Your value system is the most important element in your life because it’s guiding you throughout your journey in every area of your life. Today I’m going to discuss the importance of values in romantic relationships.

  • When you’re on a dating site looking for Eastern European brides, pay attention to those candidates’ values through their profiles.

Normally, a good dating profile shows an individual’s values. For example, if a dating profile says, “I like gardening, cooking and tasteful furniture”, that indicates this individual values family life, for only when family life is paramount would they regard gardening, cooking and tasteful furniture as important to them. In that case, a woman with information like that on her dating profile probably can take care of the household well.

Here’s another example: “I like reading, writing and learning new things.” This dating profile implies that this individual highly values knowledge and growth; therefore, if you also value growth and knowledge, you share the same value with this candidate, and that is a positive sign.

My advice is avoiding individuals whose value system is completely different from yours because if you want a marriage to last for a lifetime, you and your partner’s values in a relationship must be compatible at least. Yes, values in dating and relationships are so key!

Truthfully, two people who have totally different value systems probably can’t even be close friends, not to mention becoming a couple.

Sadly, in modern-day society, a lot of couples are not even friends; they are in loveless marriages. In their daily life, they only talk about logistics with their spouses. Sad but true. Examples of logistics: when to go to the supermarket, what time to wake up in the morning, what time to pick up kids from school, etc. A couple like that are not even friends, but they usually choose to stay married for other reasons, e.g. mutual benefits.

Research shows that a loveless marriage is oftentimes caused by two people’s dramatic value systems, so now you can see the importance of values in dating and relationships.

  • How to make the most of your romantic relationship with a Russian wife:

Russia is the home of the world’s most traditional wives who have the ideal looks, pleasant personalities and inner wisdom. Those who are thinking about marrying Russian brides should keep reading right now.

In the first place, you have to be the leader in your romantic relationship. Once you know a Russian girl reasonably well, you may discover that her values in dating and relationships include being with a masculine man. As Russian ladies are so traditional and feminine, they expect their boyfriends / husbands to be real men rather than weak men. Some Russian wives prefer being the submissive role at home so that their husbands can be alpha men who are able to provide and protect – that’s men’s basic instinct. As a guy in a relationship, you either lead or be misled. End of story.

That means you would benefit from learning leadership skills and use those skills in your romantic relationship as well. From now on, you will call the shots and make important decisions, thereby making your Russian wife proud of you forever.

In the second place, so long as a Russian lady feels cherished by her man, she is very generous. By that I mean if you would like your Russian bride to be generous to you for the rest of your life, you have to make her feel that you truly cherish her. For instance, you can tell her that she is pretty (as she spends lots of time getting ready in the morning so as to look good); you give her more attention and affection (as she is validated by male attention & you don’t want her to seek male attention elsewhere); you remind her of her advantages and strengths (as she truly, madly, deeply needs your positive reinforcement and encouragement). When a woman feels cherished by her husband, she is very willing to give her all to him. It’s indeed a win-win situation, a mutually beneficial relationship that can last for a lifetime.

Understanding values in dating and romantic relationships also gives you another advantage – when you and your lady have the same values (or similar values), your relationship is more likely to be a mutually beneficial relationship that can be very sustainable. Note that unconditional love doesn’t exist in romantic relationships. I know this is the uncomfortable truth that most people don’t want to talk about, but it’s a true fact.

Thirdly, you should give your Russian wife a roadmap. After getting married, you can focus on your career or your business because your wife from Russia is happy to be a traditional wife who looks after the household while you can be busy with your own things. I’m not saying your wife must be a housewife forever; I mean she doesn’t feel judged if she chooses to be a housewife.

If you would like your hardworking and intelligent Russian lady to be your business partner as well, you must give her a roadmap that supports your career plan. For example, if you run a business, she could be your operation manager or personal assistant. In this way, you only need to be the big-picture guy who thinks big, and she can deal with all the small details that need to be done in the business.

After finding out you and your Russian woman’s values in dating and relationships, you will know what she is good at work-wise too, so you can give her a more effective roadmap / blueprint.

  • You would be well-advised to remind your Russian lady that she still has competitors, so she will want to be on her best behavior.

This probably sounds a bit strange, but this principle will really help you. You need to imply that you still have other options, so you don’t have to choose her. You are with her now because you’ve decided to choose her, for she has proved herself to you. Because she treats you with respect at all times and she wants to support you, you decides to marry her.

I’m not saying you are going to flirt with other ladies in front of your wife. I mean you can indicate that she still has competition through your normal behavior. For instance, you can tell your wife that you have high standards so she will understand if she can’t meet your standards, you are able to choose another woman. In this way, your Russian wife will be on her best behavior all the time, and that’s exactly what you want.

In your marriage, you must train your wife so that she knows she will have to keep impressing you, not the other way around.

Now you are a real man, an alpha guy. Congratulations!

“Values in romantic relationships are so paramount – understanding your partner’s value system is very important.”