that your lady would like to join, e.g. the premium membership of Business Chicks, a gym membership, and so forth.

Buying your bride a physical present might cost you at least $250 & a premium membership of a reputable organization will possibly cost you the similar amount of money. But the premium membership will surely bring your lady practical benefits in the long term.

Let’s say your lady goes to the gym every day – she will become healthier and meet new friends to expand her social circle. If she joins Business Chicks, she will meet other powerful women and upgrade her social circle. In contrast, a necklace from Cartier can only take her so far in life.

  • Surprise your Eastern European bride in small ways so she admires you all the time.

Your lady isn’t necessarily looking for big surprises every day. Truthfully, you can easily surprise your lady in small ways that will bring tremendous results.

Perhaps your lady thinks she knows you so well, yet then you start to read Seth Godin’s books and you suddenly have a lot of interesting and stimulating things to say.

Maybe you were worried about small details in life; however, now you are an empowered man as you’ve read Tim Ferriss’s blog about the art of letting small issues happen so you can make great things happen.

Talk about what you’ve learned with your lady and use your new knowledge on a daily basis. This will surely make you a better man who can surprise this Eastern European bride in the right ways.

In life, you must avoid stagnation because that’s exactly why many couples grow into very different directions and marriages fall apart very easily in this day and age. Even Scorpio ladies who hate surprises will be impressed with this type of surprises about personal development and growth because Scorpio women are growth-driven.

  • Surprise your Eastern European bride with your actions.

If you almost never do any household chores, you may do it once in a while so your lady will be surprised in a good way. As you don’t do that frequently, doing some housework occasionally will make what you’ve done at home look very valuable. This is particularly true if you never cook – you may learn how to cook something delicious and surprise your Eastern European bride at home this weekend. Perhaps it’s the ideal gift on your wedding anniversary?

Another way to surprise your lady with your actions is to take her somewhere for a luxurious holiday. Observe her interests: does she like Australia? If yes, you may take her to Australia for a vacation during the Australian summer so that you and your lady can enjoy the beach and the sunshine in Australia.

Remember: once you’re married to a wonderful wife, it’s your responsibility to make the romantic feelings last. If you’d like to have the best relationship in the world, you should do something that most people wouldn’t do. When the whole world is expecting A and B, you should give them C. For example, when your wife says she needs some R&R, she expects you to stop talking so that she can have a nap. But you may buy her a facial and massage gift card in a spa! This present should be unforgettable!

Also, instead of giving your lady C, you might even give her 3. Now you are asking, “What do you mean?”

No. 3 is not a letter, so it’s much more creative. C makes the whole experience more memorable, whereas 3 makes the entire experience so mind-blowing that your lady will tell all her friends about it.

Maybe instead of giving her a facial and massage gift card in an upmarket spa, you simply give your lady a book written by you. If you are a competent writer, you may publish your book via Kindle/Amazon or CreateSpace. If you can’t write, you might hire a ghost-writer on Fiverr or Upwork and the book can be done in a few weeks! This doesn’t cost a lot of money and your Eastern European bride will remember this experience for the rest of her life.

“Try some new and creative ideas this year and make your romantic relationship better, stronger and sweeter!”