This is something that most people don’t want to talk about: Many individuals don’t have the confidence to join the dating scene simply because they are worried about their looks. That’s why they settle. Sadly, the minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for. Therefore, it’s time to address your self-esteem issues regarding your looks if that worries you. Hopefully you will be able to date with confidence after reading this article 😉

  • According to Law of Attraction, you only get what you believe you deserve in your love life.

Never underestimate the power of your mindset. Personally, I don’t like motivational speakers who talk about mindset all day, every day. But I know a person’s mindset actually matters.

In order to date with confidence, you must have the right mindset in the first place. Let me explain.

Every morning you wake up and judge how worthy you are of a relationship, of a promotion, of happiness – you may do this unconsciously. How you feel each morning may indicate your state of mind pretty accurately. Australian singer / song-writer Darren Hayes admits that he has been dealing with depression most of his life due to homosexuality and career crisis. When he was young, he had homophobia and he really struggled to like himself. Nowadays sometimes when he wakes up in the morning, getting out of bed and grabbing a cup of coffee feels like as stressful as giving a lecture to 1,000 people. Gradually, he feels better during the day, and at night, he feels the best. This cycle repeats itself the next day.

No matter what you project after you leave the house in the morning, it’s what you actually believe when you look in the mirror that will either propel you forward or hold you back. Are you good-looking? Are you attractive? Will other people look at you and think the same? Can you date with confidence? That insecurity or security might look like an internal debate which has nothing to do with the face you put on for the public, yet it definitely determines the quality of people you can attract. Attractiveness is subjective; however, no matter how much you make the “it’s only skin deep” argument, you can’t take away the fact that having good looks makes you feel positive. If you actually think, “I am pretty sure that I am attractive, and I can’t meet anyone great”, then I don’t believe you.

To feel attractive is all about feeling confident. To be confident is to be bold and fearless. Being bold and fearless leads to going after anything and everything you want without shying away from the moment. Many daters feel good when they are looking in the mirror; nonetheless, some people’s confidence falters when it’s time to shake hands with a very attractive potential partner. Attractiveness, coolness and confidence are the traits of a high-value person who will become a winner. If you are falling short in the quality candidate department, it’s not really because you are ugly; it’s actually because you haven’t mastered these compulsory traits: attractiveness, coolness and confidence. Remember: you can only date with confidence when you have all three of those.

  • Your self-confidence is all that matters: if you believe you are attractive and carry yourself as if you are the best-looking person in the room, you will attract the person you want.

In order to attract the perfect ten, you have to make yourself a perfect ten in the first place. This will end the “who looks better” debate. In reality, it takes time to build your self-confidence and your self-esteem. Most importantly, it takes courage and discipline not to compare yourself to others. Now we are going to discuss the main reasons for lack of self-confidence – looks, weight and nerves. If you are happy to be honest while reading this article, you will think differently tonight.

First of all, in order to help you date with confidence, I’d like you to do one thing for your grooming each week. It can be getting a new haircut, buying a new outfit or using a new perfume. It can also be going to the gym or working out at home.

Second of all, you should find your own badge of honor and highlight assets on your body that make you attractive. This can be your hair, your eyes, your figure or even your legs.

Third, remember: it’s an individual’s personality that makes this person look like an eight instead of a six. Honestly, if Darren Hayes doesn’t have artistic talent, pleasant personality and an impressive story, he wouldn’t be so attractive in the first place.

Next, speaking of your weight, regardless what number you see on the scale, the key is to feel attractive when you look in the mirror. Can you turn yourself on? If the answer is no, then you are not ready to date with confidence yet. Actually, how to lose weight is very well-known – you just need to eat the right food, go to the gym and sleep well. But are you doing all of these now?

Finally, talking about nerves, confidence calms nerves and eliminates awkward behavior. Yes, there will always be butterflies; nonetheless, managing them is the only way to show the real you every time you go out to date with confidence. Please face your fear of rejection by confronting the reasons why you think others don’t like you or won’t approve of you.

Frankly, if you master the ability to love yourself unconditionally, then you won’t care what others think because other people’s opinions become irrelevant. No matter how attractive someone is, once your self-esteem rises to the point where you need a halo, your nerves will surely disappear gradually, and you will be settled enough to talk to that attractive individual with ease.

No matter how a person thinks you look in the privacy of their mind, the more you engage them in conversation, the better-looking you become. The more you brush off that shyness and show them how personable and unique you are, the more attractive you become. Get rid of the notion that you are not someone’s type, stop blaming your competition or the dating scene in general, and become comfortable in your own skin now.

It’s your responsibility to let your charisma shine through and connect with other people around you, thereby dating with confidence. No matter your physical appearance, you can work on your perceived attractiveness! That is exactly the magnetic force which will make it easy to wow any candidate. Attractiveness isn’t something you are or aren’t; it’s actually an evolving perception which affords everybody the potential to be a perfect ten. Are you ready to be a perfect ten and date with confidence?

“To know you is to fall in love with you, but only if you are already in love with yourself in the first place. Each morning, you should wake up and see yourself as the best you there is. Small flaws aside, you must fall in love with yourself first. Kate Northrup once said, ‘No one will value you more than you value yourself.’ Now you can date with confidence. Congratulations.”