The best Slavic dating site should be an international dating website which encourages people to look for long-term relationships or marriages. That’s why men on Slavic dating websites are looking for mail-order brides rather than casual flings. But do you know how an international dating site like that works? Let’s find it out today.

  • Join the right Slavic dating site.

Let’s look at the following analogies first:

  1. When you find the right business partner, everything in the business seems to be a bit easier.
  2. When you find the right woman, everything in the relationship seems to be a bit easier (or much easier).
  3. When you find the right teacher, everything you want to learn seems to become easier, too.

Now the conclusion is when you find the right Slavic dating website, everything should become easier for you as well.

But how do we define the right Slavic dating site?

Well, in my opinion, if you are looking for a wife rather than a casual lover, you should join a legitimate mail-order brides’ website or a Slavic dating website which introduces Eastern European women to western men for marriages or long-term relationships instead of casual flings.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying casual flings are evil. What I’m saying is investing in casual flings isn’t worthwhile. In his book The Old Money Book: How to Live Better While Spending Less – Secrets of America’s Upper Class, US author Byron Tully writes, “Wealthy men don’t waste time dating women that they know they wouldn’t marry.” (As I see it, implementing this idea alone will set you apart in modern-day society.)

Clearly, in this day and age, some men would disagree with Byron Tully. But in reality, the majority of successful men actually don’t waste their time at all. The average person only has approximately 30,000 days on this planet, so an ambitious man certainly can’t afford to waste his time. You can always get your money back, but you can’t get your time back.

Hence, I encourage men to stop wasting time dating women that they wouldn’t marry and start saving time by dating women that they will marry.

  • Communicate your intention clearly online.

When you are on the best Slavic dating website, you need to communicate your intention very clearly because online communication is a bit different from face-to-face communication.

That is to say, if you want to be a good online dater, you need to be a reasonably good writer, especially when the main communication tool is text messages.

First of all, you can use Grammarly to check your grammar as you are typing sentences on the screen.

Second, you need to let the Slavic lady know that you are looking for a serious relationship, so that she will understand both of you are on the same page.

Next, you should initiate most interactions online because you are a man and she is a woman. Remember: Slavic women are more traditional than western women from English-speaking countries, so most Eastern European women expect men to be more proactive – they want to be chased by men; they don’t want to chase men. As a result, it is your responsibility to be more proactive and pursue women you are attracted to.

Sadly, schools teach us the wrong subjects – we didn’t learn anything about dating and relationships when we were at school. The university doesn’t have a major called Love. Consequently, men have to learn how to attract women by themselves. But the good news is you don’t have to learn this alone, for you can always come back to this blog and read more articles about dating advice.

  • Meet your Eastern European lady in her country.

In order to show your genuine interest in her, you’d better go to her country and visit her in person. This will make your competitors irrelevant because you take action and you get the results you desire.

Usually, the best Slavic dating sites offer services such as international tours so that western men can travel to Eastern European countries such as Ukraine and Russia where there are many beautiful Slavic ladies looking to meet western men.

So, you can book an international tour with the best Slavic dating website that provides comprehensive services, including translators, tour guides, accommodation and flight. This will save you a lot of time as you are paying for convenience. Remember time is more valuable than money, right?

When you meet your lady in Eastern Europe, you should maximize the precious time you spend together. That’s why it’s beneficial when you use the international tour package offered by the Slavic dating site – you don’t need to worry about booking your own flight, accommodation, language barrier, etc.

As you meet her in her country, you can assess her personality, her English language skills, her worldview, her attitude toward life, and so on. These are all very important because your value system and her value system should be compatible at least (ideally, your soulmate and you should have the same value system, but I don’t think it’s healthy to keep looking for your soulmate forever as that’s just long-term overthinking. From my point of view, “the one” doesn’t exist; someone becomes “the one” because she invests in you!)

  • Apply for a permanent visa and bring her to your country.

As long as your relationship is genuine, your Eastern European lady can get a permanent visa in your country so that you can be together forever.

In this case, you may have to prepare many documents to prove this relationship is true, e.g. a statement about how you met each other, photos of you two together in different settings (some of these photos should include other people as well so that you have witnesses), your future plans as a couple, and so on.

The government will make a decision based on the evidence provided by you, so it’s your responsibility to keep all evidence well. Then your lady can get a permanent visa and be with you for the rest of your life.

It’s possible that you may even need to have a wedding in her home country so that all of her family and friends can attend this wedding. Remember to keep photos from this wedding as evidence of your relationship.

Of course, you can have a wedding in your country as well so your Eastern European bride will see how much you care about this relationship.

Note that different countries have different cultures. For instance, in many western countries, the bride’s parents are supposed to pay for their daughter’s wedding and the groom is supposed to pay for the honeymoon. But in other countries, things can be very different. You will probably have to pay for the wedding if you seriously want to keep your Eastern European lady. I think as long as you actually love each other, this shouldn’t be a problem. But it’s always good to do some research first.

“Choosing the right Slavic dating site is the prerequisite of marrying the right woman.”