Leil Lowndes once said, “Constantly dating individuals beneath you is a terrible habit just like drinking, smoking, compulsive eating or shopping till you drop.” Indeed, life is very short, so you are supposed to make your love life great. It’s time to meet and date a high-value Eastern European woman!

  • Get ready to date out of your league.

The best way to avoid scammers and spammers online is to date out of your league! That means you should get ready to meet someone who is gorgeous, wealthy and one-of-a-kind…. Or out of your league!

First of all, you might feign disinterest in an attractive woman. Most attractive Eastern European women are accustomed to guys wanting to date them. Therefore, early compliments have little effect. Please note that elegant ladies examine every praise carefully. So, at the beginning, you may feign disinterest first. A major study in the United Kingdom shows that attractive women are more likely to be receptive to a man if he is very cool towards them initially. Then you can make her feel that she actually earned your interest and respect. That is to say, if you do not fawn at first but grow to like and respect this lady with continued contact gradually, she will like you more!

Second, class certainly exists in Eastern Europe. Thus, it is very possible to meet an upper-class Eastern European bride. In Eastern Europe, the upper class define ‘class’ in terms of values, taste, style, behavior and ideology. As a result, if you are keen to meet an upper-class candidate, you have to learn more about those things. You can improve your style and taste now. For example, you can look at your fashion and hair & find ways to improve yourself. Apart from that, upper-class women might examine your manners, your living space, your interests, your hobbies, what books and magazines you read as well as your toilet paper. So, if you definitely would like to meet an upper-class woman from Eastern Europe, you probably have to do some homework.

Third, in order to sound more elegant and upper-class, you might consider changing your vocabulary.

Note that upper-class individuals do not really use euphemisms as frequently as you think. Rather than saying ‘restroom’, they tend to say ‘toilet’. Basically, upper-class ladies do not feel embarrassed easily due to their true confidence. Hence, it would be very helpful if you stop using euphemisms from now on.

There is another typical example: Lower-class individuals say, “She is in a family way.” Middle-class individuals say, “She is expecting.” Upper-class individuals say, “She is pregnant.” In general, simple/plain language is actually more sophisticated. Using fewer syllables also shows your posh taste.

Lastly, although obesity is quite common in western countries, it’s not very common in Eastern European countries. That means upper-class ladies from Eastern Europe are generally quite thin. So, if you are keen to marry a high-value bride from Eastern Europe, you would be well-advised to maintain a fit body. If a young woman wants to marry an overweight foreign man that she has just met, you may wonder why she makes this decision. Therefore, it’s time to keep working on your good build and move like an elegant guy. In Eastern Europe, upper-class guys hold their hands closer to their bodies while walking & have more controlled and precise movements.

  • You are more attractive than you think.

Research shows that nearly everybody underestimates their own attractiveness. Thus, you’d better understand that ladies already find you attractive. This may surprise you a little bit: There are already some ladies who have secretly fallen in love with you in your life. Yet they merely couldn’t tell you about it as they are shy. From now on, please don’t look at yourself in the mirror and criticize your own appearance. You should totally appreciate your attractiveness & leverage that as soon as possible.

When it comes to body image and body confidence, narcissism never hurts. I know this sounds a bit too strong. But here is the fact: a study suggests that narcissistic individuals are more satisfied, wealthier, happier and get more respect from other people.

When you pursue a high-quality candidate from Eastern Europe, a pinch of pride is actually necessary, for the more you think about yourself, the better candidate you will attract. You and your partner co-author each other’s biology. That means when you truly believe that you are a good-looking guy who absolutely deserves a successful love life, your partner will make you look even more handsome.

That being said, having body positivity doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be loud. In fact, you do not have to be an extrovert so as to become truly confident. Truthfully, quiet confidence is the most important factor in human dynamics. Basically, it means a guy with core confidence has a private and deep assurance that he is outwardly and inwardly a wonderful guy who deserves a great love life. Without quiet self-confidence, good looks, status and personality will not be very useful. When you’re completely sure that you’re already a high-quality guy, you do not have to be loud so as to impress ladies. In this day and age, individuals associate extroverts with effective networkers and great conversationalists. Nevertheless, that is so overrated. A study in North America implies that the majority of high-achievers are introverts who can spend a lot of time alone as most revolutionary ideas arise when an individual is alone.

  • Go out and happen to things; don’t wait for things to happen.

You are supposed to make the first move if you are eager to meet a high-value lady from Eastern Europe. A large number of guys cannot make the first move these days due to low self-esteem or lack of self-confidence. Nonetheless, you must decide that you are a confident man already, for life is too short. You don’t have time to waste, so you shouldn’t wait until you’re completely ready. Your mind may play tricks on you – the higher the reward, the higher the reluctance to go after what you want. Consequently, oftentimes a typical high-value lady does not even have suitors as every guy thinks she is too attractive & assumes that every man wants her. But in reality, no one approaches her because nobody has the courage to approach her.

Last but not least, you can assume that high-value Eastern European women already like you. With enough confidence, you can assume this and it’s a healthy habit. That’s because a man with high self-esteem is receptive to other people’s affection and admiration than someone with low self-esteem.

Now hopefully you have got some clarity and have understood what keeps you back in this journey. Self-awareness provides you with some clarity in the complex dynamics of dating.

“Finding a high-value Eastern European bride is the most important task in your life. Have you taken any action yet?”