In recent years, many Slavic ladies prefer marrying western men and leaving their home countries. Many people are wondering why this is happening, so today I’m going to show you the real reasons behind this phenomenon.

  • Women in Eastern European countries receive lower salaries and have limited career opportunities.

Because feminism isn’t common in Eastern European countries, Slavic women tend to receive lower wages and have limited opportunities for career advancement.

According to official statistics in 2018, the average monthly salary in Ukraine is less than US$301, and Ukrainian women’s salaries are even lower than that. This is a bit hard to believe, but it’s true. In general, Ukrainian women earn 30% less than Ukrainian men who have similar jobs.

A recent study shows that the unemployment rate of Ukrainian women is quite high, compared to Ukrainian men with the same educational background. Further analysis indicates that at least 80% of all unemployed people in Ukraine are female, let alone the common hidden unemployment problems among ladies in Ukraine.

Research suggests that in Ukraine, approximately 50% of all businesses without employees are owned by women, whereas only 2% of big companies are owned by women.

As to the situation in Russia, women oftentimes face discrimination in the labor market as well. Worse still, the Russian law lists 456 occupations as well as 38 branches of industry which are forbidden to Russian women.

But a western woman can definitely make more money if she has a real job, so when a Slavic woman moves to a western country, her financial situation will be improved immediately as long as she has reasonable English skills and can find a job.

  • Most people who suffer from violence are women in Eastern European countries.

Do you know that domestic violence isn’t even illegal in Russia? Yes, that’s their new law. No wonder more and more Russian women want to leave Russia and marry western men these days.

Similarly, in Ukraine, many women suffer from violence physically, mentally, emotionally, financially and sexually. Consequently, a lot of Ukrainian women also want to leave Ukraine and marry western guys who can treat women in the right ways.

Statistics show that approximately 45% of Ukraine’s population suffer from violence and most of them are Ukrainian women (some of them are under 18). Further examination reveals that a large number of Ukrainian men have alcohol problems, so they abuse women physically, mentally and emotionally.

Sadly, even though the law in Ukraine says domestic violence is illegal, some men can still get away with it as long as they have money and power, because their legal system isn’t mature enough.

That’s why many Slavic ladies want to leave their home countries and live in western countries where the culture is more civilized and people give them more respect.

  • Many western men proactively pursue Slavic women.

If you go to an Eastern European country, you will see many western tourists (most of them are western men). Now you are wondering why so many western guys go to Eastern Europe in this day and age.

Well, the truth is men judge women mostly by their beauty, femininity, innocence and youth. This is just how men are biologically programmed and created. In western countries, western women let this fact upset them. However, in Eastern European countries, Slavic ladies use this fact to their advantage. Let me explain.

A man or a woman is the product of his/her 5 closest friends. In western countries, when a woman is surrounded by feminists, she has to become a feminist as well. Even if she has read this blog and can see the truth, it’s still very difficult for her to change her status quo, for most people act like crabs in a bucket where if one crab tries to escape from the bucket, other crabs pull it down immediately. So, western women are conditioned to pursue career success rather than marriages and they have a lot of experience at work and in life.

Unfortunately, the more experience a guy has, the more likely he will get what he wants in future (i.e. a happy marriage), whereas the more experience a woman has, the less likely she will get what she wants in future, meaning the less likely she will have a happy marriage. And that’s exactly why the divorce rate is so high in western countries and a large number of western women can’t have satisfying love lives. Therefore, US author Roosh V famously said, “For ladies, there is no pot of gold at the end of a rainbow of experience. It shouldn’t be a woman’s goal. Becoming a more experienced lady will only make it harder for a woman to find love – if not impossible – for a woman to find a man at all.”

Meanwhile, a growing number of western men have realized that they can find attractive Slavic women in Eastern Europe where feminism isn’t commonplace.

Men are attracted to beauty, whilst women are attracted to status. A 40-year-old man with status has a higher chance than a 40-year-old woman when it comes to finding a satisfying relationship that works.

When western women are complaining, “He is intimidated by my success, power and strength”, they don’t know the fact that these traits are exactly what men don’t want in a woman. Remember: men value beauty, youth, virtue, innocence and motherhood. Men don’t care whether potential girlfriends are masculine enough or not (In fact, men don’t want to marry masculine women).

Since men are really attracted to femininity, beauty and loyalty, lots of western men are marrying Slavic brides nowadays – many Slavic women are aware of the fact that they should only pursue a job which only allows them to maintain their beauty and survival. Beyond that, other things won’t increase their chance of marrying a good man. (Note that poor and greedy men who want to use women tend to marry rich women so that they can take advantage of their wives’ wealth.)

Because many Slavic women don’t have high financial status, they actually need stable men so as to live a comfortable lifestyle. As a result, Slavic ladies wouldn’t waste their time on casual flings, wouldn’t pay attention to starving artists, wouldn’t be impressed by bad boys and wouldn’t consider getting a divorce quickly whenever there is a problem in marriage.

Have you heard of a man who left his wife because she was unemployed? Probably no. But let’s look at this situation: If a man is unemployed, is his wife going to stay or leave? Clearly, his wife will probably leave sooner or later. That’s why men have to work – men want to be seen as attractive mates. Men work hard not because they are interested in sitting in a boring office for many, many hours each month, but because all men know that feminine & traditional women don’t want to marry poor men.

“Ladies who are looking for providers appreciate men with career success, whilst a guy looking for a good wife is quite unlikely to appreciate a woman with career success and without family values/virtue/femininity.”