I’m an optimistic person, so I believe that men and women are biologically programmed to make each other happy and please each other. No, I’m not talking about people-pleasing here; I mean you are supposed to make your lady happy so she will make you happy, too!

  • Analyze your Eastern European lady’s interests by looking at her Facebook page.

This is so simple. All you need to do is to check out your Eastern European girlfriend’s Facebook page and notice which Facebook pages she has liked. Then you will have a profound understanding of her interests.

If she likes Celine Dion, you can buy her a Celine Dion’s new CD on her birthday. Here is how to do it in the most romantic way:

You purchase Celine Dion’s CD and drive your girlfriend to an upmarket restaurant for her birthday dinner. On your way to the restaurant, you play this new CD in the car so your girlfriend will like the music very much. When you walk out of your car, you give your girlfriend this CD and say this to her, “Darling, this CD is for you. Happy birthday!”

I can guarantee that your lady’s heart will probably melt. By the way, a CD is not expensive, so you can totally afford it. Basically, the investment is low, whereas the Return on Investment (ROI) is pretty high. So, that’s a good deal, right?

Surely, you will have a good time in the upmarket restaurant because your girlfriend from Eastern Europe will be in a very good mood as the romantic feelings begin before she enters the fancy restaurant for her birthday dinner.

  • Check out your lady’s perfume collection & figure out her favorite perfume / scent.

Keen to buy your girlfriend a bottle of perfume? Well, you should do some research first. Now you can look at her perfume collection and write down the name of each scent in the collection. Then you will Google each item and figure out her real preference: you can easily see the notes of each perfume online and notice the pattern.

In general, there are 6 main groups of perfumes for women: Citrus, Floral, Ozonic, Fougere, Chypre and Oriental.

The most popular category is Floral because it can be feminine, soft and pretty, yet some of them can have more bite and some attitude.

Citric scents are ideal for spring and summer & they will surely remind your lady of a perfect holiday as they are clean, awakening, youthful and refreshing.

Ozonic scents are a bit like the dream of the sea, a salty breeze or sand between your toes; therefore, this category is for free-spirited, nomadic and less girly ladies.

Chypre group are elegant, classic and definitive. Think violet, jasmine and cedarwood.

Fougere perfumes are about herbs, greenery and woody aromas. Think lavender, basil, mosses and grass. They certainly remind you of the Italian countryside.

Oriental scents are powerful, strong, sexy, mature, confident and sophisticated. Think incense, musk and smoky leathers – these perfumes evoke a very rich sense of freedom characterized by the outdoors and nature.

I’m pretty sure now you have a good understanding of ladies’ perfumes and will be able to choose the right scent for your Eastern European lady!

  • Check out your girlfriend’s nail polish bottles and lipsticks – find out her favorite makeup color.

No, looking at women’s makeup doesn’t make you gay, okay? I recommend this technique simply because high-end makeup is so affordable. Let me explain.

If you buy your Eastern European girlfriend a Dior handbag, that’s possibly beyond your budget. However, if you buy your lady a Dior lipstick, that is also from Dior – she will be impressed with your effort! So, this is an economical way to impress her.

Therefore, you may analyze your girlfriend’s existing nail polish & lipsticks and figure out which color is her favorite. In general, there are 5 color groups for lip color: 1) wine, grape and oxblood; 2) nude; 3) pastels and sorbets; 4) orange or tangerine-infused reds; 5) berries.

In this day and age, nude is a trendy color as it enhances the beauty of the face and brightens the skin.

Wine, grape and oxblood is the femme fatale of the lip color family as this color category is showstopping and vampy. Hence, if your lady likes this color group, you may find a dark burgundy lipstick for her on the market. Though this color family is very stunning, it might also be aging. As a result, you’d better be more careful when you buy this lipstick for your girlfriend.

By contrast, pastels and sorbets are young, edgy and fun – that’s Katy Perry’s favorite lip color! You can buy your Eastern European lady Elizabeth Arden Exceptional Lipstick in Pink Vibrations or YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis a Levres in Violet Edition.

Speaking of berries, this color family looks super elegant on any lady. So, you can just feel free to select a chic lipstick from this color group.

Finally, tangerine-infused reds (orange) usually look better matte. Yet please be aware: matt lipsticks can be drying; consequently, you might have to do more research before buying anything from this color group.

As to nail polish, I think lipsticks are better than nail polish as a lot of Eastern European women like going to a spa to get their nails done anyway.

  • Fashion advice for men:

After talking about women’s grooming, I’d like to move on to men’s grooming and fashion!

First of all, let’s discuss what to wear at a black-tie event. When you attend a black-tie event with your lady, you have to look the part. Only wear a tuxedo which has a black satin shawl color and satin seam on the pants. You can wear that with a white shirt, gold onyx cuff links, black bow-tie, black socks and black shoes. Also, wear a black vest which is fashionably dressy. You may also wear an elegant cologne.

Second, when you go out with your Eastern European lady, you probably should avoid T-shirts and jeans, especially if the event is relatively formal. I don’t know why, but jeans often indicate lack of class and T-shirts remind me of younger boys who are probably naïve. I’m not saying my understanding is absolutely correct, but I don’t think most high-value men would prefer T-shirts and jeans most of the time.

Truthfully, you can wear T-shirts and jeans if you look like Brad Pitt or Leo DiCaprio. But if you don’t look like an A-list celebrity, you should totally wear dress shirts and trousers. The ideal dress shirt is a round-collar, long-sleeved or plain-point collar white shirt. Do not wear a short-sleeved business shirt as that looks slightly lower class.

The best dress shirt should have one pocket, no taper, long tails as well as a button cuff. Its fabric must be a fine, pure pima cotton. You might wear casual oxford shirts at times as not every occasion is very formal.

“Grooming advice for men who are looking to date Eastern European women – wash your hair and have a shower every day; use cologne correctly; use whitening toothpaste and an electronic toothbrush to brush your teeth twice a day; always have clean nails.”