According to our research, the No. 1 burning question that men often ask is “How to keep the conversation going on a date?” Well, the answer isn’t rocket science, so let me show you how today! 😉

  • Become an avid reader.

Leaders are readers. If you’d like to be a leader in love, life and business, you must be a reader. (Yes, you read that right. I said “must”, not “should”.) That’s because you have to fill your brain with good and valuable information, and then you can become a high-value man that women desire.

Let’s say you read a book per month. In this way, you will always have something interesting to say on a date with a Slavic woman, right?

  • Watch comedy shows regularly.

If you can make a Slavic woman laugh, she will begin to flirt with you naturally. She will start to play with her hair and maintain intense eye contact because when a woman is laughing, she is connecting with you emotionally. In other words, you have to trigger positive emotions in her brain and her body so that she will want to be with you.

Therefore, you would be well-advised to watch a comedy video per week – you will learn some very effective jokes and have a good sense of humor. This skill will certainly keep the conversation going well on a date.

  • Be a dopamine dealer.

A dopamine dealer is a person who can constantly give other people great feelings. Note that this skill is more than telling jokes; it’s a high-level skill. Please let me explain.

For instance, instead of asking a Slavic woman, “What do you do?”, you should say this to her, “You look so artistic; I guess you must be a dancer.” Now in her subconscious mind, she will begin to associate you with attention and validation because you actually observed her carefully & you genuinely want to know more about her. Then she will keep the conversation going as she wants to talk about herself! That is to say, this woman will start to do the hard work for you & you don’t need to worry about how to never run out of things to say on a first date anymore!

Slavic women

  • Smile at her first.

In Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), there is a concept called “mirroring”: When you show someone a particular behavior in a social context, that person is very likely to show you a similar behavior.

Obviously, you can use this idea to your advantage. Next time when you see this woman, you should smile at her first so that she will probably have to smile at you!

  • Give her compliments in the right way.

As an attractive woman, she must have received a lot of compliments from men already. Note that most men would praise her beauty, and she knows she is an attractive woman based on the way men treat her. So, you should praise something else about her. 😉

For example, you can say this to her, “Of course, an intelligent woman like you understands that.” This is ten times better than “You are so smart!” because an effective compliment should be subtle!

  • Make the date highly creative.

On a special occasion, you can make the date extremely creative. For instance, you take her to the beach at night and listen to the waves of the ocean. Then you say this to her, “Look at the stars in the sky. Which star would you like? I’ll get it for you.”

She will need a moment to think about how to answer your question.

Now you take out a jewelry box and open it. Inside the box, there is a piece of small jewelry that looks like a star. That’s the gift for her on this special occasion.

Enjoy her reaction and her smile.

“A date like that is unforgettable. It is something that she will keep talking about even in her 90s.”