In a safe online dating space, people are looking for serious relationships rather than casual flings. Therefore, let’s talk about how to build an extraordinary marriage with an Eastern European mail-order bride today.

  • We don’t want an average marriage; we want an extraordinary level.

A high-value man is the leader of his life. He doesn’t need validation from his friends; he puts his wife’s needs before his own because he is generous, kind and caring.

Due to Law of Reciprocity, his Eastern European wife will give tremendous value to him as well – that becomes a virtuous circle.

When you get married, you should gradually integrate your Eastern European bride into your life. You can have some shared jokes and stories. Usually, jokes, teasing and banter can break the surface level and strengthen the bond. The number and diversity of experiences together also matters a lot because these things build emotional connection between you two.

There are three phases of a relationship: 1) politeness; 2) teasing; 3) serious rapport. This is how attraction works: you are serious; you are playful; you are serious; you are playful; you are serious. Let’s say you are playful on the date and at the end of the date, she says she has to go to the airport to pick up her mom, you say, “Be careful on the road.” Now you become serious. This builds attraction instantly.

Keep dating each other even after you are married. Use different settings for each date. Go on a holiday together! Have a date night every week!

When you spend a Saturday together, it can look like this: breakfast – cinema – coffeehouse – beach – shopping – drinks – theatre.

Do something you wouldn’t normally do on a date so that your Eastern European bride’s world becomes better because of you.

At an event with her friends and family, talk to her friends and family all the time, so that your Eastern European bride can see that she doesn’t need to baby-sit you and she can take you anywhere. Don’t get into competitive mode with her father or brother. Just talk about your Eastern European bride highly in front of them. If her friends and family are making fun of her, just say, “Don’t make fun of her. Leave her alone.” You can also help them by moving something or helping with the dishes. When she is criticizing her mom, you say, “Your mom is trying her best.”

  • How to deal with her “girls’ night out”:

Your wife may still want to hang out with her female friends after getting married, and that’s okay! Don’t compete with her “girls’ night out”. When you change yourself, you will change how you see things.

When her friends are saying, “Now you have a husband, so you can’t have fun”, you just give her a hot kiss in front of everyone. There should be a balance between the time you are with her friends and the time only she is with her friends. Don’t drag her away from her friends! Just say, “Have fun. I just need to get some sleep. That’s all.”

Never ever flirt with her friends. She will short-circuit to see that. She doesn’t want to see you are attracted to her friends. She wants to see her friends find you attractive!

After getting married, you still go to the gym, meet your friends, and so on. Remain dynamic after getting married is key – still dress up for each other; use candles at home!

  • Who should do the chores?

My suggestion is to support each other’s visions and divide the chores accordingly. After getting married, you should still maintain your privacy. Always stress what’s important to you, but don’t find faults in what she is doing. Don’t let her get away with problems at the beginning.

As long as you can be affected by her words, you are a slave to her. Therefore, if there are some conflicts regarding household chores, don’t get emotional! Stay rational, please.

No matter what, never threaten the marriage itself. Just help your Eastern European bride to change: “If I need to be better, tell me.  But I need you to help me by doing this.”

The relationship between two acquaintances is always easier than the relationship between two friends. And the relationship between the husband and the wife is always harder. It’s a fact.

If she is in touch with her ex, you shouldn’t get competitive. Just communicate without emotions. Now she is with you! A confident man never competes himself with anyone else. Looks don’t go very far. Physical attraction is subjective. Don’t get tight; keep loose and relaxed. When you get tight, you are more likely to get hurt.

If your Eastern European wife saw her ex without telling you about it, you say, “Why did you need to hide it? Next time just tell me. I am cool with it.” This is important if she has children with her ex, and there is nothing wrong with that. So, you should reward her honesty by saying, “I appreciate your honesty.” Always reward the patterns you want. Take note of the patterns you don’t want.

In terms of dealing with jealousy, here’s my advice: Never use past experiences to compare with your wife from Eastern Europe. If she is asking about your past relationships, you say, “Honestly, it’s not important to me. I’m with you, because I like you.” Never be mean or nasty about your exes. If you have to talk about your ex, say it without emotion.

If your ex meets your bride from Eastern Europe, your wife needs to feel like a queen. If you meet her ex, be nice and civil & be completely unthreatened. If you feel threatened, she will doubt your value.

Whenever there is an argument in your marriage, make it about how you feel rather than “she is wrong”. Say this to her, “What you did there, here is how that made me feel …”

When she is angry, you can say, “I just love you so much. I need to kiss you so badly right now” and kiss her passionately – this will break her pattern and derail her. Yes, whenever she is mad at you, you need to think about how you can take her off road. When she is off-balance, you can guide her where you want to go.

Another way to break the pattern is to say, “You know what, I’m terrible when I haven’t had lunch. I’m sorry I’m in a bad mood and tired.”

Assess your words. If you’ve said something you can’t take back, say immediately, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean that. I was childish.”

If your wife from Eastern Europe has a conflict with you, you can remove yourself by going to the bathroom and adapt your body language when you come back. Become affectionate. After an argument, return to your natural state with her.

“If you find something wrong, ask as soon as possible – tease it out of her!”